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I just heard about a cool website I wanted to share with all of you! Hulu is a site where you can go to watch movies and tv shows (clips or full episodes) for free!! There are a TON of tv shows on there, too–lots of oldies (Friends, I dream of Jeannie, Alf, The Addams Family-just to show you the variety) as well as many, many current shows (including shows that are on channels you may not receive). The only thing I did determine is that if your show is already available to watch on a main channel’s internet site (like ABC or CBS), then they don’t show those shows on their site.

This can be a great frugal alternative to watching old tv shows or movies (instead of renting it from Blockbuster, Netflix, etc)- of course, it probably would work better if you have a laptop because it would be a pain to watch sitting at a desktop computer. It also depends on your internet speed as well. I tried watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night (for some reason the first 15 minutes had no sound in last week’s episode)–but I think my internet connection was really slow, so it kept starting and stopping. Very annoying!

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