Old Navy Weekly Giveaway – August 7th – 8th

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Time for another giveaway for Old Navy Weekly coupons …this time we have 3 Old Navy Weekly $50 off $100 Coupons to give away!! Thank you to 2 readers who generously shared their coupons!! :)

I know many of you experienced a lot of frustration with the Old Navy site last night (not updating in time or you’d find the coupon, but it would freeze as you tried to snag it)…so here’s a chance for you to still have a chance at a great coupon!! If anyone else has an extra high-value coupon you’d like to submit for the giveaway, just email and I can pick more winners!! This is for Thrifty NW Mom subscribers!!

Here’s how to enter (there is only 1 entry for this giveaway)::

1) Leave a comment telling me if you’re an email or RSS subscriber to Thrifty NW Mom (that means that you read thru a reader, like Google reader, Yahoo reader, etc). If you’re new, you can subscribe for an email subscription (top right sidebar) and RSS subscription HERE . Make sure to leave the comment on THIS post!!

**As always, make sure that I have a way to contact you–either thru your blog or leave an email address. I prefer that you enter thru the blog, but if you are uncomfortable leaving your email address and do not have a blog link, you can email me ONLY at [email protected] (I will not accept emails at my other backup email location as I do not check that on a regular basis).

This giveaway will end on Saturday, August 8th at 9pm PST (12am EST). The winner will be selected by Random.org and will be posted on this blog as well as emailed or contacted on your blog.


  1. Hi Thrifty, I am an email subscriber. I love reading all of your tips and I especially love the Old Navy chats on Thursday nights!! I would love a $50 coupon to help with school uniforms. Thanks! [email protected]

  2. I am a dedicated email reader ;) Your doing awesome helping with the Old Navy coupon business, your the only blog that I subscribe to that has been doing this. Thanks for your dedication to your readers.

  3. I'm a new email reader but follow on facebook also. I'm loving all the great advice and the thursday nights that I'm still trying to figure out. Would love a coupon to help with back to school shopping! :) [email protected]

  4. Hi thriftynwmom! I'm an email subscriber and friend on fb….hope i get to win a coupon. last night was my official night with my new friends…whew the excitement was in the air…or lets say chat rm..lol thx kim :)
    [email protected]

  5. My e-mail is blacqueorchid at gmail dot com. I am hoping to win this for my sons who are starting school soon. I really enjoy your blog entries, especially of the scenarios to take advantage of great store deals!

  6. I am a new email subscriber…loved the chat I joined in on Thursday night….would love to win a coupon since old navy.com would not ever load for me until all of the good coupons were gone….thank you…[email protected]

  7. I've been reading your blog (through Google Reader) for about a year, but this is my first time leaving you a comment. I *love* all of the info I get from you and am so thankful for the time you put into it!!
    ([email protected])

  8. I am an email subscriber though lately I have been loving your facebook updates even more! Thanks so much for all of your help and great ideas! A coupon would be awesome to use for back to school shopping, I am a teacher and could use some "cool" new clothes!! :D Thanks again! ([email protected])

  9. I'm a newbie (both to your site & to grocery coupon madness), but I like what I see! I went over to Kohl's after you alerted us to the clearance racks there. (Didn't find anything I thought was cheap enough, but I was still glad to have heard about it.)

    I added your RSS feed a few days ago & my name should link to my blog when I comment. :)

  10. I'm a Yahoo feeder subscriber…actually, I just check your site obsessively throughout the day to see if you've posted anything new or not. :)

  11. Hi, I'm an email subscriber and a FB fan and am very new to your blog. However, I am very excited for all the help this will bring my family of four consisting of my 5 yr old daughter and 3 yr old son. I'm also a Northwest native having recently moved from Issaquah to Bremerton.I am really looking forward to all the great deals… thanks Jen!! [email protected]

    [email protected]

  13. I frequently enjoy watching the Thursday evening Old Navy chats and am a recent subscriber. I would love to receive the Old Navy coupon for school clothes for my girls and husband (a teacher)!

    [email protected]

  14. Hi – I am an e-mail subscriber and a blog addict! I am the mommy of two twin boys who are growing at warp speed. Old Navy is a God sent so we can afford to both cloth AND feed these guys. $50 off would be a huge help! Thanks!! Keep up the good work! ([email protected])

  15. Hi,

    I'd love to get an old navy coupon. I have never gotten one yet and could use it for my son who is entering kindergarten. I actually have to buy school clothes this year. I suscribe through the email feed and am a friend on Facebook. Thanks!

  16. sign me up please for the old navy give away. this is trsjja thanks, love your page and the work you do on thursdays,
    travis (sent via email)

  17. I am an email suscriber…new to join but have been following you blog since I found it recently. My family and I just relocated from Cali to Washington so my kids are in need of warmer winter clothes!!! Thank you for your blog deals!!
    [email protected]

  18. Hi Thrifty Mom! I'm an email subscriber and a facebook fan. I homeschool my kids on the Oregon Coast. The coupon would be great to clothe three growing kids :) Thanks for all the great tips!

    [email protected]

  19. Hi! I am a new email subscriber and would love to win the coupon for school clothes for my kids, Old Navy is thier favorite Place! Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  20. I love your site, I'm new at this I just go on and look for coupons, not that good at computers.I'ts my first time at a giveaway entry with you. love old navy and would love a coupon to shop. thanks. Kim (sent via email)

  21. hi jen..

    iam interested in the giveway..and i believe this blog is really
    exciting and I wait daily for 9 a.m to check my mail and check the
    latest updates on various great deals going on .

    Tina (Sent via email)

  22. Hi this is Becky again from VA

    I wanted to enter the Old Navy giveaway again. I know last time you told me that I can just leave you a comment…….but I don't see where to do that. Sorry I don't get on the blogs a whole lot. I am farely new to the coupon thing. Thanks for your understanding.

    Thanks again,
    Becky in VA (sent via email)

  23. Hi,

    Please enter me in the Old Navy coupon giveaway. I am an email subscriber and I love all your tidbits!!!


    Georgene (sent via email)

  24. I would love your old navy gift card. I am still holding out hope to get one before school starts.

    Shannon Mowry (sent via email)

    **Just to let you, Shannon, it's a $50 off coupon-not a gift card, but still a great deal! Jen

  25. Hi there,

    I have just recently found your site, and I am so addicted! I would liike to enter for the old navy coupons if they are still available. I just posted a link to your site on my blog… so that all of my friends can come to love you as much as I do!

    Keep up the good work! Melissa D (sent via Facebook message)

  26. I subscribe through my blog and i'm an avid email reader! Those coupons are hard to get your hands on when you have a 4 week old and a 2 year old to tend to! Would love to be able to shop for fall/winter clothes!!

  27. I would love to enter. I am attempting to set up reader right now. Thank you again for the great leads on deals. I got a 25% coupon on Thursday, and got my kids lots of jeans at $7.50. Thank you!!
    [email protected]

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