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Old Navy Weekly was back again tonight with a new update and new $75 and $50 off coupons to hunt!! The site updated around 7pm PST/10pm EST and the high-value coupons were gone pretty quickly, but I’m going to list all of the locations for you in case they use the same page next week, with similar locations!

Coupon Locations::
$75 off $100 – In the top picture with Michele (and white car)–click on the brake light repeatedly until the coupon pops up.
$50 off $100 – Go to bottom picture with the two girls – where it says “Knit Wits” – click on the first star on left and bring it over to the word “Stars” in the phrase “What the Stars are Wearing” in the Rugby shirts column on right.
25% off – Take the yellow earmuffs from the girl in the bottom picture on right and put it in Michele’s purse (top left w/car)
$10 0ff $50 – At the top, where it says “Hot Pics” – click on the phrase “Storefront celebs on the go” and a question will pop up and the answer is “Heather”
$5 off $25 – Check in the video, it does move to various locations but you should see a big blue square pop up blocking the picture where the coupon is. Not sure if this is a glitch or if it’s showing for everyone. Otherwise, just keep clicking to find it.
15% off when you buy item of week – Find the rugby shirts on the right. Take the grey shirt on the bottom right and switch the “0” and the “9” so it says “90” instead of “09”
10% off when you buy any kids item – Picture of the girls at the bottom. Take the white heart from the redhead’s sweater and place it on the girl on the right’s heart sweater, near her heart.
Unfortunately, our Chat system server did have some issues and I apologize for those who were bumped out of the chat automatically when the system went down and it did not automatically log everyone back in (as is usually the case). The chat was very popular today, so I know it was difficult for people to get back in.
Unfortunately, we have to keep the limit at 200 as it was not manageable or productive for people to hunt for coupons when we went past that limit, which we found out several weeks ago. Just too many people trying to talk at once! ;) My whole goal in bringing the chat function to the blog is to help as many people as possible have a chance at finding a high-value coupon, while having fun at the same time! I apologize if you were unable to get back on, though, after getting bumped from the Chat system issues! Hopefully those issues will be fixed and we’ll be good to go next week!
For those of you who weren’t able to find a high-value coupon (I know Old Navy weekly was acting up for quite a few of us tonight)…we will definitely be having a giveaway for several $50 off $100 coupons! We’ve already had several donated and I will wait a few days to see if we have any more that people won’t be using to give away to the readers!! If you have one to donate, you can email me at [email protected] .
And for those of you who are looking for a coupon, you can leave your email address here in case anyone has any extra to share at any point in the week! That way they can come here and see email addresses for people to send the coupons to!

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  1. I would love a 75 if anybody has an extra. I couldn't get the new page to load, only got last weeks ad. finally figured that if i went through old navy to old navy weekly, it worked but was too late by then :( need to finish off the school shopping!!

    Thanks, Loren

    [email protected]

  2. If anyone would like to share it would be greatly appreciated. I keep trying but have yet to snag one :) and when I finally do I will share also. Thanks, my email is

    [email protected]

  3. My firefox wouldn't work again. I'm so depressed. If anyone would be kind enough to share, my facebook and E-mail address can be found at [email protected] thank you…you are so kind.

  4. I tried to load the site on two different computers and it kept bringin up the old site! I would really appreciate a 75 off coupon if anyone has one to spare. My email address is [email protected]



  5. I didn't realize that it wasn't going to work on my mac's browser and by the time I opened firefox and found the $75 off coupon it had run out. =[ my email is [email protected] if anyone is nice enough to offer an extra. thank you.

  6. I coulw not get the site to load…I guess google chrome doesn't work correctly with the site. It just set at the blue circle with 3 dots… If anyone has a spare, I sure would appreciate it for my son and daughter. [email protected] or [email protected] on facebook.
    God Bless. and thanks.


  7. And Risa Baker is like…the nicest lady in the world, so if you don't feel like sharing with me…for sure share with her…I am glad you took my referral to this awesome site Risa!

  8. so my site was screwed and couldn't load so if anyone has a 50 or 75 i would love you forever my sister inlaw just had triplets and it could really help her out being a single mom

    [email protected]

  9. I would love a $75 or $50 if anyone has one they aren't able to use, it would be so helpful for school clothes. I was on my way home from work and missed it yet again! boo! :( email is [email protected] thank you so much!

  10. its been 30 minutes since the site updated and I still have last weeks page no mater how much i refresh and clear cookies. If anyone has any extras you can email me at [email protected]

  11. Thanks so much for all the great info. If anyone has an extra old navy coupon they won't use this single mama could really use it.

