Savings Nation – Coupon Classes Coming Soon to the Puget Sound area!

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We are excited to let you know that we are partnering together with to offer coupon classes around the Northwest as part of Savings Nation.  Sia and I had the opportunity to head to Los Angeles this past weekend to meet with the team from & we are so excited to have the chance to get out in the community & meet many of you to share about our love of couponing & shopping strategically to save your family money.

I have been regularly asked to teach coupon classes since I started the Thrifty NW Mom 3 1/2 years ago, but I have only been able to do this on rare occasions due to my busy schedule with working from home on the blog & keeping up with my young children & all their activities. However, now that Sia & I partnered together this spring, this has provided us with more time to start teaching classes & workshops on a regular basis.  We are really excited about getting out into the community more & sharing our stories of how couponing has impacted our families, enabling us to live on less & stretch our budgets further by using key shopping strategies & couponing skills. We are passionate about helping others learn to save money for your families so you too can live on less & give more.

Our partnership with means we can bring you important tools & community support to help you in your journey to save your family moeny & achieve your financial goals. You will receive a booklet filled with all the important strategies for saving money at the stores at the coupon class, as well as the opportunity to participate in an online local & national community to share & ask questions as you put your couponing knowledge into action.

What is Savings Nation?

The Story of Savings Nation Coupon Classes from on Vimeo.

Savings Nation are local workshops taught around the country by money-saving experts, Deal Pros, from your area. We will be giving you the information, tools, and community support to help you save 50% or more on your grocery bill, which could equal a savings of $200 a month for many families. We will not only be talking all about coupons, but learning tips for shopping strategically in the stores and effective meal planning strategies to make the most of your grocery budget. We’ll teach you how there is no such thing as small change.

Savings Nation Classes We Will Offer:

Grocery Savings Workshop: 

Realistic Couponing – Learn how coupons work, how you can use them to save at least 50% on your groceries, understand your stores’ policies, and how to keep it all organized.

Strategic Grocery Shopping – Shop smarter & learn how to avoid common marketing traps at the grocery store

Meal Planning Made Simple – Get practical help with how to plan out your menu to save the most money.

Drugstore Savings Secrets:

 Learn techniques to spend pennies out of pocket at each shopping trip. This will assist you in lowering your grocery budget even further. We will cover a comprehensive overview & best shopping practices for Rite Aid and Walgreens policies as well as learn how to roll rewards to maximize savings. You will learn how to grow your stockpile for toiletries, household goods, cleaning supplies & food as well. This class is a nice complement to after the introductory Grocery Savings Workshop as it builds on your knowledge of couponing skills.

*If you do not live in the Northwest, but are interested in attending a Savings Nation coupon class, they now offer classes nationwide, taught by Deal Pros, who are other bloggers just like us. Head to the website to find a class in your area. 

How do I learn more about coupon classes in the Northwest?

We will be starting our first Savings Nation coupon classes this September and we want to focus on the areas where there is the most interest from all of you. We have created a quick form for you to fill out just to let us know if you’re interested in attending a coupon class (this is just to gauge interest).  Here’s the information that will help us as we schedule coupon classes around the area:

  • Where are you located – we want to focus on classes where there is the most interest, so let us know if you’re interested in attending a future coupon class at some point
  • Class Locations – we are looking for locations to host a coupon class so please share if you have any ideas of a free or low-cost locations in your area
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops – Do you know of a group or business interested in hosting a Lunch & Learn” workshop opportunity for employees

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