Glidden Trim & Door Paint + $50 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

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I don’t know about you, but I have so many painting projects on my to-do list, but it seems like such a big chore with all the setup & cleanup involved in taping things down & making sure you have plastic sheets on the floors to contain the mess.  So, I am intrigued by a new product by Glidden – Glidden Trim & Door Paint, which is supposed to leave behind no drips or brush marks.

Glidden Trim & Door Paint is a unique paint in that it is a thick, gel consistency (similar to jelly), which makes the cleanup much easier & enables you to do fast touchups or work on smaller projects such as doors, wood trim, cabinets, banisters, & furniture with much more ease.  It provides a high-gloss, durable finish which would work for both indoor & outdoor projects.  You  will need to use either a China Bristle brush or a Nylon Polyester blend brush with this special paint (rollers are not recommended). You will also need Mineral Spirits to clean up your paintbrushes when you’re done. So, instead of an all-day venture to do touchups, this could be a fast project that you could even complete during naptime or in the evening hours! That’s my kind of project – something that’s doable for me to do in shorter segments of time with fast cleanup! I am so messy with paint, too, so I like the idea of non-dripping paint!

You can find out more details about this product & see how the Glidden Trim & Door Paint works by watching the short video on their website.  The paint is available at Home Depot stores.

Giveaway: $50 Home Depot Gift Card

Glidden is offering a $50 Home Depot gift card to 1 Thrifty NW Mom reader so you can try out this special new Glidden Trim & Door Paint  yourself & see how it works.

This giveaway will end on Thursday, October 27th at 9pm PST.

The winner will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plug-in and announced on the blog. I will also email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me. Otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

1st Entry (required entry): Tell us what paint projects you would use the Glidden Trim & Door Paint on.

Extra Entries: (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

2) Subscribe to the Thrifty NW Mom feed via a reader of your choice or email (must be verified) or become a Google follower

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway by Glidden. A $50 Home Depot gift card will be given to 1 winner randomly chosen. All opinions are 100% mine. See my disclosure statement for more details.


  1. I would love to use this to paint some accent squares on my wall. I’ve been wanting to do this for forever.

  2. Oh – perfect timing! We are putting in new doors upstairs, all of which need to be painted white! Thus, we would use it to paint the doors (and trim!)… So needed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I have liked Safeways fb page. I have also liked Home Depot on fb because I think that’s what you meant.

  4. My front door needs a little sprucing u before the holidays and I would love to try the new Gidden paint!

  5. We’re in a rental, so if we aren’t allowed to paint our trim / doors (would have to check with landlord) we would either use it for outdoor furniture (to avoid drips on the patio) or some bookshelves I’ve been wanting to paint (same reason – avoid drips / mess).

  6. I would definitely use this to touch up all the dirty finger print marks on my white does and trim!

  7. I would paint some shelves I have to paint as well as begin to change out our trim from wood finish to white painted finish.

  8. We have a house built in the 60’s…. with a TON of panelling and dark wood trim everywhere! I would first paint the trim and doors in the master bedroom! (and go out from there) And, I’m telling you, “normal” priming and then painting leaves not only paint brush marks, but roller textures as well. I would LOVE to try this stuff out!!!!!

  9. I am in the middle of such a make over on my home. Our new doors both front and back, and they need to be painted. The trim around our new windows needs to be painted……I’d use it on all that! :D

  10. I think I’d probably try using this paint to create some freehand designs on the walls of my son’s room – it sounds like it would be easy to use for any project where you want to avoid drips!

  11. I have a back patio full of chipped and peeling paint…support beams and trim all over…the only thing that would make this an appealing job is paint that makes the job easier!

  12. I’d like to paint the door to my extra bedroom which my grandkids sleep in.
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  13. I would use the trim and door paint to freshen up my main hallway. It has five doors and a cupboard – all trimmed. I hope this paint would make the job a little less painful!

  14. I would paint my window trim as I have been putting it off due to the hassle of set up and clean up. I would also paint my doors!

  15. I would use this paint on the trim around the rental we just moved in to, as the trim isn’t finished.

  16. I would use the Trim paint for, what else, trim! Moving in to a new house with wood trim, and it could use a fresh coat of WHITE!

  17. What project wouldn’t I use Glidden paint on? :) Right now, I need to paint the trim in one of the guest rooms.

  18. Painted my front and back doors last year , but the paint scraps off easliy. Would love to compare to this new paint.

