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Ross Dress for Less is one of my favorite stores to visit for seriously good deals! You’ll find so many name-brand & even designer products for a fraction of the price. Ross is definitely one of the first places I check when I am in need of a nice, quality gift but don’t want to spend a fortune.  I headed there today to check out some ideas for Mother’s Day (yes, I am still debating about what to get for Mother’s Day – gotta get that figured out this weekend so I can get it off in the mail next week). I love the variety of ideas you can find at Ross for the whole family.  And I definitely found some great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts to share with you all today.

Here are just a few of the fun gift ideas I found at Ross:

Name-brand & Designer Purses – Ross has a great selection of purses and the price can’t be beat! These were all under $35!

Ceramic Planters – These can be so pricey even in places such as Walmart & Target – I found the prices couldn’t be beat at Ross. The prices ranged from $6.99 – $11.99 for the sizes pictured above. Find some great deals on flowers at a plant sale & make your own planter for Mothers Day!

Reusable Drink Cups – This is actually something I asked for this Mother’s Day – I looove my reusable cups for drinking more water & they had some fun designs at Ross.  All of these cups were just $4.99!

Even better, fill it with some goodies like Starbucks Via, Starbucks gift card, Crystal Light packets, & more and it makes a great Teacher Appreciation Gift!

Giveaway –$50 Ross Gift Card

Ross is offering a $50 gift card to 1 lucky Thrifty NW Mom reader so you’ll have a chance to head to the store & see what fabulous deals you can find!

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  1. I love to shop for picture frames. I found a beautiful silver 5×7 clearenced to 1.99 at christmas.

  2. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross is fun accessories!! Purses, make-up bags, scarves, belts, jewelry!! I can get expensive looking stuff for CHEAP!!! I love that!!

  3. We always get my husband great clothes for work at Ross. Great store!

  4. I love shopping for baby items at ross! I found a 3 piece outfit with socks for only $0.49! whoohoo what a deal.

  5. I love to shop for my boys clothes at Ross – I can find the brand and styles that they like for a lot less!

  6. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross is clothes for the family!!

  7. I lI’ve shopping for cloths their. I’m on a tight budget and I can usually find good deals. I am in desperate need of summer cloths because I dropped a size!! Woo hoo!!! Thank You

  8. I love finding great dresses for special occasions! Sometimes for only $15-$20!

  9. My best deal was a Michael Korrs Hat for .89 on clearance at Ross

  10. I LOVE Ross. The Issaquah Ross is the best. They have great deals on shoes and kids clothes. I always go straight for the shoes!

  11. I love to buy gifts for others at Ross. Especially kitchen items and baby items.

  12. My favorite things (because I can only narrow it down to two, and that was difficult) to shop for at Ros Dress For Less are:
    #1. Being a full breasted lady, the bras! They carry several beautiful lines, I especially love the Delta Burke bras…sexy for less!!!
    #2. Being a plus size woman, the Women’s clothing! So many cute, fashionable clothes…not your grandma’s closet! Woo Hoo!
    I shop for so much more there, doggie clothes, linens, purses, all the things that make me uniquely me!

  13. My mom got me a dress at Ross when I was… probably 15 or so… and I just LOVED it. I outgrew it (as kids will) but to this day I always think that it was one of my favorites. LOL. Now I like shopping there but since the stock tends to be somewhat random I usually go to browse & end up finding some good deals :)

  14. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross are household goodies… Picture frames etc.

  15. I love the picture frames and shoes at Ross! I got a great deal on a pair of Skechers!

  16. We get all the kids clothes there. But shoes are the best deal for us!!! The Boys have to have their brand name shoes and Ross is the only way we can afford them.

  17. I love shopping for purses, cooking things, and for baby items. :) Such great great deals. Oh the things I could do with $50 there. :)

  18. I liked Thrifty NW Mom’s Facebook page. I’m Melissa belle there.

  19. I love finding shoes for my boys at Ross! And I love the kitchen section, too. :)

  20. I love Ross! It’s my go-to store for everything from shoes and bags for me, to kids clothes and home gifts. It’s such an awesome store!

