Mother’s Day Giveaway: $50 Macy’s Gift Card

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Mother’s Day is this coming weekend and it’s always a time for me to reflect on what it means to me to be blessed to be a mother to my two precious little girls and to also acknowledge and remember the sacrifices that my mom made for me growing up and the person that she helped shape me to be. If you wonder where I got my frugal nature from, it was definitely from my mom (as well as my grandma, her mom who grew up in the depression era & was the ultimate repurposer/re-user of household items). Both of these ladies shaped me to always be mindful of my spending and to look for ways to cut my spending. Growing up in a military family where we moved every 2 years, we had to keep a tighter budget with always starting over in new houses & locations as the costs would add up. We shopped at the commissary as a kid and I still remember helping my mom cut out coupons and putting them in an envelope to use on the already low commissary prices.  We also were always on the hunt for the clearance racks when shopping in the stores, too. Since we were always having to redecorate houses, we frequently hit up garage sales and auctions for home decor items that would fit into our newest house and my mom and I still love to hit up a good garage sale. My mom’s motto was “Why buy new when you can get nice, pre-used items for a fraction of the cost”.

Even though my mom loves a good bargain, she also believed it was important to splurge every now & then, which I appreciate now as a mom. It’s important to take time for yourself and enjoy those splurges every so often, like a trip to the mall to get something special to wear to make you feel good about yourself. Now, with online shopping and so many options available, it’s even easier to do a little something special for yourself when you don’t have time to get out for a little shopping time – you can shop online. I recently learned that not only offers printable grocery coupons, but they also offer coupon codes for retail stores to use online for extra savings. I checked out the Macy’s coupon codes on and found everything from an extra 15% off coupon code as well as free shipping with a minimum purchase, as additional ways to save on sales happening at the stores.

Giveaway – $50 Macy’s Gift Card is offering a special giveaway for a lucky Thrifty NW Mom reader to win a $50 Macy’s gift card.  This giveaway will end on Mother’s Day, so it could be a great ending to your Mother’s Day to have a gift card to do some fun shopping at Macy’s as a way to spoil yourself a little bit!

This giveaway will end on Sunday May 12th  at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Comment with the best advice your mother ever gave you

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2)  Visit the Macy’s coupon codes page and tell us your favorite coupon code available now

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  1. Best advise my mom gave me was – “If you make a commitment, stick to it.”

  2. The best coupon code at Macy’s right now – save 30%-40% off handbags.

  3. Best advice my mother gave me is always think positive! She is wise.

  4. Best advice my mom gave me was “Be patient. Everything happens for a reason. So let it happen.”

  5. Don’t have a preconceived idea of what you want to do (in regards to an event or dinner out), and then be disappointed when your spouse choose differently. You asked, they answered.

  6. Favorite Macys Coupon Code: Save 30% off select women’s sleepwear!!! Nice comfy jammies are never a bad thing!

  7. Best advice: “You are a perfect mom in the eyes of your child, so stop fretting”

  8. My mom always used to tell me “always make sure you wear underwear! You never know when you’ll be in a wreck or something crazy like that” and I always rolled my eyes and thought what a crazy she was to say something like that…and then 10 years later, I was in a terrible wreck in 2005 and had my clothes cut off of me by paramedics. And…I was wearing underwear. :) Moms ALWAYS know.

  9. Best advice my mom ever gave me was you will make mistakes; it is what you learn from them that makes you stronger and a better person/mom.

  10. The best advice my mom gave me was, treat others how you would like to be treated.

  11. Best advice my Mom gave me was if I ever committed to an event or doing something for someone, stick to it! Always keep your word!

  12. My favorite coupon code is “Free Item
    Free Super City Block With Keychain With Any Clinique purchase at!”

  13. Best advise my Mom ever gave–finish what you start, honoring your commitments.

  14. The best advice my Mom has given me is to appreciate what you have right now and not always worry about what could be or is to come.

  15. My mom always told me that when it came to men just tell them what you want/need from them. Don’t allow them to guess or wonder. This advice has helped a lot and my husband thanked my mother! Hahahah!

  16. The best advice my mom gave me is that family will always be there for you.

  17. Some times you need a time out when you are parenting. Allow yourself to take one.

  18. My favorite coupon code is:


    Extra 15% off with Mother’s day sale

  19. Best advice: never put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want to become public knowledge.

  20. Spend your money the same way the day after payday that you do the day before

  21. I like the 30-40% off Macy’s handbags sale and like the Facebook page!

  22. Mom’s best advice: Be yourself. God made you that way for a reason. (I’ve learned it’s true!)

  23. Mom would always say to keep your head up and do the best you can at everything!

  24. I love this coupon code: Free Shipping on $99+

    Enjoy Free Shipping Every Day of the Year!

  25. 3) Leave a comment saying you “like” the Facebook page

    I liked the page!

  26. My mom’s best advice is DEFINITELY that I can play catch-up later – sleep when the baby sleeps!

  27. My favorite code is for “Free Mystery Gift with Any $75+ Beauty Purchase”

  28. The 25% off and free shipping is the best coupon code right now. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of it.

  29. My mom wasn’t really an advice person, but she taught me through her actions to be strong, intelligent, love and respect nature, and make the best of what you have. She passed away in 2010, and I miss her terribly but I know she’s still with me (mostly watching her grandsons grow up ;) ).

  30. My mother always told me to always be true to
    myself. Always help others

  31. The 20-50% off game day items would be nice if kitchen appliances were included…

  32. The best advice my mom gave me was….”Don’t take yourself too seriously”

  33. Best advice is to say “yes” as often as I can to my kids since we often have to say “no”.

  34. Best advice: When I was 40+ weeks prego & terribly uncomfortable, Mom reminded me that this was the safest my baby would ever be, and that soon enough, she would be out in this crazy world. Helped me to make it through!

  35. Sad to say I have never had any advice from my mom. I was a young mom myself and have only learned not to make the same mistakes as she dd as a parent. :)

  36. My mom always told me to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. However, my favorite was when someone was being mean or nasty…….she would tell me to kill them with kindness. I hated this advice when I was younger, but now I know she was right. It gets to them every time.

  37. My mom told me the first time my son got sick “when on doubt, call the pediatrician” and it made me feel so much better about calling his office for all my “first time mom” questions

  38. Best advice, “no baby ever died from crying, and sometimes you just have to pee!”

  39. The best advice my mom gave me is. Don’t worry about the little things. I liked the coupons page.

  40. The best advice my mom ever gave me was regarding childbirth. She told me to block out the negative input from others and to trust my body and my instincts.

  41. I really like the “Save 40% Off Bras & Panties” deal and the discount on dresses. Macy’s has great dresses.

  42. best advice my mother gave me is “do good things and good things will come to you”

  43. The best advice my Mom ever gave me was to tell me that I’m not strange, I’m unique.

  44. I like the free shipping with $99 purchase coupon. Free shipping always makes me more likely to shop online!

  45. My mom’s. Best advice to me was to just enjoy enjoy my children, they grow fast.

  46. My mother taught me the importance of being myself.

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  48. I like the Save 30-40% Off Handbags coupon

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  49. She told me to never make a recipe for the first time for company. I should heed that advice!

  50. My mom always said to remember the “little things” because in the end they will be the “big things”. So true as my mom passed away 6 months ago and remembering the “little things” have been helpful in getting through this time of great loss.

  51. The best advice my mom gave me was to put other’s first and pray hard. :) Happy Mother’s Day mommas!

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