Grocery Outlet – Wine, Fine Cheese & Organics + Enter To Win A $25 Gift Card (2 Winners)!!

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I stopped by my local Grocery Outlet in Kent, just before Fathers Day last week to get some specialty items for a picnic we were planning. One of my favorite things to buy at Grocery Outlet is the specialty cheeses and wines. The prices are the lowest I have found anywhere and we got some great products.

We picked up the Creamy Havarti for just $1.49 (I think one slice costs almost that much in other grocery stores (ha!)).  The expiration date was end of July, but its already gone – so we never even got close. We also got the Smoky Gouda (pictured at bottom of photo) for $2.49, and Atheno’s Feta Cheese for $1.99!

Add in some all natural Smart Food Chips for just $.99 a pack…

and a wine selection for under $5 a to bottle (there were options for under $3!)… We also grabbed a foot long Summer Sausage for just $3.99 and we had a picnic!

Other deals I found:

Parmesan and Romano cheeses for $1.99 a container!

Caravali Coffee for $4.99!

…and much more!!

Giveaway – Two Winners of A $25 Grocery Outlet Gift Cards!

We have also teamed up with Grocery Outlet to provide two of you with a $25 Grocery Outlet gift card, so you can head to your local store and see how far you can make it stretch!

This giveaway will end on Tues. 6/30  at 9pm pst.

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  1. Margaret says

    Hi- I have never been to grocery outlet, but I love shopping at places that offer great deals!

  2. tiffany says

    I LOVE grocery outlet! I love the prices and the newmans own organic pretzels:) plus the dairy section, the chips, shall i go on?

  3. says

    I *LOVE* Grocery Outlet :D

    I too love their Havarti cheese prices! I like to make Hawaiian sandwiches (Canadian bacon, pineapple slice, Havarti cheese & cream cheese on a hoagie) but Havarti is SO expensive at the grocery store!!

    I do love that I’ve seen a HUGE expansion of organic & natural products they offer. Moving away from heavily processed foods & trying to eat better for ourselves & the environment can be pricy but Grocery Outlet makes it a little more obtainable, especially for lower income families like mine.

  4. Julie says

    They have the yummy breaded chicken that I use to make Orange chicken like at Panda Express. And great prices!

  5. Rachel G. says

    Finding products we use at a great discount (like Clif Bars for less than half the normal price!!)

  6. says

    My god-parents own a grocery outlet! I love finding things that aren’t at other grocery stores. They also have great deals on certain frozen items.

  7. Danielle says

    I love it when I can find a big jug of orange juice for half the cost as in stores like Safeway.

  8. Sarah says

    I’ve shopped at G.O. for years, my favorite things about my Crown Hill store is the free wine tasting on Thursdays…they are VERY generous ;)

  9. Steph C says

    I like getting the little bags of Hot Cheetos that come in a multi pack. I can’t find these anywhere but Grocery Outlet! My kids love them!

  10. Janine White says

    I have never been in one. Not sure what I thought would be in there, but my expectation was different than your photos! Will have to check it out now.

  11. Erin T. says

    I love Grocery Outlet – I always get my ice cream there, best deal ever. Would love a gift card! :)

  12. Janet W says

    I love the ever-growing selection of gluten-free and organic foods available at G.O.! Definitely my first stop in shopping!

  13. Vanessa M. says

    I love going to grocery outlet for those special finds! I always leave feeling like I just scored!

  14. Heather says

    I like discovering the hidden gems of Grocery Outlet, like a good cheese or frozen organic berries at a huge discount!

  15. Heather D says

    I love that grocery outlet always has amazing prices on cheese! I also love that there is always something new there every time I go : )

  16. Missy says

    I like to buy dairy and snack foods there. Because their selection is constantly changing, it is always fun to see what types of deals I can get!

  17. ChristyM says

    I like shopping for gourmet items (crackers, cheese, other treats) at Grocery Outlet.

  18. Rachel says

    My favorite thing about grocery outlet is that I can get the stuff my family needs to pack their lunches at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it a larger grocery store. And I still get a lot of the same brands!

  19. Timika S says

    My favorite thing about shopping at the Grocery Outlet is the bargain prices that I will find and knowing that I can get quality products for a fraction of the cost. It really helps when shopping on a tight budget.

  20. Cara Hanlon says

    My favorite thing about Grocery Outlet is that I can get a lot of my favorite brand at an affordable price!

  21. Heather says

    We love Grocery Outlet! It is like a treasure trove. We get Mexican coke and smoked wild-caught Alaskan salmon on most trips, but we always seem to find something cool and exciting that we didn’t expect to see.

  22. Karen S. says

    Grocery Outlet in Burlington, WA, has day old artisan bread from Avenue Bread in Bellingham–love that bread!

  23. Tim says

    I like going the first Tuesday of each month for senior day and picking up cheese and canned goods at a great low price!

  24. says

    I subscribed to the email, but my preferred method of reading is RSS which I already had subscribed to.

  25. Nicole Sender says

    I shop at Grocery Outlet at least once a week. There is always a good buy; one you can’t resist!

  26. Vivian G says

    My favorite thing is finding great deals on organic products I usually can’t otherwise afford.

  27. Jenn H says

    I love the variety that they have. They used to not have such a great variety of things, but it is getting better! :)

  28. Angela R says

    I love my local GO. Fav products to search for are makeup and high end food at low prices.

  29. Sadie Gajdos says

    I love that grocery outlet always seems to have a variety of hard to find items, it’s like going on a treasure hunt.

  30. Sara Hatch says

    I love all of the all-natural things at my Grocery Outlet! And I’ve had the best luck finding lactose free items for my son as well.

  31. Brenda says

    I love grocery outlet! I have been going there since I was a poor college student. Being a single mom a little bit here and thee always helps

  32. Amy says

    I love being able to even get healthy and organic things at Grocery Outlet that are such a great deal.

  33. Rebekah L says

    I love the prices you can find at Grocery Outlet. Helps stretch the budget so we can live off one income easier.

  34. Loreen Anderson says

    My mom introduced me to Grocery Outlet when I moved back to my home town. I was thrilled to see just how much money I could save on items that I was already buying!

  35. says

    I love that you can get organic foods for a fraction of the cost at a regular grocery store. And I’m pretty fond of the wine section too :)

  36. Krystina Bair says

    I like that every time I go there it’s like being on a treasure hunt…you never know what you’re going to find. The best is when I find something I use all the time and the price is amazing!!

  37. Krystina Bair says

    P.S. Shared this link on FB, and I already liked the Grocery Outlet page a long time ago!

  38. Erin VanBronckhorst says

    I LOVE GROCERY OUTLET!! Not only do I save a TON on brand name items. I find some of the BEST things in that store! Not just groceries but garden items, holiday décor etc!!! LOVE THAT PLACE!!

  39. Dianne Denton says

    I like how grocery outlet makes it possible to get some “fun” foods for the kids and still stay on budget!

  40. Tonya Mitchell says

    I love all the random items I find while shopping for the practical ones.