Thrifty NW Mom Coupon Database

Here’s a resource for you to be able to search for coupons – whether they be coupons from newspaper inserts, printable coupons, magazine coupons or E-Coupons. Just type in the brand name or category to see what you can find.

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I was wondering if there is any way to download this coupon database into Excel or something?



Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to download the coupon database, Linda. but, anytime you’re looking for a coupon, you can come onto the site & just look up the coupon you need. It’s a database that I pay for, which is updated daily with new coupons.

Is there a way to get printable online coupons without committing to some kind of subscription service or credit card offers? My goal here is to REDUCE spending, NOT get myself signed up for more memberships, subscriptions, and committments that will end up costing us money. All I want is coupons!

Hi Linda – Unfortunately this cannot be downloaded to Excel as it is constantly changing as new coupons are added, expired coupons taken out, etc. But, it’s always available to use here at Thrifty NW Mom.

Hi Cathy, many of the sites which require you to register, do not have any fees associated, but they do require you to register your information. To get around this, many people create a secondary free email account..i.e. hotmail or one of the many others. They create a new identity for this email. If you must enter an address, use a fake address unless you don’t mind recieving stuff in the mail. Many times its just junk, but often they include coupons. With your new email account, make sure to mark the ones you signed up for as safe or add to your contacts to make it easier to recognize which ones you want. Anything you don’t want mark as junk so in the future it will go straight to your junk mail folder. Any thing that askes you for money is not a site you want to use. I would recommend using the printable coupon source link form thrifty nw mom along with sites like to find coupons. is another good one. Going to manufacture’s sites will often require you to register, but typically you’ll just recieve the occasional “news letter” and notices of new coupons, most of which you can unsubscribe to at any time.

I’m trying to add some new coupons I found on the Pacific Naturals website but the form that loads will only let me enter an expiration date in this month. :(