  21. I like buying things like bedding and decorative housewares there–it is so much more reasonable than buying them elsewhere!

  22. I love shopping for home goods at Ross. Blankets, baskets, kitchen items…

  23. My favorite things to but at Ross are Shoes! Also formal dresses:)

  24. I like to shop for Home Decor at Ross. My best find was a 3 foot glass Pier One vase for $19.99!

  25. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross is clothes for the teenagers, they get what they want and I can still afford to feed them!
    My favorite all time find at Ross was a stove top espresso maker for $4.99.

  26. I love Ross- I have the best luck in the clearance section shopping for myself :)

  27. I love Ross. I love shopping there around Christmastime especily.

  28. I love shopping for everything @ Ross. Never know what treasure I will find.

  29. I shop for most of my clothes at Ross! As well as my childrens clothes and shoes :)

  30. I really got a great deal on a down queen size blanket. It was $50 and a friend gave me a $25 Ross gift card = $25 for a great blanket!

  31. I LOVED the pink bedazzled formal dress I found on sale on the clearance rack before Halloween. It was perfect for my pregnant barbie outfit. I won “best costume” at the party I went to!

  32. I LOVE Ross, for toys at Christmas time, workout clothes, shoes, sports bags, holiday decor, sweaters, and more.

  33. I love shopping for baby/kids shoes at Ross. Their prices are so much better, especially considering how briefly my daughter wears a single show size!

  34. I love shopping for maternity clothes and dresses at Ross because it’s affordable and adorable at the same time!

  35. I love to shop for kitchen stuff and toys. Ross has fantastic prices on all kinds of things I never knew that I needed :)

  36. I looovveee Ross. I especially like to browse through all of the decorations for your home.

  37. My daughter and I visited different parts of Europe when she graduated high school. Now, a junior in college, she is getting her own apartment. When we went to Ross, our favorite place to shop for clothing and just about everything else, we found a wall hanging with bold, bright colors, of all the cities that we visited on our special graduation trip. She bought it of course. I love Ross! So does my daughter.

  38. I “like” the Thrifty NW Mom Facebook page and I like that you are a fan of Ross, too!

  39. I “like” the Ross Dress for Less Facebook page. Excited about the new Ross going in right up the street! Thanks Ross!

  40. Shopping for Christmas gifts (all year long) is my favorite stuff to by at Ross!

  41. The coolest thing I’ve found was my ottoman/coffee table. Several hundred at other places and only 150 at Ross. Woot Woot!
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  42. I like Ross’ facebook page under Jl Johnson
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  43. I like thrifty nw mom facebook page under Jl Johnson
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  44. I love ROSS!! The best deal I have found at Ross was on a dress I wore to a wedding…it was really nice, for $8.99! I have also found some wonderful big wall art for less then $20.00!

  45. We just had a Ross open close to us, but I haven’t shopped there yet. I heard they have great deals on kids clothes!

  46. I buy my dresses at Ross. They fit great and you can’t beat their prices!!

  47. My latest find at Ross was two adorable rugs for my kitchen. I love snooping around the housewares section of the store.

  48. I have a hard time leaving that store without spending at least $40! I love to get clothes and purses there because they are such a great deal : )

  49. …and I like the Ross FB page as well! Thanks for all these fun entries!!

  50. I love going in and seeing a bunch of different clothing styles. I like having my options open and having to hunt for a good bargin. I once found a ton of cute shirts.. had no idea until after I bought them, that they were maternity shirts. i wear them all the time and no one has ever noticed!!

  51. I love shopping at Ross for many items, but mostly for my boys clothes. Picked up 2 pair of levi for 20 bucks. Love it!

  52. I liked the thrifty NW mom facebook page, I love that it keeps me up to date on all the deals! Saves me lits of money :)
    I liked the Ross Dress For Less Facebook page <3

  53. A month or so ago I went to Ross and found items to completely update my bathroom (shower curtain, rug, bath and hand towel) all for less than $20! A new one has opened up near me and I love going there. Always something new!!

