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Vistaprint – 30 Valentine Cards for $4.50 Shipped

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Vistaprint is currently offering a special deal where you can order 10 Valentine’s Day cards for FREE. You can then cut those 10 cards up into thirds and they make 30 Valentine’s cards. All you have to do is pay the $4.50 shipping fee!  This deal is going on thru Friday January 27th. This should be the perfect amount for your child’s class. And it works out to just $.15/card.

They are also offering a FREE photo upload if you want to personalize these cards with a picture.

Here’s how it works:

  • Head to Vistaprint
  • Choose your design
  • Customize as you would like (you can click on “Advanced Editing” if you’d like to change the font, size, color, etc)
  • Accept your proofs
  • Make sure to not add any extras & choose the slow shipping option ($4.50 for 14 day or $7.24 for 7 day shipping -it always comes much faster than that, though – typically a week or less for the slow shipping option)
  • Checkout

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  1. What’s not working for you, Melissa? Is it the link? There were some issues with it earlier but I just tried it & it’s working now. Hopefully it will work for you! Should go straight to the valentine card page.

  2. It’s telling me that the slow option is 21 days. We shall see what happens! This is a fun deal, with some cute options. I made sure to set the back as grayscale, and got the deal with slow shipping for 4.50.

    A caution to anyone taking advantage of this: Vistaprint is notorious for the up-sale, you have to read carefully and say no to a LOT of junk in order to get to the checkout.

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