Newspaper Deal for Locals – Tacoma News Tribune & Everett Herald

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I wanted to let you all know about an awesome deal that a friend of mine told me about recently for the Tacoma News Tribune! If you are NOT currently a subscriber for the Tacoma News Tribune, they have a special deal for couponers!  It is called the “Yes Essential Shoppers” magazine, which is supposed to include all the ads and the coupon inserts that you’d find in the Sunday paper edition of the Tacoma News Tribune. And this is FREE for those who live in the delivery area for the Tacoma News Tribune!!  All you need to do is call the subscription department at the News Tribune and let them know you’re interested in subscribing to the “Yes Essential Shoppers” magazine.  This magazine (filled with the ads and coupon inserts) will be delivered to your house every Sunday by 10AM.  (Thank you Michelle – awesome tip!!)

Unfortunately this does not apply to those of us who are current subscribers and they currently do not have any deals for those who currently subscribe and would like to get additional Sunday papers as part of a package rate. However, I think if we let them know there is enough interest, then maybe they would consider offering this type of deal! You just never know!! So, let me know if you’re interested in this -either leave a comment here on this post or email me at thriftynwmom {at} hotmail {dot} com.

For those of you who are Seattle Times subscribers, I’ve also put in a call to their subscription department as well and am waiting to hear back from them whether they have any special deals on subscription rates for couponers.  Unfortunately the Seattle Times no longer offers the Red Plum inserts, though.  So, you will need to contact Red Plum / Valassis to request that you receive those by mail (be aware that it will take up to several months to receive the first sets of those coupons).  UPDATE:: I heard from the Seattle Times & they do not offer ANY sort of deal for those who wish to buy extra Sunday papers! :(

For my readers up in Snohomish County, I had a reader share about a great deal that a local blogger found! You’ll want to head over to Coupon Connections and find out all the details! Basically, she has found a deal where you can receive the Everett Herald 7 days a week as well as receive an additional 4 Sunday papers for just $50 for a 6 month subscription! Sounds like a great deal! Thanks for alerting me to the deal, Cindi, and to Coupon Connections for working out this deal with the Herald!

Lastly, I mentioned this before, but in case you missed it, another reader shared that she receives coupon inserts in the small weekly paper that her area publishes thru Sound Publishing.  There are a number of areas in Washington that publish papers thru Sound Publishing. Now, I know that not all of them offer coupon inserts in the papers, but she mentioned that the Federal Way Mirror and the Auburn Reporter did offer coupon inserts, as well as those papers for Maple Valley, Kent, and Renton! So, this may be a great way for those of you in King County to still get those coupon inserts you’re missing!  Corey reported that she is able to find these papers at her local library as well!

If you have any other ideas on how to save on subscriptions to the local paper, fill us in!! :) Thanks for all these great reader tips!!


  1. Cynthia says

    We were taking the Sunday paper only but mmy hubby did the math and found it was cheaper for him to go out and buy the Sunday paper than to have it delivered. So we dropped our subscription and go to the store to buy it each week.

  2. Sara says

    I got a deal at a $1/week for the Sunday paper only (News Tribune). I'm so sad they won't offer current subscribers the extra coupons, especially since we already pay for the delivery service! Yes, tell them I am definitely interested! And I know my mom (also a subscriber) would be too.

  3. Kati C. says

    We do Sunday only with the News Tribune..I think we pay 19.50 for 13 weeks so the equivalent of the store. I would love to get extra ads but I'm always gone for work by the time the newspaper is delivered so I never catch the guy! Boo! Anyways, I think it would be awesome to get them to offer up a deal for extra papers! :) Thanks!

  4. Brandi says

    I also got the $1 deal/week but it will actually end in Feb, it was only a 26 week thing…maybe I will ask about the "Yes Essential Shoppers" thing in a month :)

  5. Christan says

    You are kidding me? I have been putting off a subscription cause it's cheaper for me to buy the Sunday paper at the Dollar Store. But on Saturday, the guy offered me a $10 gift card which basically paid for my first month, so I took the deal. I asked him all kinds of questions trying to find out if they had anything like this and he had no ideas! Now I'm a subscriber and can't do this! Dang it!

  6. Anonymous says

    I had dropped the Seattle Times Sunday paper early last year because we also found that it was cheaper to get the paper at the store (not counting the Starbuck's my husband would have to get at the same time). Then the Times called in spring and asked us to come back for .25 per week for 1 year. I jumped on that. I'm not sure if they might still offer that to some people, just to get their subscription numbers up!

  7. Gerrit and Dawn says

    I have been getting the "Yes Essential Shoppers" from the News Tribune since they started it in November. It is great to get however since the holidays ended there is only usually two to three ads in it. This week it was the Target ad and the Proctor & Gamble coupons. Don't get me wrong it was great to get them for free but it would be nice to get a better selection like they advertise.

  8. Jen says

    Dawn-Thanks for the feedback – I'm surprised they don't offer all the ads & coupons like they say they will. When I called, I asked specifically if everything was the same and they said it was. Bummer – that's not very helpful to only get 1 of the inserts & only 1 ad?

  9. Amber says

    Christan- They do still offer it if you are a current subscriber, so I would call them up on monday

  10. PJ says

    I buy my 5 papers at Walmart for a dollar each… much cheaper than the subscriptions seem to be.

  11. Christan says

    Well, I did try calling them and was told they only offer this in the outer (puyallup type) areas. I am not able to get the Tacoma deal. Was told that it’s to try to get some of the more rural areas buying the paper.
    I am cancelling my subscription anyways as I’m getting terrible delivery and would rather get mine at the Dollar Store.
    I did tell her that I am very interested and will keep calling to see if they institute it in Tacoma.

  12. Pam says

    I have have had a heck of a time getting the “deal” as well. Forget the “yes” magazine too! I send in the card every time I get one or find one. I signed up when it first came out. I just don’t get the TNT whole philosphy anyways! You think they would love to have to subscribers for multi papers. It seems the second you say “coupons” they become defensive and say “we cannot promise you will get coupons” uhhhhh ….OK! and then sales guys at the Fred Meyer out right lies to me and tells me I have to have a subscription in order to get what they are calling the “Queenbee Special”: Wait a sec here…… Something really is wrong with this ordeal! Anyone should be able to call and get multi papers for a discounted price!
    I’ve been getting my paper else where latley. Don’t like the whole attitude about the entire thing! I live in Puyallup and was told different things too!

  13. young says

    there actually is a deal at the TNT.If you get multiple copies you can get them delivered for a dollar a paper.I called and asked about it and get 6 copies a week for about $26.00 a them .

  14. says

    I wasn’t able to get this promo at my address but I was about to get a good price on 3 copies delivered each Sunday. Hoping this will help me maximize on stocking up and having more food $ for organic fruits, etc.

  15. Missa says

    I just called the TNT and they said the Yes essential shoppers was for limited areas and even though I live in tacoma I don’t qualify for this. Anyone know if this is true?

  16. Lauren says

    I received an offer in the mail from Seattle Times for $9.99 for the Sunday only paper for an entire year. I am in Snohomish County and we get the Red Plum insert in our paper. Now I am trying to find a way to get an extra 3 sets of the coupon inserts, including the Albertson’s insert that has the doublers. Any one have any inexpensive recommendations? I thought I recently saw something for the Everett Herald for $9.99 for a years worth of Sunday only papers, but now I don’t remember where I saw that.