Possible FREE Coupon for Mission Tortilla Chips – GONE

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Update: This promotion is now over! They extended it to 30,00o fans & are already at 32,000 fans! That went fast! Hope you were able to sign up!

Mission Tortilla is offering a high-value coupon for Mission Tortilla Chips based on the number of “likes” they get for their Facebook page.  Right now, they are up to $1.50 off since they’ve reached 10,000 likes. However, they only need to get to 15,000 likes (& New York City on the map) & then they will be offering a FREE coupon for Mission Tortilla chips.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Head on over & “like” the Mission Tortilla page

2) Click on the “Chips Across America” tab & follow the directions to reserve your coupon.

It says they will be reserving coupons until March 2nd & if they get 15,000 likes by then (which I’m sure they will, since they’re now at 11,000 just as I’ve been writing this) – then you will get a FREE coupon.


  1. Ruth Berge says

    Even free is too expensive for me to feed my children genetically modified corn products
    According to this above report, Mission Tortilla chips test positive for GMO. I’d rather stick to the corn that we humans have been eating for centuries and let them do the lab testing on someone else.