Office Max – HOT Deal – Clearance Computer Cabinet $25

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Office Max has a very *hot* deal right now, but it’s going to be gone fast!! In fact, it’s already on back-order, so if you want it, you’ll have to move fast!! They currently have a computer cabinet regularly priced at $249, on sale at their clearance price for $25. With shipping costs, it comes to around $36 (if you get higher shipping costs, you’ll want to call Office Max and let them know, so they can adjust the shipping down for you – I just ordered it and the total was around $36). If your order is $50 or more, shipping will be free (depending on the area you live in).

The computer cabinet is the Brenham Media Center Computer Armoire in Mocha or Maple – Reg Price, $249.99 – Sale price – $25!!! Let me know if you’re able to get this in time!!


  1. I got one! It says it is on back order, so we shall see. Mine ended up being $32.49.

    I hope I get this. I've been needing one of these and haven't been able to afford one. What an AWESOME deal!!!

  2. Oops, I forgot about tax. It was $36.01.

    I just got my order confirmation via e-mail so I hope it goes through.

  3. Thanks so much for the info! I am able to buy it online, but it says it's on backorder and I don't want to risk paying and not getting it? I don't have much experience with "backorders" does that usually mean if they don't have it you lose your money?

  4. Yay, glad you guys were able to get one! I saw this deal just as I was getting ready to leave to go grocery shopping and just had to post it really quick-glad I did! :)

    Mariana – I'm not sure how it will work for sure, but you definitely should not lose money if it's backordered, they shouldn't charge your credit card until it's actually be sent! You can call Office Max in the morning to confirm, though.

  5. When I have it in my cart, it is backordered and shipping is $35.00. How did you folks get such cheap shipping? I live in eastern Or.

  6. Farmee- I wonder if it's because of your zipcode. I've heard that if you call Office Max directly, though, they should be able to adjust the shipping charges down for you.

  7. farmee-i called and they said that if you are in the area of warehouse then the shipping is lower and even free when you spend 50.00 i'm not and my shipping was 35.00 too. :(

  8. Oh bummer! I was afraid it was something like that. But, I did hear reports on another website that a few people were able to get the shipping adjusted by talking directly to the store near them. But, maybe that wouldn't work if you're too far from the warehouse. I wonder if you could have it shipped to the store??

  9. I got one! It is on backorder but my shipping was only 7.95. I live in Kirkland so I must not be too far from the warehouse…

    Awesome deal! Thanks so much!!

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