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Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations

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**UPDATE Fri Morning:: Thanks to those of you who let me know Old Navy Weekly updated this morning around 9am PST (that seems to be the time they update frequently–so keep checking every morning around 9am PST/Noon ). It sounds like a number of people are having a hard time with the screen freezing when you find the high-value coupon (I had this happen as well last week when I found the $45 off–it was frozen so long, I couldn’t keep searching for the $60).

My only advice (until they work out the kinks) is to open up multiple windows/tabs, so that if it freezes up on one screen, then you can move to the next screen and try it again quickly!! The high-value coupons move VERY quickly, so you can’t wait around for the screen to start working again! So, try that–and let Old Navy know that you’re frustrated–LeAnne contacted the Corporate office to share her frustrations, which is a great idea–they need to know that it’s very frustrating to find the high-value coupon and then not be able to retrieve it! Hopefully they can get that issue fixed quickly! In the meantime, look for Old Navy to most likely reset at least once more with the high-value coupons!!


Well, it looks like I happened to take a nap RIGHT when Old Navy weekly was updating!Argh–should have known that would happen! I’ve had a rough week with very little sleep (think maybe a few hours at best every night this week) with my baby who has a terrible cold/cough and teething on top of that!

So, I apologize for not getting the clues up right away (looks like it updated around 5:40pm PST ) — but what awesome readers I have!!! :) Thank you ALL for coming on here and sharing the coupon locations!!! You’re the best!!

It looks like they will be releasing more of the coupons (at different times during the week again)–so check out all the coupon locations I’ve posted below so hopefully you can score one of the higher-value coupons at a different time this week!!

Here are the updated coupon locations::

$60 off $100 – take the bucket in the middle square (w/two little boys)–bring it over to the pool (far right picture) and it will move showing it’s filling up–once it’s done that, then bring it to the picture w/the people wearing goggles and drop it there, it will fill the screen with water. You have to keep doing those steps –filling it w/water in the pool, then dropping it in the picture until it fills up the whole picture and then you’ll have the $60 off.

$45 off $100 – The girl with the purple dress (on far right) has a bottle of suntan spray. Take it and spray the girl with the blue bikini (in picture on the top left w/3 girls in swimsuits)–you’ll have to do it twice to spray her whole body.

$20 off $100 – Click on the orange/white striped tote (at the bottom) -move it to the girl with the purple dress and put it on her arm (just above her hand, on the right side)

$15 off $75 – In the video, at 7-8 seconds in, click on the orange sign (says Old Navy Flip Flops $1) –it does look like different people are finding it in different places–sometimes it moves around to different locations.

$10 off $50 – Middle picture with the two boys–the older boy’s head is in the sand–move it onto his head

$5 off $50 – Click on the orange bottle of the girl with green swimsuit (top picture w/3 girls in swimsuits)

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  1. Jen Thanks for the info on the Krispy Kreme! I am going to pull that post. Those stinkin high value coups went way too fast. Soory about your sick child. :(

  2. Thanks for posting all of this. I can’t believe they posted it so early, I never even thought to check!

  3. No problem, Monica! I was bummed they weren’t doing it this Sat! And yes, the high-value coupons are going faster and faster every week–it’s crazy how quickly they can go!

    Maygan-It really varies when they update but they typically seem to update around 5-6pm PST or much later like 10-12pm PST. But, you never really know with them-they like to keep us guessing!

  4. Coupons just reset. Big ones are gone already though. I just happened to catch it. I got a $45 off $100 but now the page is froze so I’m sure I lost it. :(

  5. I called corporate and they said this is a new things and they have some kinks to work out. She said to try to refresh the screen (which we all know causes you to lose any coupons you might have saved) and try the “retrieve coupon” button at the bottom. That just says there is no record of my address. In that case, she simply said try again next time, there are no replacement coupons. From reading comments on this blog and another one it sounds like this is happening often on the $45 and $60 off coupons. How convienenet for them. So frustrating!

  6. Hey LeAnne! Thanks for calling Corporate! I was going to comment, too, that I’ve heard of this happening MANY times, for many people the last 2 weeks! I had it happen myself last week for the $45 coupon–and it stayed frozen for a few minutes, which prevented me from looking for the $60 coupon.

    My only other advice is to open multiple tabs/windows–so if it gets stuck, you can immediately switch to another window and try it again. You may need to enter a different email address if you’d already entered yours where it had gotten stuck. Unfortunately mine would get stuck before I could enter an email address. Very frustrating, though, you’re right!!

  7. Hopefully I have better luck next time! I did open four different tabs and the screen froze on all of them so hopefully they get that worked out!

  8. LindseyJo–wow, that is frustrating, if you had all those browsers open and it still froze on all of them! Let’s hope they fix it soon!

  9. eBay…wonderful place to pay $10 for the $60 off coupons. Spend my extra time with my daughter versus sitting in front of a computer refreshing. Both coupons worked, so I saved $100 off of $200 after the cost of the coupons.

  10. Hi Jen,

    With skirts and dresses just $15 in store and the fabulous $75 off $100 coupon back, this week at may be our most exciting yet. Hope you’re ready for all the fun to come when we refresh the site this Sunday – good luck!

    Nicole D.
    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

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