Papa Murphy’s – Any Size Pizza $10 On Tuesdays

Want a night off cooking tomorrow? Many Papa Murphy’s locations offer a $10 Tuesday special, where you can get any pizza, any size for just $10 (limit of 4 toppings).  We get the family sized stuff crust pizza (mainly because it goes farther to feed the crew) for $10! Great price to feed my family for. I cannot find this deal advertised anywhere online, but I have confirmed it at many local shops. I do recommend that you call your Papa Murphys ahead of time to confirm that they are participating before making a special trip out though.

I also usually splurge and let me little ones get one of these make your own pizza kits  for $3 too! A night off cooking for mom, an activity for the younger kids, the teens are always happy with pizza, and no messy clean up. Yes, I look forward to Tuesdays!

The two Kent locations, and the one in Covington have been participating. I have heard reports of locations in North Sound areas participating too. Comment below if you can confirm your local store runs this Tuesday special.

Whats your favorite Papa Murphys pizza? I am always looking to get a little more adventurous in trying new ones, and would love to hear what you like best.


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  1. Shannon says

    Lacey participates. However, they are asking for a coupon. I have no idea where to find one.

  2. Shannon says

    Lacey, Marvin Road participates. However, they are asking for a coupon. I have no idea where to find one.

  3. Demetria says

    Down here in Vancouver, WA, they had no idea what I was talking about. They wondered if I meant to call Papa Johns.

    • Sia says

      Oh Bummer – you might want to call back after July 9th Demetria. Sounds like thats when some of the Seattle area stores start the promo so maybe they will know more then (here is hoping, right!).

  4. Holly says

    I just went to my local PM’s and they told me the special doesn’t start until July 9th. They gave me a flyer and it says the $10 Tuesdays will run from July 9th through Labor Day at all Seattle area locations. I know what I’m doing for dinner on Tuesdays now!

    • Holly says

      I forgot to mention I’m up in Bellingham, which I’m guessing is included in the Seattle area.