Teacher Appreciation Events this weekend!

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I have been so busy with my brother & family in town this week (& we’re preparing to head to California on Sunday a few hours after they leave – talk about crazy!) – so I almost forgot to post about this! But, since my hubby is a teacher, my mom was a teacher & I have also been an educator in the schools – how could I not post this? :) Teachers need all the discounts they can get because I know full well that you put alot of your own money into preparing your classrooms & providing supplies for your students!

This weekend is the big Teacher Appreciation Weekend at many stores – you’ll need to check with your local store to see if they’re participating as some locations have different dates, but I will list the stores that should be participating.  This is a great time to stock up on school supplies with some discounts provided by various retailers.

*This also typically applies to homeschool parents – you’ll have to check with each store on their requirements for showing that you’re a homeschool educator.

  • JoAnn Fabrics – Sat 8/14 & Sunday 8/15 – Show your teacher ID & you can receive 20% off your purchase & get a FREE tote bag. Also,  make sure to sign up for the JoAnn’s Teacher Rewards Discount program. You’ll receive a discount card for 15% off your purchases all year as well as a bonus 20% off coupon.
  • Big Lots – Saturday August 14th – Teachers can show their teacher ID & receive 10% off your entire purchases (not just school supplies either, but just about everything in the store)
  • Office Max – Sunday August 15th – Teachers will get a FREE reusable tote & 20% off everything you can fit into your bag.  You must be a member of the Max Perks teacher reward program but you can sign up in-store on Sunday if needed.
  • Office Depot – August 15th – August 21st is Teacher Appreciation week (check your local store, though, as this could vary across the country-this is what I found for NW stores). All week long, teachers will receive 10% off their purchases & 50% rewards back on select products.  Saturday Aug 21st is a Teacher Appreciation FREE Breakfast for most stores.

Other Upcoming Teacher Appreciation Events:

  • Staples – Free gift for first 100 teachers; Check their website for the date for your local event. I checked several WA stores as well as an Oregon store & August 21st was the date that they will be participating, but this could be different for every store. They should also be providing a FREE breakfast as well.
  • Michaels – Free Crop Event for teachers on Sat 8/27 from 3pm – 8:45pm.  Learn how to create fun bulletin boards, bookmarks, signs & more. They provide the space & an assortment of tools.

Let me know if you hear of other Teacher Appreciation Events or Discounts!

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  1. This is great info for teachers, but what can we do as parents? Do you want additional items listed on the supply list, or do you want gift certs to the supply places? I’ve heard “enough with the coffee cups and apple items, give us what we have to pay for out of our own pocket”. Am I wrong? How do you prefer your contributions, cash, gift cards or what? I’m all about supporting our teachers!

  2. Wow- this is a great question Cindy!! I will try to post this question for the readers here soon – but anyone else that sees this & is a teacher feel free to chime in! I think the best policy, though, is to maybe ask the teacher at the start of the year what would be most helpful to them. All schools/districts are different & some may have more of a budget for the school supplies, but not enough for some other aspects (reward incentives, etc), so it really depends on what that individual teacher may need and/or want. Some may really love the Starbucks cards, Target cards (you can often find a lot of cool stuff for classrooms in the dollar spot), etc, too.

    I know one thing that myself or others would have loved is a gift certificate to a local teaching supply store. They often have the unusual things that you can’t find at the local office supply stores -like cool bulletin boards, great incentives/rewards, games, etc & it’s just fun to shop there, but they’re usually quite pricey for teachers. So, that’s just an idea.

  3. I taught first grade for six years and spent a LOT of my personal money at the teaching supply store. Personally, I would have loved gift certificate, but I agree with the above statement. You might want to check with the teacher first. There are many great online teaching stores that can make ordering school supplies very convenient.

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