Zaycon Foods: Hickory Smoked Bacon & Boneless Smoked Ham $3.29/lb

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Don’t forget that Zaycon Foods is having a sale on Hickory Smoked Bacon and Boneless Smoked Ham for just $3.29/lb. They will be coming to locations all around the Northwest – Washington, Oregon & Idaho.  For my area, the pickup date is Wednesday November 14th, but it will vary depending on where you live.

If you’re new to Zaycon Foods, they are a Pacific Northwest company based out of Eastern Washington, which offers significant discounts on fresh meats, seafood, fruit & vegetables & more by selling it in bulk! This is the only way that we have been buying our chicken for the last two years – in my mind, the quality, freshness & taste can’t be beat!

Zaycon Foods has now expanded to 48 states, so if you’re not in the Northwest, make sure to sign up for an account & select your area, so that you will  be notified by email when they have new shipments coming to your area.

Here’s the information on the new sale for bacon & ham:

30 lbs of Hickory Smoked, Medium Sliced Bacon – $3.29/lb – $98.70 total

20 lbs of Carve Master Boneless Smoked Ham – $3.29/lb – $65.80 total

Their meat events are quite popular & do often sell out so make sure to check them out soon if you’re interested!