Red Robin Seahawks Promotion Giveaway – Win One of (2) $25 Limited Edition Seahawks Red Robin Cards!

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Wow, has it been an amazing start to the Seahawks season or what? Red Robin wants to celebrate with you by offering TWO Thrifty NW Mom readers a $25 Limited Edition Seattle Seahawks themed Red Robin gift card!

This Red Robin Seahawks promotion is available for all to purchase too. The limited-edition Seattle Seahawks-themed gift cards are available to everyone to purchase, now through Nov. 3. Guests that purchase a $25 limited edition Seattle Seahawks-themed gift card at participating Red Robin restaurants can enter their gift card code online by Nov. 24 for a chance to win Seahawks home game tickets, autographed memorabilia, and other great prizes as well!

PLUS each time the Seahawks score a Red Zone Touchdown, the following Tuesday you can get a FREE Tavern burger with the purchase of any burger or entree and beverage (the free Tavern Burger offer is good today, Tuesday 9/24!) 

Giveaway – $25 Limited Edition Seahawks Red Robin Card (Two Winners)!!!

This giveaway will end on Friday, 9/27  at 9pm pst. The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Tell us what your favorite item on the menu at Red Robin is!

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

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4) Leave a comment here saying what you love most about Football season!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Red Robin, and the card that will be given to  a Thrifty NW Mom winner randomly chosen, have been provided by Red Robin.  All opinions are 100% mine. See our disclosure policy  for more details.


  1. My favorite item on Red Robin’s menu is Clucks and Fries (with lots of ranch). I know, I know, I sound like a 5 year old but it’s what I always end up ordering!

  2. what DON’T I love about football season? It’s my favorite by far! the fall weather, the anticipation of the games, the tailgating … I love it ALL!

  3. The A1 Peppercorn burger. Or the Whiskey River BBQ Burger. Or the Prime Chop House Burger. All of them are so delicious!

  4. I looove football season! Pumpkin farms, fall decorations, that crisp feel in the air- love it!

  5. I love the excitement of the game, the highs and lows! It is a great bonding time for me and my family!

  6. Besides watching the game, my favorite part of football season are the game day snacks and hanging out with friends. Go Seahawks!!!

  7. Favorite thing on the menu is their bottomless fries. Give me a basket of those with their seasoning & some ketchup, I’m good! Haha

  8. My favorite part if football season is getting together with friends and family and enjoying all kinds of yummy food and treats!

  9. My favorite part about football season is that it brings friends and family together, even when rooting for opposing teams.

  10. We go to Red Robin for EVERY birthday- it’s tradition! And I almost always get the Chicken Bruschetta Burger or the Bleu Ribbon Burger, always with Poppyseed dressing to dip my fries in (the best fries ever!) and a Diet Coke :)

  11. Right now, my favorite is the California Style chicken burger (if that’s the right name for it). Love the avocado on that! But my favorite there changes, because there are plenty of good options.

  12. I love football season because it brings the family together. It starts off fall and rolls into the holiday season with excitement! ! ♥

  13. What I love most about football season is the way in brings our extended family together, even though we have different team loyalties.

  14. My husband told me to say my favorite thing about Football Season is Football Season (he’s a major fan), but I think my favorite thing is that Football has been a big bonding experience for us (he teaches me all about it & we always watch the games together).

  15. I love watching football with my family – a warm cozy house filled with cheerful voices is a perfect fall day!

  16. The thing I like most about football season is getting together with friends around awesome food and being able to cheer for the same team.

  17. I’m a subscriber and liked page long ago. I love going to games as my bf has season tickets. I like the A1 peppercorn burger and the chicken salad most.

  18. I love that football season brings my whole family together. Nothing is more fun than screaming at the tv rooting on the Seahawks with your family.

  19. I love everything about football season! The change from summer to fall, cooler temps, long walks in brisk air, tailgaiting, bbq’s, the athmosphere at the football stadium…

  20. I don’t just “like” the facebook page, I love it! I think I’ve been here since it first began!

  21. Football season is so Americana and Norman Rockwell, and I love that… piles of leaves in yards, whiffs of fireplace smoke in the air, warm fleece clothes, hot apple cider and cheering for the home team – Seahawks.

  22. My favorite thing about football season is having a full house in the motel I work in. Our Oregon college football fans are awesome!

  23. I have to pick only 1 favorite at Red Robin? OK, I guess the Royal Red Robin burger, but there are so many others that are good too… Onion rings, Bleu Ribbon Burger, etc.

  24. my favorite item on the RR menu is a Bonzai Burger with a Gardenburger patty and sweet potato fries. ohhh, now I’m hungry!

