The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Friendly Meals + Giveaway for 3 E-Books

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Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the rut with recipes & need some new, simple recipes to add to your meal rotation? Would you like to learn some tried & true recipes to use for making freezer meals? Or maybe you ordered the awesome chicken from Zaycon Foods & you picked it up last week or this week & need some ideas of what to make with all that chicken? Then you’ll want to check out the E-Book, The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Friendly Meals, written by the gals at Frugal Living NW – Angela Davis  and Kate Ahl. They offer 32 recipes for chicken freezer meals that are both simple to prepare & recipes that will freeze well.

The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Friendly Meals E-Book is filled not only with 32 delicious freezer meals using chicken, but also the tools you will need to get started making freezer meals & tips on how to be efficient with your time & resources. This will be a valuable resource for you to use when making any chicken freezer meals.

Buy It:

Right now, they are offering a special introductory price of $3.99 to buy the Ultimate Guide to Freezer Friendly Meals. Once you’ve purchased the book, you will be able to download the book to your computer & print it off or keep it on your computer for a resource whenever you need a new recipe.

Giveaway – 3 Readers Win a Copy of the Ultimate Guide to Freezer Friendly Meals E-Book

Angela & Kate from Frugal Living NW are giving away 3 copies of their E-book to 3 Thrifty NW Mom readers. This giveaway will end on Wednesday October 19th at 9pm pst. 

The winner will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plug-in and announced on the blog. I will also email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me. Otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

Leave a comment telling us your favorite chicken dish. 


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  1. We love to make Artichoke Chicken at our house! It has mushooms, artichokes, chicken sauteed with chicken broth and white wine! It’s great over mashed potatoes!

  2. It is hard to pick a favorite. I love chicken enchiladas. I made a new recipe that is good. I froze chicken in an Asian sesame dressing, then when it came time to cook it, I put it frozen in the crock pot and cooked it on low for about 4 hours and then made rice. Yummy!!

  3. My favorite chicken recipe is roasted along with lots of roasted veggies, quinoa, cumin, chili powder, cilantro, lime juice. Garnished w lime wedges and cilantro. Super healthy, low in fat, high in protein, and excellent complex carbs!

  4. We love ‘cheesy pasta’ — chicken in a sauce that includes light cream cheese and cottage cheese. Easy to make and the kids gobble it up!

  5. My favorite chicken meal is white beans with chicken broccoli pasta and broccoli cheddar soup! Yummy!!!

  6. I like to steam my chicken in my rice cooker with veggies and some lemon and pepper. Its really quick, easy, yummie AND healthy!

  7. My favorite chicken dish is roast chicken…takes some effort to make but, so worth it!!!

  8. My favorite would have to be either ginger glazed chicken or chicken brocolli braid. Mmmmm!

  9. I think Chicken Enchilada’s are probably my favorite, but I did just make up a batch of chicken taco’s with my Zaycon Chicken and it was a pretty big hit!

  10. By far a personal and Family favorite is homemade chicken Alfredo with broccoli. With the homemade sauce of course.. my secret is to add way to much cheese!!! MMMM

  11. My favorite is probably my mom’s cabbage chicken salad. I make up a HUGE batch at least twice a summer for a full meal or a side dish!

  12. I have a couple favorites…Awesome chicken {involves pepper jack cheese!} and Saucy chicken {involves messy, likable chicken legs}.

  13. oh, my goodness! how to choose!? my absolute favorite chicken recipe? would have to be a combo of all different kinds of meats (including chicken, of course!): paella!

  14. We love Chicken Cordon Bleu. It’s our fav., but we also love just cooked chicken breast with rice and veggies. :)

  15. My favorite chicken meal is easy crockpot chicken… Chicken breast, cream of chicken x 2, one cream of celery,frozen peas ( Salt pepper paprika )

  16. I love “brushetta chicken “: with tomatoes, fresh Basil, feta, and balsalmic vinegar over angel hair pasta

  17. Right now I’m loving chicken and dumplings. I do a double batch on the slow cooker minus the dumplings, and freeze half to use for pot pie later.

  18. Easy Breezy Mediterranean Chicken: chicken breast dipped in bread crumbs, topped with diced tomatoes (soaked in EVOO), klamato and black olives and topped with feta.

