Baby Legs: 75% off Select Baby Legs – Leg Warmers just $3 shipped!

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The Baby Legs Halloween sale has gotten even better – they are now offering 75% off the “Costume” Baby Legs when you spend $75 or more.  So, you could get 7 pairs of Baby Legs priced at $12 for $84.  Then use the coupon code: SPOOK75 for 75% off your total.  Your total will drop to $21 for all 7 pairs, which is just $3/pair.  An amazing price for Baby Legs!

Just remember that this sale is only on select Baby Legs – you need to click on “Costume” Baby Legs to see the ones included (your coupon code will not work if all of the Baby Legs are not from the Costume section). But there are a number of them which could be used at any time of year, not just for costumes/Halloween!

These are not just for babies either – I think they are a perfect compliment for kids of any age in our Pacific Northwest Weather, especially in the fall & spring – when you’re never sure if you need a sweater or just short-sleeves. Great layering option as arm warmers with a short-sleeve shirt or under a skirt.

Here’s how to take advantage of this sale:

  • Head over to Baby Legs.com
  • Click on “Shop Halloween”
  • Select your pairs of Leg Warmers to get up to $75 worth & go to checkout (7 pairs at $12 will be $84 – 75% off = $21 +tax)
  • Use the code: SPOOK75 at checkout & you will get 75% off your order. You’ll also get FREE Shipping.

*FYI: Just reading the Baby Legs Facebook page, it sounds like the girls leopard print may not be working with this sale, even though they show that they are included. So, if you have trouble with the code, that may be the reason.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures!


  1. It worked for me! I did have to remove those pink leopard ones and choose a different pair, and then the coupon code went through! Such a great deal!!!

  2. Yeah, still having some major issues with the site, but if you keep resfreshing/going back, etc., it will work. Just a big pain. But hey, too good a deal to pass up! (I just wish I could remember what I already have in my cart, because it won’t show me!!)

  3. Got them! Thanks so much for the heads-up on this (and glad I waited! lol) I didn’t see the pink leopard leggings on the Halloween section, so maybe they’ve fixed it since they weren’t part of the deal? I clicked on the homepage “Shop Halloween” and it gave me the exact list of what was allowed, they worked great!

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