New coupons at Old Navy Weekly -Update with $50 off $100 coupon location!!

The Old Navy Weekly site updated its coupons again this evening. I updated earlier but wanted to clean up the post a bit since I had many updates! :) Unfortunately the best coupons are gone, but there are still 15% and 20% coupons available (the plane with the banner in the top right picture has the 20% off coupon-just click on the plane/banner). The sites was extremely slow and very difficult to get onto unfortunately, so many people were not able to even search for these coupons. The first I heard about them was around 5:20pm PST or so. It looks like they will be updating the site with new coupons every Thurs evening!! Last week it was in the late afternoon, so you just have to check periodically on Thurs afternoon or evening.

If you do happen to get a coupon but when you go to print it, it doesn’t have the barcode…then it should still give you the option of emailing it. This happened for me…I found a $50 off $100 coupon but when I printed it directly from the site, it didn’t have a bar code. So, I had it emailed to me and after about 15 minutes, the bar code showed up (due to problems with the site most likely) and I was able to print it with the bar code.

The coupons are valid starting tomorrow, March 6th-March 12, 2009. Then, if you read my previous post, there are 30% off coupons starting March 12-15th that you can use as well.

What was your experience with trying to get coupons? Were any of you able to get the high-value coupons? I know a lot of people were not even able to get onto the site, which is what happened to me for awhile…I just kept trying and eventually got on.



  1. Jen says

    Darn, that stinks! I had a horrible time, too–my hubby had gotten home, though, so I was able to keep trying while he watched the kids! It took many tries!