Seahawks Sideline Beanie – Best Places to Buy

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Seahawks Sideline Beanie


Seahawks Sideline Beanie – New Era – Deal!

Our Seahawks have advanced one step closer to a repeat Super Bowl appearance!  All of the Seahawks fans have been and will continue to be sporting the team colors all around town during the playoffs season.  You may have noticed many people wearing what has become one of THE most popular Seahawks items of the year:  the Seattle Seahawks On Field Beanie (or Sideline Hat) from New Era.

These have been selling out all over the place, but we want to make sure you are able to find one before this weekend’s game, so we’ve developed a list of some of the different places you where may be able to find the popular Seahawks On field beanie.

Where to Find the Seahawks Sideline Beanie::

#1 – Ebay 

#2 – 

#3 – 

#4 – 

Here’s another option: –  Search Seahawks Sideline Beanie to find it easily if it doesn’t link directly to the hat. This one was in stock later tonight!

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  1. Hi Leanne – it appears to have gone out of stock recently. We will be keeping an eye on it to see if they restock the hats though – as that is by far the best deal we have come across for the sideline beanies!

  2. I have never had so much trouble trying to track down an item.
    Every site I go to it is sold out. Guess I will just have to keep checking. Go Hawks!

    1. Hi JD – It does look like these keep going in & out of stock – we have seen them come in stock briefly & then sell out again, so keep checking back!

  3. I am pretty sure the beanie from Ebay for $12.49 is not an authentic one. I ordered one from Hong Kong for about the same price and it is a fake one. The knit pattern is completely wrong along with the inside liner. I finally gave in and decided to paid $40 on Ebay for the real beanie from the 2013 season. I just wanted to put this out there so that hopefully no one would get disappointed.

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