  12. I have been trying to get a big coupon for over a month now without any luck! :( I have 4 kids and could really use a 50 or 75 coupon for back to school, if anyone has one to spare! [email protected]

  13. I would be very happy to get a 50 or 75. I have been on the chat for a couple of week but got booted tonight during our big storm and could not get back in. [email protected]

  14. Bummed~ I set it up and finished dinner and I missed the whole thing! I would love it if some one would share a coupon! Thanks have a great night!!!

  15. I would love a coupon if someone isn't using one. This was the first week I was right there at the very moment of the new add, but…I had the firefox problem. But at least I will be aware of that next time! My email is [email protected]. Thanks, it was fun and frustrating at the same time. I'll be back!

  16. I see there are lots who already need/want a coupon. If there is enough to go around please include me too.


  17. Thanks for hosting the chat again tonight! I made it home just in to snag a few 50's…sent 'em your way!

  18. I am so bummed! I am just learning this system, thanks to my friend Shawn, and lost a 25% off coupon I had. If anyone has one and is willing to share, that would be great. My email is [email protected] Of course, any others would be awesome too (except the 10 off 50, which I have)! I wish I could offer something back in return.

  19. I would love a coupon! I figured out after reading in here that it was firefox that messed me up this week! If anyone could spare a coupon that would be great! Thank you!
    [email protected]

  20. I was on chat all day and got booted. Then, when I saw Old Navy should be loading because of the counter, I kept rebooting, but it wouldn't load for me. This was my first time trying this game, so I probably wouldn't have figured it out anyway, but a coupon would be awesome! Thanks, [email protected]

  21. would really appreciate a coupon. I tried for several hours last night and the page would never load. Just kept saying "loading". It was so fustrating. I'm in serious need of some fall and winter cloths since i've lost a ton of weight and now nothing fits. The coupon would help out termendously.


    [email protected]

  22. Any one with any extra coupons willing to donate would be greatly appreciated. Old Navy is one of the few companies that will ship to an APO address. We are in the Army and stationed in Germany with no american shopping available and shipping VERY pricey, so any discount helps. [email protected]

  23. If anyone has an extra coupon it would really help me buy my daughter some clothes, she start pre k this year : ) Any help would be greatly appreciated, and reciprocated in the future if I ever get a large coupon. My email is [email protected] Thanks!!

  24. Hey…I couldn't get one last night either, the site wouldn't load and by the time it did all the good coupons were gone. I've never actually been able to get one, so if anyone has an extra and they want to help someone out, my email is [email protected]

  25. Old Navy is my kids favorite to shop at, if anyone has a 75 or 50 let me know. Thanks
    babysmamatimes3 at yahoo dot com.

  26. I'm still new to using coupons and trying to figure out all the sites. If anyone has a coupon that they are willing to give me I would really appreciate it!

    [email protected]

  27. If anyone is willing to pass along a 50/100 please let me know I am trying to get one to give to my girlfriend who husband is on active duty and getting ready to deploy. It would be for her 2 babies…pls anyone…Thanks

    [email protected]

  28. I would love coupon if anyone has an extra one they are willing to share. Three kids and I have been out of work since March. Another sad story I know but I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your consideration.
    [email protected]

  29. Hey everybody! I couldn't get the site to load either, boo. I've been trying to lose weight (and doing very well!) and I need some new stuff, so if anyone wants to share, hit me up! I did get a 25% off, which will tide me over, so please share with back to school/deployment/out of work people first. :)

    [email protected]

  30. Hi, I would love a coupon if anyone has any extra! I work Thursday nights and my husband thinks we are all crazy to hunt for them.
    The men just don't understand us, do they!
    Thank you sooooooo much!!!

    [email protected]

  31. Coupons gives us lots of benefits…there is no bargain and it gives money saving tips..I really apprecieat the shopping concept with coupons.Its a nice post and worth to readt hanks.

  32. Hello! I absolutely love trying to find the coupons but never have any luck with the "good ones", so please enter me into your drawing.

    Thank you!

    [email protected] or [email protected]

    * If you go on oldnavyweekly.com today, click on "cargo pants" as the item of the week last week and it gives you $10 off a purchase of $50 or more. Also, if you drag the ketchup over to the hot dog (on the sign), it gives you a 5% off a yellow item. Oh, if you drag the red dot over to the pool stick, it gives you 15% off an item.

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