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  1. Does anyone have tips on how to get the coupon printers to print in draft & black & white? I have all my printer and IE8 options set correctly, but the coupons still print in color and use WAY too much ink! Target’s & Red Plum’s specifically. Any suggestions?

  2. @Cheryl, As far as I know, you cannot change the settings. They use the best settings to ensure that the bar codes are legible for the scanners.

  3. Cheryl-You can go into your printer settings before you try to print coupons and select “black cartridge only.” I did this about a year ago, so all my coupons print in black and white and the stores still accept them without a problem.

  4. I just sent a request at 10:30pm PST and got in just fine??? Maybe it is per time zone? or so many per region.

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