Zulily Discount Gifts – Gift Ideas For Under $15!

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Zulily is a great site to find quality items at a discounted price. I discovered Zulily a year or so ago, and have yet to ever be disappointed with a purchase.

They have so many fun items, that Jen and I thought we would each provide you a holiday wish lists with our top 5 items. Here is my wish list – for gifts under $15, and stay tuned for Jens!

#1 – Wine Candle Abra

(Found in the Cheers to This: Bottle Accessories Sale)

I love, love, love this! I have a thing for reused items, and have been painting up wine bottles and using them as candle holders for years now. This Candle Abra that you can stick right in the top of a used wine bottle is only $6.99 – and adds a lot of class to the idea of reusing wine bottles as candle holders. They also have  a two arm version for $6.99 or one holder for $5.99.

How about this – buy a $2.99 bottle of Three Wishes wine at Whole Foods Markets (comparable to most $5-$7 wines in my opinion), and add one of these candle abras for $6.99 and some pillar candles from the dollar store. Package it all up nicely, and you would have a very fun and unique gift for the right person for just over $10!

#2  Capelli New York & charlotte Rainboots – $15.99

**I know – I went $.99 over budget on this one – I could not help myself

(Find in the Capelli New York & charlotte Sale)

Being in Seattle, rain boots are almost a must this time of the year. I love that there are so many cute styles (what, I can even get them with a heel these days), and for only $15.99!

#3 Non-Stick Baking Rack for Cone Cupcakes – $6.99

(Found in the nifty home products sale)

I love this because you can use it to bake, cool and serve! And, its only $6.99. I think it would be great for not only a fun birthday party, centered around cone cup cakes, but to also serve real ice cream cones in the summer to kids, or to make paper cones and serve flavored popcorn, french fries and more!

#4  Plate Decorating Kit – $6.99

(Found in the Education Station Collection Sale)

This is the kind of gift I love to give my kids. Not only is it a fun activity for them, but it allows us to spend time together and build memories. We were just going through our Christmas decorations, and my mom pulled out a plate I made back in 2nd grade – and my kids just loved it! Its one of favorite pieces to pull out each year and put cookies on.



#5 – Insulated Food Carriers – $11.99 ea

(find these in the Stock The Kitchen Collection Sale)

Transporting food for us is always an ordeal. I have to find boxes to put it in, make sure its covered well and packed correctly – and we still generally end up spilling. Something as convenient (and cute) as these insulated food carriers would come in very handy this time of the year.

What are your favorite finds on Zulily, or creative gift ideas?

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