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Favado Grocery Shopping App

We are really excited about the launch of the new Favado Grocery Shopping App which is now available for iOS and Android devices! Favado is a FREE mobile savings app that will help you save even more money on your grocery bills! You will be able to check the best store deals at all of the stores in your area, make your shopping lists, see coupon match ups, and much more. And you will be able to do all of this in the parking lot of the grocery store, or while at soccer practice for your kids, or any other place its most convenient for you!

Favado Grocery Shopping App List

Thrifty NW Mom is part of a team of bloggers who are working together to select all of the sales and coupons for each store to show you the best deals of the week, plus a full list of any of the sales advertised that week at that store. By using Favado on your mobile device to easily search your store’s deals, you can save up to 50 – 70% on your groceries! You can read more about the Favado app here.

1) Enter your information at to create an account.

2) Next head to the Android or iTunes store to download the app

3) Use the login information you used for Favado to sign in to your new account on the app

Visa Gift Card

Giveaway – $50 Gift Card To Grocery Shop With 

We will provide a $50 gift card (in the form of a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard) for you to hit up your favorite grocery store and try the Favado App out!

This giveaway will end on 10/14  at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Once you have signed up for the app, try it out and let us know what your favorite or least favorite thing about the Favado App is in a comment below (you can sign up at if you have not yet).

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

2) Subscribe to the Thrifty NW Mom email (must be verified)

3) Share this post on Facebook to let your friends know about the new Favado app.  Comment below to let us know you shared!


  1. I guess what I don’t like about it is that it’s such a heavy app! Took up all my extra space!

  2. Shared the first day you posted about this, I’m so excited! I love that it lets me select the best deals and email them all to myself for easy printing. The layout of the email is perfect, so easy to get all the information I need in an simple format – so important when dealing with a million coupons and two crazy kids! ; )
    The whole shebang is amazing, really! It’s got me excited about couponing again!

  3. I love how you can check just one store’s deals, or compare prices at different ones. I also like being able to click on an item and it tells you if it requires coupons or not.

  4. I downloaded the all and I love how it has all the coupon match ups sorted by category and it’s all in one location. Makes it so much easier to save!

  5. Love this App all the stores best deals in one click and all the stores are in a 1 mile radius. Saves me time, Money, and gas !!

  6. Great app! When i first signed up,.i didn’t see Safeway on the list, but yesterday I checked again & it’s there!
    My favorite thing about the app so far is that requests are handled fast…like ‘please add Safeway’. :)

  7. I like the app, but wish you could add all your grocery list to it, not just what’s available on the app. Will use it for deals, thanks!

  8. My favorite thing is that you get notified when new sale prices for your favorite items are added to the weekly sales lists for your stores.

  9. Looks pretty great! I requested QFC. Hopefully that will be added soon and then it’ll do my cross comparison between Safeway and qfc for me!

  10. I signed up. Hoping to see a natural, organic, gluten-free section which would direct me to stores and coupons. I really like this idea :)

  11. I downloaded the app. I like that it pairs up the coupon deals and prints them so I have the deal written down in the store.

  12. I think what I like most about this app is that you can email yourself the matchups you want to get!

  13. Subscribed to emails. Downloaded the app today and already compare shopping before I head out for the day. Thanks!

  14. Wish there was a Winco option, and also someday the ability to add coupons directly to store cards from within Favado. I hate going back and forth…..Otherwise loved the ability to compare prices!

  15. I downloaded the app. I like that I can compare multiple stores or just pick one store that I might be going to that day. I am a little bummed as well that Safeway and Winco are not offered.

  16. I really like this app. I will be using it this week. Love how you can add to the shopping list. Very cool! Thank you!

  17. I love being able to compare prices at stores around me before I go shopping but wish that they had winco as one of the stores.

  18. I like this app. Dislikes : only this week sales. I checked it out today, but sale items expire tonight

  19. Favado seems like a very organized app- I enjoy you can select which products you prefer to save on rather than seeing all the deals that may not pertain to your households needs!

  20. I like that I can create my grocery list and also I can compare prices from each store closest to me.

  21. I have signed up and downloaded the app. I think the app is really cool. Only thing I don’t like is the limited selection of products.

  22. Inlike that I can see the deals atnall my stores at once. And that I was ale to select only the stores I want to go to. I sure there are good deals at other stores, but going to seven stores every week is overwhelming.

  23. Love being able to compare prices before shopping and make my list for each store from home, save money, and save large amounts of time getting shopping done!!

  24. I like that is easy to compare different stores and that it shows coupon matchups for all the sale items.

  25. I like that Favado shows if there is a coupon available for a sale item and that you can look at the sales for more than one store at a time.

  26. I used Favodo the other day & love the coupon doubler feature. It saved me about $23 on my $200 grocery bill last week!

  27. I’m kinda bugged that Safeway is “on” there but I can’t for anything bring it up as a choice. Otherwise very cool app.

  28. Finding great deals at my local stores without having to worry about grabbing an add and my favorite items saved for me. Love it!

  29. Love it. I don’t mind going to multiple stores to get the best deals. This allows me to see who has what on sale and see who has what cheaper.

  30. Least favorite part- no Safeway on my list!!! 97321 zip code. Best- all the stores on one app.

  31. This app will help with my new budgeting skills. Its a little confusing at first but as I use it more then I will get the hang of it. I think its confusing because my phone doesnt move fast enough:)

  32. Got sweet info on what to buy at which store for a couple of items I use all the time.

  33. I love how you can just compare deals among different stores! I have a toddler and am expecting another this December, so for me it’s quite hard to get out of the house and check out deals in stores, so I end up going to the store closest to home without looking at deals. Now I have a way to know where to go, without actually having to run around trying to find them!! Thank you so much for this app! :)

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