Free Fruit for Kids from Grocery Stores – Fred Meyer, QFC & more Stores!

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Free Fruit for Kids at Fred Meyer and QFC

Free Fruit for Kids from Grocery Stores – Fred Meyer and QFC

As long as I can remember, most grocery stores have offered a free cookie for kids from the bakery. My kids love this, as I’m sure many of your kids do, too. However, it’s not something you always want them to have if you’re shopping right before a meal or are wanting to limit the amount of sugar your kids have in their day or if your kids have food allergies and can’t have that option.

So, moms and dads are going to love this new option – several grocery stores are now offering FREE fruit for kids as they shop with their parents. Both QFC and Fred Meyer now have fruit stands in their stores where they encourage kids to pick up a piece of fruit for a healthy snack to eat while their parents shop!  Fred Meyer just announced it on their Facebook page, so I would think it’s now available in most of the stores, too.

You may find apples, clementine oranges, and bananas at your store. I love that it’s not just one kind of fruit, but they are offering several options since we all know that kids are all different & can be picky so they have several options to choose from.  Love seeing companies work towards offering more and more healthy choices for kids & families!

Sia spotted the fruit snack stand at her local QFC last week and my friend Beth spotted the healthy fruit snack stand at our local Puyallup Fred Meyer this weekend.  Let us know if you find that your store has these healthy snack stands set up, too!  Or if you found any other grocery stores offering this as well! We’d love to know all the locations offering these healthy snacks!

Update – thanks to our awesome readers for sharing more NW locations offering FREE fruit for kids while you shop::

  • Select Safeway Stores –  will offer a banana for kids as they shop – this may be in the form of a special card they give you for a free banana when you shop for your child or $1.50 off a bunch of bananas (I’m going to check with my local store to see if they do this, so make sure to check with your store too)
  • PCC Natural Market – the Issaquah location also lets kids pick any fruit to eat while parents shop
  • Metro Market – in Tacoma
  • Select Whole Foods stores

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