  25. my favorite thing about football is spending time with my family and friends yelling at a tv instead of eachother :)

  26. What I love most about Football season is that family and friends gather to BBQ, socialize, and spend time together while watching the games!

  27. My favorite part of football season is spending all day on the couch with my hubby cheering on our favorite teams.

  28. My favorite thing about football season is getting together with friends to watch the games and eat yummy food!

  29. My favorite thing about football season is watching the games with my husband and our 2 year old, and they both do the “Touchdown” sign with their arms!

  30. My favorite thing about football season is that it brings our family together! There is nothing quite like hearing your husband and kids get all fired up when we score a touchdown! GO HAWKS!!

  31. Favorite thing about football season is seriously the SEAHAWKS! Always have been and always will be a Seahawks fan!

  32. We are hockey fans at our house ;)
    So I guess my favorite thing about football season is that it means hockey will be starting soon!! Lol!!

  33. What I love most about football season is cheering on our awesome Seahawks and playing fantasy football! :)

  34. My favorite thing at red robin is the fries. Everything is good there. But depending what I’m in the mood for whether its a burger or their arctic cod their fries go great with any of it.

  35. I love football season because I live in house of boys and my oldest is playing his first year if hs ball. I love watching him play and I love seeing that my husband gets just as excited to watch him as he does the seahawks

  36. I like you on Facebook! Thanks for all you do :) I enjoy how personal your site is. Doesn’t feel like a big corporation running it :)

  37. My favorite part about football season is watching football with my husband, with the rain outside, and being cozy in our little home.

  38. what I love about football season is being able to watch my favorite sport and team play, having family and friends over for games and coming up with new recipes to make while we watch the game. Fall is also my favorite time of the year.

  39. I love the banzai burger (no lettuce!), and my husband is pretty much addicted to the whiskey river bbq chicken wrap. Of course, we need campfire sauce on the side for dipping our fries. :)

  40. My favorite things about football season…

    1. Hometown pride! It’s great seeing all the 12th man signs around, and…
    2. It always reminds me of my step dad. He played pro for the Bears, Eagles, and then retired with the Seahawks. He’d take me to games as a kid (way back in the Kingdome days), sitting on the sidelines, meeting the players, and then playing on the turf after the game was over.

  41. My favorite thing about football season is tailgating followed by cheering on my beloved Seahawks to a win!!

  42. I love their patty melt (which I just had on Sunday, watching the Seahawks) my husband loves their Burning love Burger with bacon and who can forget their never ending fries with ranch!

  43. I love all the get togethers that happen during football season. It seems we are always hosting or going to a football sunday party!

  44. I love football season cause it’s nice to hear my sons and hubby bonding (or arguing) over the game. LOL

  45. Favorite thing about football season is the yummy fall scents, apple cider, the crisp air, and cheering for a winning team!

  46. What I love about football season is getting together with most of my friends at least once a week!

  47. Football season is awesome because I get to teach my 2 year old son about the game and we can cheer for our favorite team…The Seahawks!!

  48. I love the blue ribbon burger!
    I like the ThriftyNorthwestMom page in Facebook
    I love football season because it reminds me of my dad when I was growing up ;)

  49. I love the excitement of football season. I grew up watching football with my dad. Great memories that I can now share with my sons.

  50. I LOVE TNM!!!! On my radar everyday from internet to facebook to twitter. It is the best way to keep up on deals in my area. Suscribe, you won’t be disappointed.

    Oh and as far as football and Red Robin, we like to go on Sundays, cause unfortunately we are not season ticket holders, but Red Robin has THE BEST IN THE NORTHWEST always on and I can get my grub on with the Guacamole Bacon Burger, the best hands down its like a triple tri-fecta winning combination Football-RedRobin-Burgers

  51. What I love about football season… it’s the ultimate representation of fall! I love watching a good Seahawks game on a stormy Sunday afternoon, hunkered down in the warmth of home. I love the community atmosphere of our high school games.

  52. My favorite thing about football season is getting to wear my Seahawks apparel and support my team while looking cute!

  53. I love the Burning Love Burger.
    I enjoy watching the clash of titans on the gridiron!!!
    I like the Thrifty Northwest Facebook Page.

  54. your sit has helped me cut my budget in down to under 150$$ a month and i have 3x ( at least) the food and drug store items

  55. I like football season because I love making all the good appetizers and goodies that go along with it!

  56. I love the competition with my brothers during football season. We have been doing a fantasy football league against each other for the last few years and it’s so much fun to laugh and smack talk each other as we watch the games :)

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