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One of my New Years Resolutions is to be better about uploading pictures and printing them out so that I’ll be able to put them into albums/scrapbooks–but also so they will be saved on a picture sharing site. We just had our computer’s hard drive crash over Christmas Break and we lost about 6-8 mos of pictures–wish I’d gotten more of those printed! So, I am on the search for great deals for printing off our pictures. Here are a few of the deals I’ve found::

-New members get 25 free prints here.
-Then, sign up for a free site to share your photos with family and friends and you will get 30 free prints. Find out more here.
-Add photos to your share site each week and you’ll get an additional 10 photos free EACH week, until Feb. 13, 2009
-To reduce your shipping fees, you could save your free prints and order at one time!
**Some people also have been getting an email from Shutterfly for a credit for a free calendar! Unfortunately I have not received one yet. Bummer!! We still haven’t made our calendar for the year of the girls!

-50 free prints for creating a new account here
-Free standard shipping if you order 100 4×6 prints or more by 1/15/09. Use the code: FREESHIP100. 4×6 prints are $.09/each regularly (one of the best deals around). You can also pick up at Walgreens stores.

Kodak Gallery::
-Get 75 free prints for new members here. Expires Jan. 31, 2009.
-I also got an email saying that they had $.05 prints for 3 days, ending today (I haven’t seen that on the website, though, so you may have to try putting in a few to see if it works!)

Photo Works::
-25 free prints for new members here.
-Free photo clutch book (photo book-retail $16.95) with the code: BOOKGIFT. Expires 1/15/09. Shipping is only $3.99 (all that you would pay)

-Up to 600 4×6 and 600 5×7 prints for new members here.
(Heads up:: This is actually 50 free 4×6 and 50 free 5×7 prints each month–check out the terms/conditions).
-I also ended up with a TON of other freebies as well!! Look under credits/discounts when you sign up and get an account. I probably have 100 freebies in there (of course, you do have to pay shipping which is a bit higher than other photo sites).
-Regular photo prices are $.06/each for 4×6 prints and $.12/each for 5×7 prints (super cheap prices)

-12 FREE Photobooks using the code: FREE12XBOOKS (Expires Jan 30, 2009)
-Photo Calendar for $6.99 with free shipping. Code: CRSD699 (expires Jan 30, 2009)
-Personalized tote bag for $7.99 with free shipping with code: TOTEBAG799 (expires 1/15/09).

-A few things to know about this company since it sounds too good to be true:: I did order a bunch of free prints from then in November and this is what I found–
–They are based in Hong Kong, so the prints will take slightly longer to be shipped to you (should say on the site how long the shipping is)
–I had trouble uploading all the pictures that I wanted; however, alot of our pictures are saved at higher megapixels.
–Shipping is higher than most photo sites, so make sure to check that before you order
–The quality on larger prints like 8×10’s is not quite as good as other sites. Not sure about their photo books or calendars. I thought the 4×6 and 5×7 prints turned out just fine, though.
–Make sure they have taken off the discount before you submit your order (several people have had problems with this site forgetting to take off the discount, but I didn’t have a problem).

Clark Color Labs::
-40 free prints for new members here
-Prints are regularly $.08/each
-Free and unlimited photo storage

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