Disney Cruise Lines Will Now Sail From the West Coast!!!

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Photo Credit – Get Away Today

If you are from the PNW and have been wanting to take a Disney Cruise you will be very excited about this news. Disney Cruise Lines will now be setting sale from the West Coast! They will be setting sale out of California now. Not only will this likely save many that live in the NW money on airfare, but also tons of time flying etc. We did a cruise long ago out of Fl. and because of the long flight time we had to fly in the day before and get a hotel and stay an extra night after to accommodate flight schedules, so I imagine that this will be much cheaper and more convenient if you live in this part of the country!

Sales for these cruises just opened today, and our contacts in the industry are telling us that the cruises are already going so fast! The two night cruises start at $1,460 for a family of four, the three nights start at $1,694 for a family of four, and the 5 nights start at $2,325 for a family of four.

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Photo Credit – Get Away Today

Get Away Today offers some of the best Disneyland discounts as far as travel sites go. Plus TNWM readers can save an extra $10 off with promo code ThriftyNW14  Another benefit for Get Away Today is that you can use their layaway program and make payments on your vacation to spread the cost out over time.

Right now to celebrate the Disney Cruises launching out of California, Get Away Today is offering you a 50% reduced deposit, and final payment isn’t due until 75 days before your cruise! It’s the most affordable way to book your Disney Cruise (*Remaining deposit due at time of final payment, so its really just an opportunity to book for less down)

PLUS you can get a FREE Disney Cruise Planning DVD. My kids love to watch these to get excited, and I find that they are very helpful when planning our trips (plus they are free, and can be a keepsake for your trip too)!

You can find all of our Disney Deals here, including Secrets and Tips for Visiting Disneyland, Saving on Hotels at Disneyland, Save on food cost, Save on Tickets and more!


  1. Hello! I am looking into one of the disney cruises I live in Folsom, CA which is near Sacramento about 1 1/2 hour from San Francisco. I have 2 and 3 year old daughters and I am conflicted between a Disney cruise or Disneyland. I am trying to figure out which is more affordable. ANy suggestions, I would really appreciate it.



    1. Hi Marcelina –

      I have not had the chance to take the cruise yet (so if someone else has done both please jump in with your thoughts!), but I have friends who have. I think that although they both have that *Disney Magic* they are two very different vacations. So, it would really depend on whether your family prefers the cruise vacation vs Theme Park getaway. There are some good threads on the internet about Disney World vs Disney Cruise (since the California cruises are brand new). Just google *Disney Cruise vs Disney Park* to find those. You may also want to consult a travel agent that books both vacations (like the Get Away Today folks) to ask specific questions. I started taking my kids to Disneyland between the 3-4 year old range, it was a great age for us to start!

      Also, Disneyworld offers a combo trip (couple day cruise and a couple days at the park) – so it might be worth checking to see if the West Coast Cruises might be offering a similar option!

      If you do want to go to Disneyland, we have a whole slew of tips on how to save on a Disneyland vacation here to help you save more!


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