  19. This is easy! I’d use my card to get pain for the interior doors in my house. They are an ugly, ugly brown and I’d love to clean them up.

  20. I would use it for my front door!! It really needs a touch up! I’d use the gift card for weather stripping for my front door, it’s getting cold outside!!!

  21. I would use it to finish the ceiling and walls in my kitchen that we remodeled 7 years ago. We got it complete to “usable” and then never finished for all of the reasons you mentioned. I’ve always got dinner or laundry or homework going and don’t feel like getting out the mess to paint just the ceiling and trim. Boy does it need it. Lol it has been long enough that the whole room could use a new coat, now that I think about it.


  22. I would love to complete the room my 2yr old currently uses because it will be shared between her and her new baby sister who is due in January.

  23. I need to fix the trim in my daughter’s room. We dripped paint all over it when we moved in and have never fixed it!

  24. Oh my, you read my mind! We just bought a house and the previous owners did an AWFUL job of painting every wood surface in the house. So this would be a great product to try on ALL of our doors, kitchen cabinets, baseboards and moldings. We’ve got a lot!
    Thank you!

  25. I like you thru facebook – I have gotten Glidden paint free – from your site- and love the texture and coverage of the paint – this new door and trim paint looks great – and I have many projects that i would love to use it on – my front door – shutters and plant holders -thats just on the outside!

  26. I need to paint all the trim in my 60 year old house. Plus we have two hideous doors that are in need of a refresher.

  27. I have many paint projects that I would love to try this paint on. I would probably start with the bathroom, but also need to do an office, dining room, and a few bedrooms…I really could use free paint to do the doors! :-)

  28. I would LOVE this. We would use this to paint our 2 year old’s new room. He’s going to be moving into a different room here pretty soon since we just had a baby back in June of this year and the baby will be taking our 2 year old’s room. We would love to make our 2 year old have a happy and wonderful transition into his new soon-to-be room.

  29. I could really, truly use this. We’re remodeling a room that was rotting out, so now it’s all new wood! yay! Unpainted wood. All of it. I would paint the trim on the outside of the house, I would paint the trim in the new room, and I would paint the trim in my bedroom below it, because when my husband fell through the ceiling, the trim came down and now it all needs new paint. And since this is on a cash-when-we-have-it budget, this would make the paint go up a whole lot sooner. :)

  30. I would use it to repaint all of the doors in our house. We just had all our interior walls repainted, but didn’t get to the doors.

  31. I’m 4 months pregnant so there are a ton of baby room, nesting projects I want to accomplish. I need to paint the nursery, the play table I got at a garage sale, and a glider my aunt gave me…that’s just the beginning!

  32. What doesn’t need paint :) Would start with the hallway that my kids run their hands along!

  33. Never thought I’d be thrilled to see PAINT as a giveaway, but this thrilled me to my core! My husband and I recently moved into a new/old house and it needs paint in almost every room, around every door and closet, so this would be awesome to try! I think we’ll go buy some even if we don’t win :)

  34. When I bought my house none of the doors had been painted… Two years later and they still aren’t. :-)

  35. we just finised a hard wood install, would LOVE some Glidden Trim & Door paint to touch up the trim that needs to go back on our walls!

  36. Oh, boy, could I use this! A year and a half ago my brother did a lot of work for us, laying new flooring, hanging new doors and trim. We were supposed to fill and paint the doors and trim but still haven’t done it! Winning would certainly inspire me to get it done :)

  37. I have a picnic table, some chairs I built, and I am about to build some shelves for my son’s room; thats what I would paint with my free paint. 8)

  38. I have lots of painting projects around the house, so it’s hard to choose just one… but I’d start with the baseboard trim and trim around the doors of the bedrooms. Thanks!

  39. We are planning on replacing all of the baseboards in our home. I would LOVE to try this new product because we have quite a job ahead of us. This product sounds like it would shorten the time for us!!

  40. We left our master bedroom for last to paint about 2 years ago….still haven’t gotten to it. This would jump start me to finally get it done!!!

  41. I would like to try my doors I usually only get to do inside closets because of the runs I leave behind

  42. I would paint our front door! We got a new metal door with nice stained glass along the top but haven’t painted it – it is still primer white!

  43. We just finished building our house and we still need to finish painting the trim in the master bedroom!

  44. I would use it for our front door, it has not been painted since we move into the house
    (about 10 years ago) so it’s time , besides we get a lot of rain.

  45. I would use this paint on my parent’s doors. They are currently repainting all their walls and their doors also need some updating!

