Amora FREE Coffee Set (Pay Shipping & Handling)

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Amora Gift Set

Here is another fun coffee offer. Get a FREE  Coffee Gift Set from Amora (you will have to pay shipping). The gift set comes with two 8-ounce bags of Amora Coffee, a silver-plated scoop, and stainless steel canister. Shipping will cost you $8.95 for priority 2-day shipping.  Not a bad price for all of that.

Here is how this deal works:

  • Head to Amora and select the two free bags of coffee that you want.
  • Add in your shipping information.
  • Select whether you want the bonus offer of 40 filters (this will cost you an extra $2.25 if you select this).
  • Add your payment info and confirm your order.
  • You will be charged $8.95 for everything (add an extra $2.25 if you chose the bonus filter offer too).
  • You should have your gift set in two days!

Note – You are signing up for auto-shipment with this order. You can cancel at any time, but if you do not cancel about every four weeks you will receive a fresh batch of four 8-ounce bags – two each in the blends you originally selected – at the regular price of $9.95 per bag plus $8.95 per shipment for 2-Day Priority Mail® and handling, billed to the credit card you provided. 

If you have not done the Gevalia FREE coffee maker deal, you might want to consider that one too. You get a free coffee maker with the purchase of 4 boxes of Gevalia Coffee ($9.99 total for this deal). That means that for less then $20 you could get a coffee maker, stainless steel canister, coffee scoop and 6 packages of coffee! Just be sure to read all of the fine print to make sure these deals work for you.


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