Grocery Outlet Deals + 2 Readers win a $25 Grocery Outlet Card!

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Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

I recently headed into my local Grocery Outlet in Bonney Lake, WA & found all sorts of awesome summertime deals, as well as a section of back to school deals, too.  I shared a few deals last week so make sure to check out the $.99 organic strawberries, $.50 Starbucks Iced Coffee , great produce deals & more. Here are a few more deals that I found that I wanted to share with you to see if you might find similar savings at your local store (deals may not always be the same at different stores, but this gives you an idea of what to look for).

Summertime Snack Options:

We’ve been heading out for short day trips to the zoo, Pacific Science Center & local parks, so I was on the hunt for some easy snack ideas and the Grocery Outlet did not disappoint as they had quite a few options – everything from snack foods to awesome produce deals, healthy drink ideas & more!

Odwalla Superfood Bars – 15 ct, 2 oz bars – $3.79 – this works out to just $.25/bar!! Fantastic price!! Great for summertime hikes!


Clif Kid Z Fruit Rope (organic) – $1.99 for 8 ct or $.25/ea  (I personally love these things – they are more filling than the traditional fruit leathers as they are more hearty!)

Cheez-It snack packs – $1.99 for 12 pk – these were really easy to just throw in the backpack for our zoo outing this past weekend as we were rushing out the door & looking for a few quick snack ideas!

Hansen’s Natural Coconut Water – 3 for $1 – $.33/ea  – These are a nice drink to bring along on a hike or a day at the zoo for something fun to drink without having to resort to juice or soda.

We’d love to hear what awesome deals you have found recently at your local Grocery Outlet!

Giveaway – 2 Readers Win a $25 Grocery Outlet Gift Card

Grocery Outlet is providing 2 readers the chance to win a $25 Grocery Outlet gift card. This way you can go into your local store & find some awesome summertime deals, too!

This giveaway will end on Thursday August 1st, 2013 at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

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  1. I shared this giveaway on Facebook and like the Grocery Outlook Facebook Page :)

  2. It’s hard to pick a favorite item. I pretty much always buy resealable baggies, cheeses, frozen waffles and veggies.

  3. My local GO has amazing deals on Goat Cheese! And wine, love the wine prices!

  4. Never shop there before, however I have been seeing great deal on blogs! Going to check it out.

  5. I love to find deals on organic items that I usually wouldn’t be able to afford.

  6. I usually go for the cheese selection & some wine, but then I get drawn in by all the other goodies…. :)

  7. Grocery Outlet is so great for getting snacks – we buy a lot of the Luna bars which you get at least 50% cheaper than in the regular stores. Plus crackers/cereals, etc. which are so expensive everywhere else. Thanks!

  8. My favorite item to buy is the Sonoma Jack cheese…Jack cheese with herbs and sundried tomatoes (tastes like pizza) OK, and usually good deals on coffee and wine.

  9. Love to buy snacks and cheese from Grocery Outlet. Frequently buy goat cheese spread for $1.99 that’s normally $4-$5 at the regular stores. Have been finding lots of good natural snacks like hummus chips. They go beautifully with the cheese spread.

  10. I heard about Grocery Outlet from here & went there this weekend. We saved $87 on our groceries- that’s why I love Grocery Outlet & thank you Thrifty NW Mom for making find GO — now if I only win the gift card :):)

  11. I have actually never shopped at Grocery Outlet before, but after seeing these deals, it is definitely going to be a stop this week.

  12. I found Stretch Island Co “fruit by the foot” snacks & Silk iced latte 1/2 gallons ($1.99!!) lately. I do also love their cheese selection! My mom was stoked to find .99c Mio. She refuses to drink regular water & I’m pretty sure there’s more Mio in her blood stream than blood ;)

  13. I head to my local grocery outlet (Lakewood location) at least weekly to check out the deals as they change so frequently! I love the frozen food section and I can often find great deals on yogurts which I can freeze and use for smoothies!

  14. I like being able to get the food that is healthy(and I admit sometimes not) for me and my family. Its always a unique experience!!

  15. Just did a super trifecta, liked GO on Fb, Liked you on FB, did a little Tweet shoutout and just fb shared with all my friends!!!

  16. I love to purchase gluten free prodcuts and turkey meat alternatives at Grocery Outlet! They always have the best prices and I make sure to go there first! :)

  17. I LIKE Grocery Outlet on Facebook along with my local Sequim Store! YAY!

  18. I buy cereal, Greek yogurt, granola bars (Fiber One Strawberry & Oat .79/ 6 ct box today!), and love the to browse the natural & organic offerings.

  19. I love that I can get local, Willamette Valley, eggs at my grocery outlet and at an amazing price!

  20. I have yet to go. The Bonney lake is our nearest location too but it is still a bit of a drive. We are artificial dye free and starting to be nonGMO so I should make the trek and try them out.

  21. I LOVE to shop here! You never know what you may find. But you always know you will find a great deal! I almost always pick up coffee and cheese when I’m there. They also have store coupons that give you an even better bargain!

  22. I get email updates. Thepierogiemama at gmail or Bianca.tarleton at gmail – can’t remember which!

  23. I love buying treats here! Ice cream, candy, wine and yummy cheeses! I can get great prices for things I would never regularly buy at full price!

  24. I love buying organic foods at grocery outlet I get a great deal and I spread the word to my family and friends :) I like the grocery outlet Facebook page

  25. I love the produce deals in the new flyer. Grapes and watermelon for $2.99 is awesome.

  26. Grocery Outlet is my favorite place to buy snacks! Can’t beat the prices on granola bars, crackers, and cookies!!

  27. We really enjoy purchasing the kids’ snack food at GO. This post is a great reminder to go and check it out.

  28. One of the things I love to buy at GO, is the spices! They’ve usually got a great price on them…..but my most recent purchase that I am fond of is the HUGE avocados!!! YUM!!! I see a taco feast on hand…with their spice selection, it’ll taste good!

  29. It is always fun to see “what’s new” at Grocery Outlet! I love checking out their different variety of cheeses.

  30. We buy most of the kid’s healthy snack and hiking food at grocery outlet. They always have luna and clif bars:-).

  31. The first Tuesday of each month GO offers 10% off for senior’s 55 +. A great deal on their already low prices!

  32. I love buying my pet food there as well as lunch items for the kids and my significant other!

    I shared this!

    I am a subscriber!

  33. I love Grocery Outlet because they support local farms here in the NW! I am all for support local foods =)

  34. I love to buy my pet food , lunch items and gatorade there!

    I “liked” the Grocery Outlet page

    I am a subscriber to Thrifty Northwest Mom!!

  35. I bought a carpet at GO! I love it! It is pretty and it was inexpensive.

  36. I like hitting Grocery Outlet up for their killer deals on different vegan snacks!

  37. We had a location open up locally this year and it is the nicest GO I have been in (and I have been shopping them for many years, since college). Anyhow, I go at least once a month to check what new organic items and vegan friendly has popped up. If you know prices and check expiration dates, you can do well. Also, ours has had the cutest garden decorations this year!

  38. Love Grocery Outlet is one of my faves! It’s like going to a really great garage sale and finding tons of stuff!

  39. I would buy Farmer John Bacon and Sliced ham, Soy Milk, Cheese and yogurt.

  40. I love to shop for cheese at Grocery Outlet… always find great deals and plenty of varieties too. Also love getting a great deal on higher-end wines too.

  41. I like the grocery outlet facebook page and love finding all the great deals. I shared this via facebook

  42. we love searching for great ice cream prices at our local Grocery Outlet…and gourmet cheeses! plus snacks for the kids. we are always going there :]

  43. I love to buy makeup remover wipes and biore blackhead strips there! I also find good deals on Starbucks ice cream there :)

  44. I love to buy a really big box of fancy ice cream bars for the family for an amazing discount price!

  45. I love shopping for wine at the grocery outlet. It’s a fun expensive way to try out new wines

  46. I love shopping at grocery outlet, but my favorite thing to find is fancy cheese. The kenmore store has the best selection around.

  47. I love going into Grocery Outlet and trying out new things inexpensively. If I don’t like it, I’m not out of much cash, and if I DO like it, well, I better race back to the store ASAP, because when it’s gone, it’s gone (like my beloved Balsamic ketchup).

  48. I love getting discount juice at Grocery Outlet! I once got the 64 oz of OJ for 1.99 because it was expiring soon! So goooood!

  49. I live grocery outlet. I work all week and it’s a great place to find things for my lunch.

  50. I like to search the aisles at Grocery Outlet for good deals but love to buy basics like bread, milk, and cereals.

  51. Love the deals at grocery outlet. I’m a foster parent and it’s nice to be able to save money getting things I need.

  52. I haven’t shopped there in about 12 years but my husband has suggested that we go there again.

  53. I love the random things I can find at Grocery Outlet! In the front of the store :)

  54. I like to buy frozen foods and canned/boxed food. They have such great prices!!

  55. i love to buy organic/healthy snacks there thanks to this post! :) my receipt said i saved $43!!

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