  46. thank you for a great giveaway. I have gone on facebook and “liked” What I need to paint is my office and we put in 4 new doors ,trim in our home. the doors, trim will need painted also. Thank you and please enter me in your giveaway. I am one of your followers by e-mail and facebook.

  47. I would use the Glidden Trim & Door Paint on my front door and the door trims in my hallway

  48. I would love to try this product as we are getting ready to repaint the entire interior of our house!

  49. Our master trim has taken a beating with recent reno projects. In fact, all of our trim could use a fresh coat!!

  50. I want to paint a big train mural in our playroom incorporating a white board, felt board, and magnetic chalk board… so far I have the boards up and I’d use this paint to create the train around them!

  51. I would used them on all of my doors. They ALL seriously need a makeover. Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  52. I would finish some outdoor trim for the mom-in-law remodel we recently had done but ran out of funds.

  53. I’m creating a reading nook for my sons, and I have a bookcase that I would love to paint in some bright, cheery colors.

  54. My baseboards are scuffed and need a touch up, but I am a very messy painter. This paint sounds great.

  55. We bought a new house a year ago this month. It was perfect! …Except for the paint job. The paint is super thin and our bright white door, is not so bright anymore! With my hubby working as a mechanic, you can imagine – it’s in dire need of a paint job! (Liked the Glidden FB Page!)

  56. I need to finish my base boards and doors that have taken a beating from three boys and a husband.

  57. we decorated my daughters room when she was 3(4 years ago november) with pink purple and green. now we want to decorate the same room but for our 3year son instead….and my front door could use a new coat as well

  58. I would use it to repaint the trim and doors of our kids rooms. Boy, are they tough on their walls.

  59. i would paint the trim around my front door. it was egged before i moved in and it ruined the paint job.

  60. We painted our nursery and living room with accent walls.. so I would like to paint the dinning room and our bed room! I liked the Glidden FB page.

  61. If they have outdoor paint, I would paint the unfinished trip on our new windows, if it is only for inside, my kitchen really needs a fresh coat!

  62. I’ve been wanting to repaint our front door for a couple of years now and really want to try this out :-)

  63. I would use Glidden Trim & Door Paint to finish up the unpainted trim in my living room and hallway…perhaps the bathroom as well!

  64. I would paint all the trim and doors throughout my house, they all need a new coat of paint!

  65. A while ago I did some touch up on the walls of my daughter’s bedroom. Unfortunately, I used the wrong touch up paint. I keep saying that I will repaint in there but it has been over a year. If I won I would finally finish that project!

  66. I would use it for the trim in our house – the doors and windows need it badly. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom, our most recently painted rooms.

  67. I have white panel doors and loads of white painted trim that all needs to be repainted in my home. This product sounds amazing if it works like Glidden is advertising!

  68. I have used this product already to paint my front door and loved it. It did what it says it does….no brush marks. I would love to paint my back door and the trim if I won. I definitely recommend this product.

  69. We just painted my kids room and the trim looks super bad….needs new paint. :-)

  70. I have been a subscriber for a long time. I would love to paint a dresser for our new grand daughter, due in March.

  71. We are building a 40×60 shop that will have a coupon room for my stockpile! I will have LOTS to paint, but am thinking that and the fitness room will be the first! :)

  72. I have a desk in my garage that is waiting to be painted so I have a place to store coupons and all my sewing supplies!

  73. I would love to repaint the trim around my front door. Nothing says “new look” more than the front of your home looking clean, fresh and inviting! :)

  74. I would use it to paint all the marker and crayon drawings on my daughters wall. Her room needs a facelift.

  75. Hmmm…where could I start? The bathroom needs a fresh coat of paint, so does the bedroom, would LOVE to choose a new color for the living room. How about the whole house? = )

  76. I would paint all the doors in my house. They really need a cleaning and new paint job. We will be renting out home soon as we are PSCing to NC in January and it’ll be nice to have it cleaned up a bit before the renters arrive.

  77. My bedroom is the last holdout for fresh paint so this would be great to win so I can finish the house!

  78. I would paint the new nursery. We have a baby on the way in a few months, and it would be great to have the nursery done before this one arrives!

  79. Glidden has the prettiest color display on Old San Juan houses. The best commercial in spanish too.

  80. I would LOVE to paint my kids bedroom! We moved into an apartment, and they allow us to PAINT! yay!

  81. I just “liked” the Glidden fb page. I would use the paint to redo my living/family room. It could use a good sprucing up :)

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