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I don’t know about you, but I love using the Crockpot. I am not a cook at all – in fact, I really dislike cooking – which is why I love using a Crockpot because it takes out the struggle of trying to figure out what to cook at 4 o clock in the afternoon. The evenings tend to be the fussiest times for my 2 young kiddos as well, so it’s nice to know that dinner is already taken care of and I can focus on keeping things calm in our house during that time! I especially love the crockpot recipes which require very little prep!! I actually have a recipe like that which I will share this afternoon, when I’m back after my bible study this morning.

I’ve had several requests to create a link-up for people to share their own recipes, too – so here’s your chance!! I’ll post a blog link-up this afternoon for anyone who has a blog and would like to share your recipe with the rest of us!! It can be any type of recipe – crockpot, dinner, dessert, side dish, whatever you’d like! I’ll be sharing one of my favorite, super easy crockpot meals! If you don’t have a blog, we’d still love to hear your recipes, so you can just comment with your favorite recipe!
So, make sure to look for that this afternoon!!! Just wanted to give you a few hours heads up so you could be thinking of your favorite recipe to share!!
In the meantime, you can go HERE to download an e-cookbook full of 33 Crockpot recipes you can try!! I can’t wait to download this and check these out and hopefully find some new recipes to add to our recipe notebook!

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  1. I LOVE my crockpot! I do like cooking, but there's something a little magical about the crockpot. You do a little bit of prep and dinner is ready at the right time- amazing!

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