Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations

It looks like Old Navy Weekly is staying true to their word (they mentioned in the comments on this post they would have coupons reset all week) and they reset their site with more coupons this morning, around 9AM PST (thanks for the heads up, Leah!). I’ve been gone literally all day, so I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to update until now. But, it sounds like all the coupon locations remained the same, including for the $75/$100. So, I’m going to share the coupon locations with you all again and then include some pointers for how to score the big coupons–so you will be ready if/when the site updates again. Remember, they said in the comments on this post that they would be updating with new coupons all week–let’s hope that means more $75/100 coupons!! :)))

Coupon Locations::

$75 off $100 – After several minutes (ranging from 3-6 minutes–don’t refresh your screen), there will be a quiz that will come up on the right hand side. You will only have one minute to put your answers in–otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the quiz to come up again (another 3-6 minutes).

Here are the answers to the quiz::


2) Wilma’s Wearables

3) Barker

30% off coupon – On the bottom right, move the guy’s head to the mannequin with no head (just to his left)

$5 off $25 – Bottom picture of the girls -take the girl on the left w/pink striped shirt and move her drink umbrella to the blond girl’s hair (next to her), right in front of her ear to make a flower.

$10 off $50 – Top picture with 4 people—click on the popcorn multiple times to get $10 off $50 coupon to pop up

$15 off $75 – Top picture – Click on the maroon shirt guy’s shirt and it will change to white then click on the yellow and white striped shirt girl’s shirt and it will change to a blue striped shirt.

$5 off when you buy a pair of kids shorts and adult shorts – Click on the frisbee in the dog’s mouth on the left picture

$5 off piece of swimwear – ?? (I’m forgetting this one, anyone remember)

A few tips::

-If you really want that $75 off $100–you’ll have to be glued to the site and don’t refresh–that was the problem with a lot of people last night that they were refreshing the site while waiting for the quiz to pop up–I think that this then reset the time on the quiz to show up (you just have to wait for it to pop up after 3-6 minutes–I’m not sure the exact time frame).

-You might want multiple browsers or tabs (under one browser) open and refresh at different times so that with a situation like the quiz (or the bouncing ball from last week that appeared after a few minutes), if you miss it with one, then you can check your other browsers

-Use your “Tab” button (above the Caps lock) and you will see the locations of most of the coupons (at least the ones that are stationery–not things that will pop up intermittently)…good way to quickly look for coupons!



  1. Diznee Mommy says

    The $5 off swimwear coupon is available when you move Heather closer to Josh in the lower right hand corner.

  2. Jen says

    Samantha Jo, I have no idea if they’ll reset them anymore for this week’s weekly coupons – you just never know! But, they always reset on Thurs afternoon/evening or Fri morning each week for that next week’s new coupons!

  3. Anonymous says

    Did anyone catch what time old navy reset the coupons yesterday? I feel like I’m at such a disadvantage since I’m on eastern standard time! half the time it is 2am or later!

  4. Supermodelquin says


    This week at OldNavyWeekly.com, we’ll have another fabulous coupon to hide, $60 off $100 purchase. We’ll also be releasing the coupons at different times like last week, so more of you have the chance at scoring one of these fabulous offers.
    In other exciting news: we’ll be introducing a “retrieve coupon” button that will let you resend a coupon to your inbox if you should lose it!

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    Nicole D.

    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy