UPS My Choice – Free Notification for Package Delivery!

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I mentioned UPS My Choice back around Christmas as an option where you can get notifications about when your packages will be arriving to your house with UPS. This is a totally FREE service and it’s so handy to know exactly when a package might be arriving, especially if it’s a high-value item that you want to make sure to watch for or have a neighbor watch for you if you won’t be home.

I signed up for UPS My Choice in the fall & I love that it will send me an email a day or two before to let me know when to expect my package & if there are any changes by UPS, it will let you know as well (I just got an email this morning telling me that the delivery time for a package had changed by a few hours today). Sometimes I forget if I have ordered something that takes a week or more, so it’s very nice to have that reminder from UPS. I’ve found that sometimes the UPS drivers do not even ring the doorbell, so this way I can know to expect a package & make sure it hasn’t disappeared.

The best part is that you don’t have to do any searching thru your email or looking up a confirmation number – they just send you an email to give you the estimated time of delivery. Very handy & great for those times you may be gone for the day & need to set up something with a neighbor so they can watch for a package for you, too.

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