Picture People: 6 Photo Sheets for just $9

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Update: It sounds like the Lynnwood location will not accept the $9 Picture People coupon – but they will accept the $18 coupon.  This is the only location that I’ve heard that is not accepting it, but I would call ahead just to make sure.  A reader was able to use this coupon down in the Portland area. Has anyone else used the $9 coupon in the NW? I’m hoping to go this week.

Picture People has a special coupon available right now which will give you some great savings. Thru October 31st, you can get 6 photo sheets of any size (10×13 & lower) for just $9 (one pose only)!  I am remembering that one photo sheet is typically $18 (correct me if I’m wrong), so this is a significant savings!

We have used Picture People a number of times in the past & I have liked the quality of their pictures; however, the pricing is usually pretty high, so we will only get a sheet or two plus our free 8×10 that they typically offer.  However, I think we are definitely going to have to take advantage of this offer. We have a tradition of getting pictures of our girls in their Christmas dresses every year, so I’d better get looking quickly for those dresses, so I can take advantage of this coupon!

Thanks Coupon Connections NW & FB Fan Heather!

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  1. Just to let you know, I took my son to use this coupon today, and the store at Alderwood mall will not honor it. I had called yesterday to make sure they would, and the gal on the phone said yes, as long as the date was valid, but today they wouldn’t! Charged me $18 for the same thing!

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