Papa Murphys $5 Faves Pizzas

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Papa Murphys Faves Pizza

Looking for an affordable dinner option? Papa Murphys has three different Large Pizzas for $5 each! Get a pepperoni, Sausage or Cheese Pizza as part of their $5 Faves Pizza deal. (Update – some locations have raised their $5 fave prices to $5.99, so be sure to contact your local store directly to find out what they are currently charging for this special).

What is the $5 Fave Pizza? They are lighter (meaning less hearty) versions of their regular pizzas. The toppings tend to be less than your standard pizza, but my kids love them, and they are a great way to feed a crowd! My kids end up picking off many of the toppings anyway, so I don’t think they notice the lighter toppings at all. I will often pick one up for my kids, so the adults can enjoy a pizza of our choice without any complaining. Personally, I like them better then other pizza chains $5 options since I can bake them at home at our convenience.

You might also want to check out Papa Murphys $10 Tuesday Special that they are running now during the summer. We love this offer too! It’s any size, any kind of pizza for $10 on Tuesdays.

This is available at participating locations – so be sure to call ahead and confirm that your store will be participating. Leave a comment below if you can confirm your location will be participating!

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  1. Kim B says

    We saw the signs for this in the window of the Burien (1st and 160th) location. Of course, we had ordered a stuffed pizza…. :-P

  2. patti says

    These are such a great deal! Don’t feel like pizza tonight? Ask them to double wrap them snd throw it in the freezer to bake lster.or, my favorite…buy one add a bunch of extras on half, fold it over, seal the edge and make a calzone.

    • Jen says

      Love these tips, Patti! We frequently buy extra if we find a really low price & put them in the freezer, but I’ve never tried the Calzone idea! Love it!!

  3. Gabby says

    AMAZING!!! Great flavor,you can feed a family of 4 Wonderful deal I got 2 faves bring them home. I added olives,green peppers,green onions,tomatoes. it was amazing just $5 Dollars and I got to use some veggies that I had at home. Love it! Im a fan.