  19. Love to make Chicken Cordon Bleu and freeze for later. So yummy, and leftovers are great on a salad the next day.

  20. My Fav, is chicken breast stuffed with Chive & Onion cream cheese, white rice, spinach and ham. So yummy!

  21. My favorite chicken is when my husband bbq’s chicken with honeymustard dressing and puts it on a salad of me. although teriyaki chicken with veggies and rice is a very close second.

  22. My favorite chicken dish is Chicken Curry with Rice & Vegetables… Yummmm! Perfect to warm up with as we move into Fall and Winter!

  23. Homemade…boil already cooked chicken from a stores the deli dept. place it in a boiling pot with water and add some chicken seasoning, celery, carrots and some egg noodles. Quick and easy! Plus I love when the house smells like a home cooked meal.

  24. My very favorite chicken meal is Chicken Chilaquiles. I make it in my crock pot. It is so easy and YUMMY!!

  25. I have 3 favs…sweet and sour, chicken enchiledas and whole roasted from our home grown birds (or as my kids call it…chicken with the bones).

  26. My favorite chicken dish is slow cooked chicken breast with salt, pepper, and a little butter. The last ten minutes, add onion, red bell pepper, and mushrooms and a generous topping of pineapple habenero salsa. Sooooo….. yummy……

  27. Chicken pot pie and chicken and dumplings are two of my favorite dishes and I don’t know how to make either one of them!! Slowly expanding my horizons!

  28. Not sure the name, but chicken and broccoli and mushrooms with a cream of chicken/mayo mix sauce. Soooo yummy!

  29. I make a chix fajita type casserole that is quick and freezes well. It’s my ‘gift’ meal for new moms and injured friends and family!!

  30. Our family would really use this!

    We love to take leftover baked chicken and make enchilladas in the oven…its quick and easy and warm on a cold night. Plus it’s great because we use up our frozen tortillas. ;)

  31. Jerk Chicken (homemade rub) over Corn and Cilantro rice pilaf with asparagus….
    **plus I always make extra chicken to make Jerk Chicken Sandwiches the next night

  32. Chicken fajitas – Italian dressing soaked bell peppers and onions thrown into a pan with chicken and oyster sauce. The oyster sauce tastes like teriyaki and is great when mixed with the Italian dressing.

  33. Favorite dish is simple – chicken breasts dipped in Paul Newman salad dressing and bread crumbs and baked – its my kids favorite and called ‘yia yia’s chicken’

  34. My favorite chicken meal is frozen chicken breast in slow cooker with can of condensed cheddar cheese soup and salt n pepper. Throw it in and forget about it. Put chicken and sauce on top of minute rice and vwalla dinner with no effort!

  35. I love chicken, broccolli n rice!! It never gets old! Thank goodness my 2 yearold thinks so too! Lol

  36. Right now our favorite is either whole chicken cooked in the crock pot (so simple) or the chicken with mayo/parmesan cheese you see in those tv commercials (not exactly calorie friendly, but really, really, good and made with whole foods!)

  37. Chicken tostadas are my family new favorite! Really simple and easy to make is a plus for me!!

  38. Chicken with a butter sauce that has sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and artichokes served over garlic mashed potatoes.

  39. Favorite chicken dish in our house would have to be Teriyaki Chicken & Rice. A close second would be chicken & cheese crescent casserole.

  40. How about a faux chicken tortilla soup…which I love by the way!
    Thanks for offering the give away!

  41. Gourmet chicken & dumplings – Use heavy cream and all the other really bad-for-you stuff. It is absolutely divine.

  42. I have two favorites – my chicken enchiladas, and a new dish I just tried last night – Tikka Masala.

  43. My favorite chicken dish is my own mixture of chicken tomatoes black and white beans cilantro corn red onions garlic powder veggie broth slow herb mixture cooked all day. I freeze some for those lazy days I don’t want to cook. Its great for fall and wintermeals. Very yummy!!!!

  44. I love chicken & broccoli cassarole! But, I do need some new recipes, since my family is getting a little tired of it. :)

  45. I love salads with chicken…especially chicken Caesar salad and Chinese chicken salad. You can use leftover chicken to make these.

  46. Has to be my moms chicken and rice or arroz con pollo for our family. She just recently moved to the nw, so I’ll be happy to have that dish again! Try as I might, I never could get her recipe right. I think our was her love that made it soooooo good

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