Target Ticket Movies: Get 10 FREE Movie Downloads with UltraViolet Account!

Target Ticket

 Target Ticket Movies

Target Ticket is a new way to download and stream your favorite movies and next day t.v. shows. There are no subscriptions or monthly fees like other services. Simply find what you want to watch, and you can purchase it or rent it. Target Ticket is currently available to stream on your PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and you can download it to your PC, Android or iOS. It is also now available on the Xbox, Roku, as well as Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players!

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For a limited time you can get ten free UltraViolet movies through Target Ticket! You will need to sign up for a Target Ticket account and link or start an Ultraviolet account too, to get the 10 free movies.

If your are new to UltraViolet here is more info on that program:

UltraViolet connects you with your entertainment, on your terms. Buy movies & TV shows once, add them to your online UltraViolet Library at no cost, then instantly stream and download to a wide variety of devices at home and on the go. With your UltraViolet Library, you have choices for where to buy and watch – at any time, you can choose from a growing number of participating UltraViolet retailers. And, you can share your UltraViolet Library with your chosen circle of family and friends.

Fine Print:

  • 10 Free Movies Offer Details: This offer is available for a limited time. To qualify for the 10 free movies offer, you must register for a Target Ticket account, activate an UltraViolet account (if you do not have one) or link your Ultraviolet account, and enter in a form of payment (credit card or debit card). Only pre-selected movies are eligible for the offer and are subject to TargetTicket End User License Agreement, the free movies are in High Definition format, and are available at Target Ticket once you complete the registration process.



  1. LeeAnn says

    The movies that I chose were: The Cold Light of Day,Crocodili Dundee, Ghost, Johnny English, Man on a Ledge, Office Space, Rango, The Italian Job, The Tale of Desereaux.

    There were about 15 to 20 movies to choose from.

  2. Frank says

    LeeAnn, thanks for the heads up–both on what you picked (some good ones) and how limited the overall choices were.

    Pretty pathetic on Target’s part!

    We decided to skip signing up– didn’t want to give a credit card # to Target. After all, its security lapses are notorious. Worse, the political leanings of its leadership are Neanderthal–and that’s an insult to one of our ancestors!