Dickies Clearance Sale – Good Deals on Outerwear, Work Wear & More

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We love the Dickies brand clothing line in my family, both for work and play. I have been buying their clothes for years for my boys, but have not tried to many of their pieces for me and my girls. This winter we all got some outerwear from Dickies.
Specifically, Dickies  is one of my favorite lines to shop for work wear for my husband. The reason is that they have some great prices for the quality of clothing they offer. Especially if you shop their sales. I used to buy most of the items in stores locally (Walmart, Fred Meyer, etc.). Then I discovered their clearance line online, and love that spot to shop for Dickies too! Right now Dickies is offering clearance sales on many of their winter items.
My favorite deal right now is for this Performance Sanded Duck Hooded Jacket. It is marked down to $62.99 (reg. $104). After buying work coats for my husband for a number of years now (he works in construction), we find this price to be a great value. He has this coat, and it has endured well. He likes it for the comfort, and I think he looks great in it (Ok, I know – I am a bit biased, but I am suppose to be, right :)).
Here is a quote from my husband on the coat “I love the fit, it falls longer on me, and I like the extra room to move in”.  He also loves the Dickies pants that we got to go with the coat (same color).
Both my husband and son wear the Dickies shorts all summer too. They also have many pieces that work for school uniforms, if your kids attend a school that requires uniforms. Now is a great time to grab the uniform pants or shorts in their clearance section. Prices start at $8.49, and the wear well and wash up great in my opinion. Very low maintenance, which works well for me!
Disclosure: Dickies provides the clothing for my family to review, and share our experience with you. All opinions are 100% mine. See our disclosure policy  for more details.

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