5th Avenue Theater – 2100 Free Tickets to The Music Man Performance + 50% off Tickets

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I received an email yesterday from the 5th Avenue Theater sharing that they will be giving away 2,100 FREE tickets to The Music Man performance on Sunday, February 10th, 2013 at 7pm.  This is the weekend before Valentine’s Day so this would be an awesome frugal date night – go out for a quick bite to eat & then enjoy The Music Man performance at the 5th Avenue Theater.

In order to get these FREE limited tickets, you’ll need to go  in person to the 5th Avenue Theater on this Saturday January 26th between 10am & 6pm. You can pick up 4 tickets per household, while supplies last.

My husband and I actually got to see Oklahoma at the 5th Avenue Theater last year doing this exact same kind of offer. They offered FREE tickets for 1 day if you picked them up in downtown Seattle. We happened to be downtown that day and were able to pick up the tickets later in the day, too (however, I wouldn’t count on them being available late in the day). It was so easy as they had someone standing outside the theater handing out the free tickets to people who came up. My hubby dropped me off on the curb and went around the block to pick me back up again. We had such a fun time watching the show & eating dinner at PF Chang’s beforehand (yum!)

My only tip is to get there early on the night of the free performance! It is open seating at the event & we were shocked at how crowded it was to get in. We got there about 30-45 minutes early & the line was wrapped all around the block & on the other side. We ended up getting one of the last set of seats on the main floor. So, if you want really good seats, you definitely should get there early (I’d say at least an hour early to get in line!)

The 5th Avenue Theater offers this FREE performance to welcome new audience members to the 5th Avenue Theater, especially those who may not normally have the chance to attend a show due to the higher price of tickets. It’s part of their 2 day Curtain Up! A Celebration of Musical Theater at the 5th Avenue Theater events. That whole weekend in February they will offer fun activities for the whole family which are open to the public & then it will end with the free showing of The Music Man.

 50% Of The Music Man  Tickets:

If you can’t make it to Seattle to get the free tickets this Saturday, you can also get 50% off tickets for Thursday February 7th  (Opening night!) at 7:30pm.  You will need to go thru this link and use the coupon code: LIBRARIAN to get the discount.  You can also call 206-625-1900 to get the discount as well & use the coupon code on the phone. (Make sure to read the fine print about service fees). The 50% off tickets are only available through Saturday, as supplies last.




  1. We stopped by at about 10:30am this morning and I grabbed the tickets while my husband waited at the curb. The woman working there told me that people were lined up at 8am but the line moved really quickly so it was wide open by the time we got there. Thank you so much for this tip!!

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