Sams Club – No Membership Fee for Military Families & Retirees

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Sams Club No Membership Fee

Sams Club – No Membership Fee for Military & Retiree Families 

If you’re a military family or retiree family, then you know that the commissary has been shutdown due to the federal shutdown happening right now. Thankfully Sam’s Club is waiving its membership fee for active-duty military, retirees and their families.

As someone who grew up as a military kid, I know that many military families rely heavily on the commissary for significant discounts on their groceries, so the shutdown is definitely making it much harder for many of these families not having access to their regular grocery store. So, I love to hear of businesses supporting those affected during this difficult time!

Here’s why:

“In appreciation for the service that military personnel provide our members and communities, Sam’s Club locations near military bases will waive membership requirements for military personnel, retirees and their families so they may continue saving on everyday goods and groceries,” club officials said in a statement.


All you need to do is show your military ID at the Sam’s Club entrance. They will then either direct you to the membership counter to get free entrance passes or you may be able to go right in & show your military ID at checkout. 

This is supposed to work at all Sam’s Club locations, but it may take a day or two for all of the locations to get the word. Find out more details at

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