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Hasbro has even more game coupons available now – you’ll definitely want to print them now as we never know how long coupons will be available! Go HERE to print all the coupons!! You might want to hold onto these coupons and wait for a great sale or even Black Friday sales coming up next month (woohoo!)! These are all $5 off coupons!

Here are the games you’ll find coupons for:

Clue: Secrets & Spies
Pictureka! Flipper
Cranium with Bonus Family Pack
Game of Things
Connect 4×4

You can find Guesstures and Connect 4×4 for only $10 at Walmart, which would make these $5 with the $5 off coupons above. Great deal!

**Update: Thanks to a reader tip from Karisse who let me know that Target has Connect 4×4 on sale this week for $9 which would make this game $4 (using the $5 off coupon). Additionally, specially marked boxes will have a coupon for a FREE Domino’s pizza! Wow! Now that’s a great deal!!

**2nd update: It looks like it is only the regular Connect 4 game on sale, not the Connect 4×4 which is what the coupon is good for, so this will not work. However, specially marked boxes of regular Connect 4 will have the Dominos pizza coupon! Thanks Bargain Jargon!


  1. It looks like Connect4x4 is on sale this week at Target for $9, plus it says there are coupons for a free Dominos pizza in specially marked boxes ($10 value), so with this coupon pizza and the game would be $4! Thanks for the coupon link!

  2. I believe the game that is on sale for $9.00 is the regular connect 4, and not the 4 x 4 game. So, the coupon will not work with the sale game that is on sale.

  3. Thanks Christy! I just now got a Sunday paper (they didn't deliver yesterday while we were gone) but my neighbor gave me one and it does look like it's only the regular Connect 4 game. Darn!

  4. Connect 4 at my target were 10.00 so i used the connect 4 manu. coupon for 5.00 off and the target connect 4 coupon for 5.00 and.so I scored 2 connect 4's from target for free!

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