Papa Murphys $5 Faves Pizzas

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Papa Murphys has just released a new commercial running in the South Sound area, that you can get 3 different Large Pizzas for $5 each! Get a pepperoni, Sausage or Cheese Pizza as part of their $5 Faves Pizza deal.

This is available at participating locations – so be sure to call ahead and confirm that your store will be participating. Leave a comment below if you can confirm your location will be participating!

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  1. Kim B says

    We saw the signs for this in the window of the Burien (1st and 160th) location. Of course, we had ordered a stuffed pizza…. :-P

  2. patti says

    These are such a great deal! Don’t feel like pizza tonight? Ask them to double wrap them snd throw it in the freezer to bake lster.or, my favorite…buy one add a bunch of extras on half, fold it over, seal the edge and make a calzone.

    • Jen says

      Love these tips, Patti! We frequently buy extra if we find a really low price & put them in the freezer, but I’ve never tried the Calzone idea! Love it!!

  3. Gabby says

    AMAZING!!! Great flavor,you can feed a family of 4 Wonderful deal I got 2 faves bring them home. I added olives,green peppers,green onions,tomatoes. it was amazing just $5 Dollars and I got to use some veggies that I had at home. Love it! Im a fan.