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If you are a fan of daily deals, and would like to try your hand at selling the deals, there is a new site that will help you make some money! Swargain.com, a new Seattle based company, is offering its members an opportunity to make some extra money while working at home. Swargain will let you negotiate your own deals, and when you share the deal on Swargain.com you make money from each person that purchases the deal you negotiated!

Here is the basics on how Swargain.com Works:

1) You negotiate a deal with a merchant.

2) Swargain provides all of the legal contracts and the online marketing forum (the deal will be sold through the Swargain website).

3) Deal is sold online at Swargain (and you share with all of your family and friends through your social networking sites).

4) You make 4-8% of the gross sales for your efforts. Swargain will cut you a check for this amount at the end of the deal.

An example of how this might work could look like this:

  • You love to take the kids for cupcakes at your favorite cupcake retailer and you have gotten to know the folks in there. You know your friends also love that spot. You talk to manager/owner of that establishment and they say the lowest that they could sell a voucher for would be 40% off. You decide to offer a $20 voucher to their establishment, and they need to get back $8 for each one.
  • You say thats great, and set up those details through Swargain. Swargain will send the cupcake company the electronic contract and get a digital signature. They add 25% onto what you have negotiated (so in this case that would be $2, so you are now selling a $20 voucher for $10).
  • Swargain starts to sell the voucher on their site.
  • You leverage the power of Social Networking by telling your family and friends, and they share with their family and friends, and so on, to sell the vouchers!
  • Lets say 200 $20 vouchers sale at $10 ea. You would make 4% on that deal, so $80. If  500 of the deals sold you would make $200 and so on!

Remember, Swargain will be facilitating the process of getting the cupcake shop paid, the vouchers to those who purchase them, and the other processes involved in selling deals.

You just have to use your relationships to negotiate a deal, add it to the Swargain system, and then share it with those you know so you can make money from their purchases! You probably are already sharing great deals through your Social Networks, so now you can get paid for it!

Its a win win for everyone, because its marketing that small businesses can afford, its savings for you and everyone you know that loves to use that local merchant, and you make money for your efforts!

You can sign up for a FREE account at Swargain.com here, or visit their FAQ section, or learn more about the program here. You can also follow Swargain on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest deals and developments.

Jen and I are looking at trying our feet out at creating our own deals in the future too, so stay tuned for more info on that!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Swargain.  All opinions are 100% ours. See our disclosure statement for more details.


  1. Looks like a lot of work unless you have a platform with lots of readers. Which you do but even so the work to get merchants on board is time consuming killing any profits. Just my opinion. They have something like this for schools call msndeals or something like that where you pool your resources and show the same deal without having to get every one of the deals. The money goes toward your school then.

    1. I had not heard of the school program Wendy, thanks for bringing that up. I actually was thinking that it would be of more value to someone who does not already have the platform with readers (theoretically, you could just add a shopping cart functionality and run the deals yourself if you have the platform) but I may be wrong? I am thinking it could be valuable for discounts that might run more like group deals (places like zoos, and small businesses that are harder to find the larger deal site deals for). The hope with this models is that it is a different revenue model for merchants, so they tell you what they can afford to offer, and hopefully make it less difficult to get merchants on board – but you are absolutely correct – that is the hardest part!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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