  54. Ross is the best place to find wedding shower gifts! Tons of fun kitchen and household items!

  55. I love shopping for clothes for my 8 year old son at Ross! I’ve found great deals on Levi’s jeans there.

  56. Shoes! I love their shoe selection! My heart flutters when I find a pair of converse for under $15!!

  57. I love shopping Ross for fun decorative items for the house, shoes for the kids, and dresses for myself.

  58. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross is clothing. Love, love going thru their cute summer dresses and tops:) I’ve scored some jeans for cheap!

  59. The best thing I have found at Ross are dresses for dances at school for my daughters.
    I like Thrifty NW mom facebook page.
    I like the Ross Dress for less facebook page.

  60. Ross is our favorite family store. As a mom of 4 teenage boys all in sports, Ross has been very helpful to us when it comes to buying shoes. We have found baseball, football, wrestling, and basketball shoes at great prices. Thank you Ross.

  61. i love shopping at ross! it is like a treasure hunt, you’ll always find something great!

  62. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross is shoes! I always find awesome deals on shoes for the whole family there :)

  63. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross is clothes for my kids! And they are growing like weeds so this gift card would come in handy right now!

  64. I have an addiction to Ross!!! The most recent ‘great discovery’ is a re-decorated guest room for under $100.00!! From bedding to decorations to pictures-shopping at Ross helped me maintain a really tight budget–and I was able to get everything on my list!

  65. Of course, I “like” Thrifty NW Mom’s facebook page (sort of a crazy stalker!)

  66. Money is always tight and at Ross I can get my boys the brands they like (that make them look cool) without spending the department store prices. I feel like a great bargain hunter everytime I leave. My favorite is the shoes…can’t beat those prices for namebrand better quality footwear.

  67. I like ross. I get the dogs toys there thay are cheap and fun. Also shoes for kids! And I love this site !

  68. I also love ross last week found really cute shorts sets for my boys for 6.99 love them also found short sleeve shirts for me for 5.99. Love Ross dress for less

  69. i love to shop for clothes for myself at ross….! :) and the best deal i’ve gotten there recently was cleats for my daughter. nike cleats clearanced marked down to $9.90….awesome deal!

  70. I’ve found designer label jeans for only $20! Awesome deals at ROSS. Thanks! :)

  71. I love to shop at Ross. I found such good deals on all the dress clothes I wore on my last cruise there:)

  72. I had the best find at Ross this year! I ended up finding a beautiful 5 foot canvas with a copy of authenticity. And to top it all off, it only cost $25! I love Ross!

  73. I don’t think there isn’t anything I don’t love to shop for at Ross! I love getting clothes for my whole family and being able to find cute stuff for my house!!

  74. When I was in high school, I got a semi formal sun dress for $10. I’ve found several good deals there over the years.

  75. I found a Dress Form for $39.99!!! It wouldn’t fit in my car and I am kicking myself every day for not strapping it to the top!!!

  76. I love shopping for Maternity clothes there. A pair of pants for $10. Can’t pass that up!

  77. My favorite thing to buy at Ross is housewares. I also found a really cute swimsuit there last year!

  78. i just went to ross this morning and love it!! they have great affordable clothes for kids!

  79. I love shopping purses! My favorite to come from Ross is a giant Ed Hardy bag!

  80. My favorite thing to buy at Ross is semi-formal dresses. I’ve gotten several of them for different Navy functions and i’e never spent over $30.00.

  81. my favorite thing to shop for at Ross Dress for Less is home decor items, especially candles and cute wall hangings with sayings on them. My favorite home decor item from Ross Dress for Less is a small cabinet I bought for my bathroom – it’s black and has three wicker basket “drawers.” So cute and it looks fab in the bathroom!

  82. I LOVE ROSS! From household to clothing and everything in between….Ross has the best prices! Unbeatable and always the first place I look for whatever my need…or want :-) is! <3

  83. I once got a brand name wool men’s sweater from Ross for $5.95. I gave it to my brother for Christmas and it’s still his favorite sweater!

