Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations – Week of August 27th!

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Today is Thursday, which means it’s Old Navy Weekly day! Old Navy Weekly actually surprised us and updated early this Thursday at 4:45pm PST! This week they had $65 off $100 and $45 off $100 coupons.

Unfortunately the high-value coupons are gone (they were gone very quickly this week) but there are still a number of great coupons you can pair with their sales this week!! And it’s always a good idea to practice ALL the coupon locations, too, as you never know when they might keep the same page, and use similar locations for the next update!!

Here are the locations for this week::
$65 off $100 – GONE -Click on Wesley’s picture in the bottom, to the left of where it says “Wesley’s Winning Looks” – hearts will appear above the picture. Click on the first heart that appears (which is the biggest) – they will go fast!
$45 off $100 – GONE- Top left – Click on the necklace that the girl w/brown sweater is wearing. Then quickly click on the open compact she is holding in her hand.
$10 off $50 – On the bottom left, you will see a sign that says “Item of the week” – below that you will see a sign that changes and says “text updates” and “special offers”. Click it when it says “special offers”. A question will appear, asking what the item of the week was last week and click “cargo pants”.
Buy men’s & women’s item, get 20% – Click on Kelly’s blue & white sweater twice (on left side w/blonde hair)
15% off when you buy a men’s item – In the upper right hand corner, take the red cube of chalk in the background and put it on the end of the tall cue stick on the right.
5% off when you buy any yellow item– Go to top middle picture and take the ketchup bottle and move it to the hot dog sign. Put the ketchup bottle on the hot dog.
This week, Old Navy has a hot, new Item of the Week, Women’s Argyle & V-Neck Sweaters for $12 (regularly $25)!! And remember, Saturday is the One-Day Sale where you can get a free graphic tee with the purchase of any jeans (for $19). Pair these deals up with a great Old Navy Weekly coupon and you’re set!
Upcoming Giveaway::

If you weren’t able to find a high-value coupon, then stay tuned to Thrifty NW Mom in the next few days as we will be having another giveaway for Old Navy Weekly $45 off $100 coupons this week!! Last week, we gave away 13 $50/$100 Old Navy Weekly coupons throughout the week!!! Let’s see how many we can give away this week!!!


  1. One of these days I will find a coupon in the video. I have never found one yet. I must be dense in that area! LOL

    Other than that, I found all the hiding places on my own! Too late for a lot of them, but I'm still pleased that I found them at all!

  2. I have 4 kids going back to school! If anyone is not planning to use their $45 or $65 off at Old Navy, I would be more than happy to take it off their hands! I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. [email protected]

  3. If anyone has any extra good coupons, I would greatly appreciate it. Just had a baby and my fat butt isn't fitting any of my pre-preg jeans anymore, no matter what I lose. Thanks
    [email protected]

  4. Hi i shop for my 6 of my brothers and sisters because I take care of them myself since my mom is gone. I am 20 and can barely get by if anyone has an extra 65 or 45 off 100 coupon please email me at [email protected] I would be eternally appreciated

  5. Oh sweet Lord, thank you so much!! I just spent the past 20 minutes dragging that stupid ketchup bottle around trying to figure out what to do with it and nothing worked! Finally I googled Old Navy ketchup and found your site! Now you're bookmarked!! :)

  6. I doubt if there are any unused coupons out there after the giveaways, but if so, I am going to Old Navy today (nearest one is an hour away, so this is an event!) I'd love to make use of a $45 or $65 that will otherwise go to waste!

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