Picture People – 6 Portrait Sheets for $18

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Picture People is back with a new printable coupon good for 6 portrait sheets for just $18 (one sheet is regularly $18). Just click on “Photography” on the left sidebar to find the coupon quickly.  This is for one pose only.  The 6 portrait sheets will have 25 pictures which should include: one 10 x 13, one 8 x 10, one 5 x 7, one 4 x 6, and two sheets of wallets.

The coupon is valid thru April 4, 2011, so this gives you plenty of time to get Valentine’s pictures if you’d like or even spring/early Easter pictures! I love Valentine’s pictures, so I might have to head in to get pictures of my girls for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Jen, just curious if they do what the PictureMe folks at Walmart do and take a ton of photos (usually the best ones) but make you choose between the first 2 photos for your package? I’d love to get some recent photos of my kiddos but wanted to be sure what I was getting myself into first! :) Thanks!

  2. They do take a ton a pictures, but you get to choose ANY one pose. I always end up wanting more than one pose though…of course!

  3. Christina’s right, you will get to choose from any of the pictures – it’s not like Walmart’s weird rule. I think they do a great job, we’ve used them a number of times (when they’ve had the coupons for free prints). The background is almost always white, though, just so you know!

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