  84. I LOVE Ross for the best deals around!! They have great deals on clothes, kitchen gadgets and baking goods also beautiful glassware!! Love everything here!! Oh, and also the shoes, hair products I guess everything!!! LOL

  85. I LOVE to shop for fancy kitchen do-dahs. Extra dishes (cheap), glass handdled serving dishes, etc.

  86. I like to shop for clothes at Ross, and the best deal I got was a child’s shirt for a Christmas donation gift at the school I work at for $1 about 8 years ago.

  87. I LIKE Thrifty NW Mom on FB :) Best deal at Ross – household items and shoes

  88. Clothes are my favorite, for sure. My favorite Ross find was an adorable sun dress for $4.99!

  89. My favorite Ross find is an elastic waisted, a-line skirt that I found in the junior’s section. It’s crazy, colorful and very bohemian. I had to have it. Unfortunately, I am no where NEAR a junior’s size. So I bought it and use it as a table cloth. I simply put a charger and flower arrangement over the hole! :)

  90. my favorite find was a pair of basic black shoes, that were on clearance for $8!! I think the regular price was around $100!

  91. I got my bedroom curtains at Ross for $10. They are long and wide and went perfectly with our color scheme!

  92. I love to shop for kids shoes at Ross! You can get name brands for so cheap!

  93. My favorite thing to shop for at Ross is anything house related. Dishes, pictures, mirrors, bedding, bath. All of it!

  94. I love shopping for gifts for family and friends at Ross! I can stretch my $ since I am able to buy such awesome things!

  95. I love to shop Ross, especially for household stuff! Finding bakeware & cookware are always on the top of my list!!

  96. Ross is a great source for fun t-shirts for my husband – love the prices!

  97. I love shopping for home decor items and other kitchen gadgets at Ross. I also love their selection of gift wrap etc.!

  98. I like to buy dresses at Ross, they have a cute selection and are usually on 10-20 dollars!!

  99. My favorite things to shop for at Ross are clothing and gift ideas and my favorite deal was a cute springy blouse just in time for spring!

  100. I love to shop for dresses and skirts. My best find was a very nice three-piece woman’s suit. I scored a job after interviewing in that outfit!

  101. I love to shop for kids clothes at Ross! The best deals are at Ross, they help you keep up with those growth spurts!!

  102. Ross has the most amazing Housewares, I have found many of my treasured nick knacks , and great sheets, towels and duvets!

  103. Absolutely love Ross!! My favorite thing to shop there for is can get high thread counts for a really great price. Best finds: When my girls were in high school, we always found great dresses for homecomings and other functions.

  104. I absolutely love ROSS. I love to shop for clothing, shoes, accesories and home decor. There is nothing you can’t find at Ross. They even have excellent cooking products available. One of the best stores in Florida.

  105. There is nothing I DON’T like to shop for at Ross. I like every department!

  106. I love shopping a Ross for cute things to decorate and organize my kiddos room

  107. I love school clothes shopping at Ross. Get way more stuff than other stores.

  108. Everything at Ross is great, but I’m a sucker for their shoes… I could (have) spend hours just in the shoe dept!

  109. I like this post on Thrifty Nothwest Mom…. I have shopped at ross since I was a kid!!!! Remember my mom always taking me there,, and I am 36!

  110. I have a knickknack on my shelf for like 20 years, $4.99, it’s still awesome.

  111. I love looking at their scrapbook section. I have found some good deals there.

  112. love to shop for deals on sportswear. best place for soccer socks, soccer shorts and gym outfits! I still get excited to find $15 soccer socks for .99 cents!

  113. I love shopping Ross for shoes and pretty much everything. I’m wearing a cute summer dress that I scored for under $10 last week!

  114. I found the dress I am wearing to my bridal shower there! I love Ross!

  115. I like buying bedding from Ross. Favorite find was Paul Frank monkey sneakers… For me :)

  116. I always head straight to the craft area and home decor sections of the store. I’ve scored so many great deals on awesome random stuff :)

  117. My most favorite thing to shop for at Ross Is clothes! When your a single mom of three abd shopping on a budget It doesnt get better than Ross! :)

  118. My favorite all time purchase was an adidas track jacket…$13.. I have worn it out! I also love shopping for home decor there.