Seattle Seahawk Face Masks – As Low as $8.33 (More Seattle & Portland Teams Too)!

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Seattle Seahawk Masks – As Low as $8.33 & Huskies for $6.66 (More Seattle & Portland Teams Too)!

There are several Seattle Seahawk Face Masks on sale right now, for those of you who are looking for something like that. The masks on sale for as low as $8.33 (when you buy as a set of 3 for $24.99 total) or as low as $14.99 for just one mask.  There are also Washington State Huskies masks, too, for as low as $6.66/ea (when you buy in a set of 3 for $19.99)

Here are some of the options currently available for Seattle and Portland area sports teams, including Seattle Seahawk masks!

Through the end of today, Fanatics is offering free shipping with code FREESHIP. Shipping is generally $4.99 on Fanatics.

Faces Masks from Northwest Sports Teams that are currently in stock:

Seattle Seahawk Face Masks is for this set of 3 for $24.99. That makes them just $8.33 per mask.

Portland Trailblazers face mask set of 3 for $24.99 ($8.33 per mask)

Seattle Sounders set of 3 for $24.99

Huskies Face mask pack of 3 for $24.99

Portland Timbers Face Masks – pack of 3 for $24.99

More Seattle Face Masks Available for Pre-Order:

Washington Huskies Face Masks

Washington Huskies Adult Face Coverings, 3 pack – $19.99 – this works out to $6.66/mask!


More options for Seattle Sports Team Face Masks:

Seattle Mariners Face Mask Seattle Mariners Face Coverings, 3 pack – $24.99

The best deal on Seattle Seahawk Face Masks is for this set of 3 for $24.99. That makes them just $8.33 per mask.

This one is $14.99 for one face covering, in adult and kids sizes

This Seattle Sounders Face Mask is also $14.99 (kids sizes here)

Seattle Storm 3 pack of face coverings for $24.99 ($8.33 per mask)

This Seattle Storm face mask is $14.99

Check out all of the Seattle Sports Team masks available here.

Here are some of the Portland Sports Team Face Masks too:

This set of three Portland Trail Blazer Masks is $24.99 (making them just $8.33 per mask)!

This Portland Trail Blazers Face Mask is $14.99 here.

This Portland Timbers Face Mask is $14.99.

Check out all of the Portland Sports Team Face Masks currently available here.

All proceeds from Face Mask sales will be donated to various causes (check on the page of your face mask of choice to find the details on where the donation will be made for that particular mask).

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  1. Many of the Seahawks masks are made of 100% polyester. That is NOT breathable.
    As much as I’d like a Seahawks mask, I want to be realistic and would only buy if it is cotton. Sorry.

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