Old Navy – Saturday Sale – Free Graphic Tees with Jeans purchase!

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Old Navy has just announced another “One Day Wonder” Sale for this coming Saturday!! They will be offering a FREE graphic tee for anyone who buys a pair of adult jeans for $19 (regular price of jeans is $29.50)!! So, you’re getting a great price on the jeans and a free t-shirt to boot!! Not a bad deal at all!!

You could make this an even sweeter deal by using a coupon from Old Navy Weekly this week!! For my new readers, Old Navy Weekly is a site where Old Navy places new coupons each week (some as high as $75 off $100 or $50 off $100) and then you have to be super-fast and hunt for the coupons! They have a very limited amount of the high-value coupons so you have to be FAST! They usually are gone within a few minutes. But, if you miss out on those, there are other great coupons you can find and I’ll post those on the blog after the site has updated!
If you’d like help in the hunt for coupons, join us in the “Chat Room” (click on the blue button on the left side of my blog) – where we will hunt together for the big coupons & share locations in real-time as quickly as we find them! It’s just a way to help as many of my readers as possible locate these big coupons to help you and your family save some money!! The Chat Room has become quite popular in the last few weeks, though, and there is a maximum of 200 people in there at once, so make sure to head that way early to reserve a spot.
Check out all the Old Navy Weekly FAQ and Chat Room Guidelines HERE!
Many people have asked when Old Navy Weekly typically updates with new coupons for the week – we never know for sure but based on the past month and a half, they have been updating around 5-9pm PST/8-11pm EST on Thursday evenings.


  1. This is a good deal. A coupon would make it a awesome deal. LOL I will be here tomorrow, I look forward to it. I enjoy the chat room alot!

  2. I wish I could be here for the chat tomorrow like I was last week but I am having an upper GI tomorrow so I cant. If anyone wants to share one that they get that would be great and then I can return the favor next week. Happy hunting tomorrow!!!

  3. Maybe TGIT doesn’t have the same ring as TGIF, but we’ve got at least one reason for you to celebrate today – Thursday means that OldNavyWeekly.com is going to be hiding new amazing coupons, including deals like $65 off $100 and tomorrow we’ll have a new Item of the Week! This time it’s Women’s Cable V-Neck and Argyle Sweaters for just $12 each! Both styles are super fabulous, and just in time for Fall – you don’t wanna miss out on these trendy tops. Just ask Kelly, her Facebook page is up and bustling with the latest Old Navy 411! And Heather’s profile goes live tomorrow, so be sure to check it out too. Plus, you can follow ALL the SuperModelquins on Twitter, so there are plenty of ways to get the inside scoop.

    Nicole D.
    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

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