Giveaway – Wild Waves, 2 Family 4-Packs Of Tickets ($340 Value)

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Giveaway – Wild Waves, 2 Family 4-Packs Of Tickets ($340 Value)

This giveaway is sure to provide two Thrifty NW Mom readers some great summertime fun! WIN a family pack of 4 tickets to Wild Waves Theme Park! Two lucky winners will win one family pack each (family pack consists of 4 tickets – a $170 value for each winner)!!

Wild Waves will be celebrating their 35th year, this season and you are certain to create go WILD moments that will last a lifetime!  New to Wild Waves in 2012 is a Sea Lion Show, Soaring Eagle Zip Line, Downhill Tubin attraction and the return of Holiday with Lights event in December. And don’t forget about the other 60+ rides, slides and attractions. This 70 acre popular family attraction has a water park and amusement park in one place!

My favorite thing about Wild Waves, is that there is something to do for the whole family. From teens to adults to little ones, everyone is sure to have fun.

Wild Waves will be keeping you up to date on their various summer promotions this year via Social Media too, so be sure to follow Wild Waves on Twitter here or Facebook here.

This giveaway will end on Monday May 7th at 9pm pst.

Two winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Leave a comment letting us know what you love most about Wild Waves (or why you want to go, if you have never been).

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

2) Follow Wild Waves on Twitter (Must be verified, be sure to leave a comment below letting us know you did this. Leave one separate comment for each eligible entry).

3) You can earn 1 extra entry per day when you Tweet about the giveaway.

Tweet: Win 4 tickets from @WildWavesGOWILD and @ThriftyNWMom. Giveaway ends Mon night (then leave a comment for each day you tweeted through Monday, 5/7)

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  1. Tami Fransman Barnaby says

    I would love to take my 2 boys to Wild Waves for the first time because they finally know how to swim!!!

  2. Gina says

    My children LOVE Wild Waves. I love it because there is something to do for every age :)

  3. Stacy G says

    We all love to swim. My kids love the Roller coaster too. My son’s girlfriend has never been and is moving in July to Utah. We’d love to take her before she leaves.

  4. Tammy Stephens says

    I love the water slides but more then that I love the smiles on my grandkids faces when we take them.

  5. Carissa says

    I’ve never been to wild waves. It would be a fun treat to take my daughter and a friend there, as we can’t afford to do it on our own.

  6. nina says

    I love that its a great place to spend the whole day and all the family enjoys it!!!

  7. Jennifer Juro says

    Have never been and would love to take my kids!! Everytime we pass it they want to go!

  8. danielle moody says

    I have the best memories of Wild Waves from childhood and would love for my kids to experience it too!

  9. priscilla h. aka @pawsnhooves says

    New to WA and have never been. Our daughter LOVES water!

  10. Krysten Butterfield says

    Wild Waves brings back memories of being a pre-teen and going to work with my brother. My Mom would send me off in the morning and I would stay and play all day while my brother was a lifeguard. It was so much fun! My kids have never been and I would like to create memories with them that are as great as my own.

  11. April Hawkins says

    I haven’t been to Wild Waves in over 18 years, so I am sure SO much has changed in that time. However, when I went in while in high school I absolutely LOVED the water slides and loved that I could go ride rides and when I got too warm go back to the water. What an amazing park it is. Would LOVE to take my girls there this summer.

  12. Lori H says

    My 10 year-old daughter has never been, but Im sure she would love it. She loves to swim.

  13. Deborah says

    I haven’t been to Wild Waves in forever, but I’d love to take my little girl!

  14. Nicole M says

    I love wild waves because it is a close day trip. You can spend the whole day there and have fun with the whole family! There is something for everyone. And then just a 20 minute drive home! Its perfect!

  15. Lise says

    I love the wave pool! Haven’t been in YEARS and would Love to take the kids to the park! :)

  16. Julia Arms says

    I’ve never been to Wild Waves, I would LOVE to take my family this summer!

  17. Leilani F says

    Wild Waves is the epitome of summer fun for Washingtonians. Especially for my family!

  18. laura peckenpaugh says

    We have never been so I would love to take my kids. Looks like they would have lots of fun.

  19. LILIA says

    This is the time when all our family get together to see one another and have a day full of fun.

  20. Heather Ela says

    I have never been to wild waves with my family but it would be such a fun experience for us to enjoy together!~

  21. Melissa Belle says

    We’ve lived in Washington all our life, but have never been able to go to Wild Waves. I would love to take my family there. My kids ages 16,13 & 11 would love it!!

  22. Patsy Fernandez says

    We would love to visit Wild Waves!! We haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying a day at Wild Waves yet but it’s something we’re hoping to do once the weather is cooperative.

  23. Tara Moffett says

    My aunt and uncle took my sisters and I there almost every summer when we were young. Now that my girls are at a good age I would love to take them this year!

  24. Alison S says

    We have never been but I would love to take our girls who love waterslides.

  25. Dawn says

    We have lived here for 4 years but have NEVER been to Wild Waves! My kids have been begging me every summer to go but we just can’t afford it right now for a family of 6. This would be a great little summer vacay for our family!

  26. Kelly W. says

    I love the wave pool most of all . . .or is it the intertube ride? I think it’s a tie :)

  27. Brenda Reifsnyder says

    I haven’t been to wild waves for 10 years, and would love to take our former foster sons!

  28. Michelle Hughees says

    I have never been, but the boys have gone with youth group and love the water slides. They would love to go back as a family this summer!

  29. Jessica Guthrie says

    My kids have never been to Wild Waves. I would LOVE to be able to take them!!

  30. samantha f says

    I love the water park slides and now that I am not pregnant I can finally go on them! Yay!

  31. Beth says

    It’s been years since I’ve been, I just love sitting by the poolside relaxin’. My son turns 5 this summer and I’d love to experience the park anew with my kiddo!

  32. Brenda Reifsnyder says

    I tweeted the “Win 4 tickets from @WildWavesGOWILD and @ThriftyNWMom. Giveaway ends Mon night ” message today, 5/3/12 (twitter name Fishngurl)

  33. Jodi Rhoden says

    I am mother of 5 children, one of whom is developmentally disabled, Phelan McDermid Syndrome and Autism. She loves rides, stemming from her Autism and love to ‘spin’. I would love to take the kids to Wild Waves this summer.
    Please consider our family for the tickets.

  34. Shannon L. says

    It’s been years since I’ve been to Wild Waves and now that I have kids of my own, I’d love to take them there to experience all it has to offer – the water slides, rides, pools, etc. Love it all!

  35. Jana Gray says

    Are you kidding me!! This is one of the only establishments that entertain all ages, and with 9 kids still at home ranging from 2-16, this is my summer savior. Have four season passes, but need admittance for the rest. Thanks.

  36. Brie says

    I would love to take my kids! My oldest is almost 8 and hes never been, he would have a blast!

  37. Brandi etlick says

    I want to go to wild waves with my kids so bad! I have never been and neither have they. This would be awesome.

  38. Adri martinez says

    Would love to take my kids we have never been to any kind of water park. This will b the high light of the year!!!!!!!

  39. Nichole Smith says

    I would like to be able to take my kids. I have such great memories there as a kid, and my two kiddos have never been. They’ve been asking to go for a while. :)

  40. Dana Starr says

    My family would LOVE the chance to experience an affordable trip to such an awesome looking amusement park! We have never been and honestly I didn’t even know the place existed. We are from the southeast so we are still figuring out our way around. I do not use twitter but who knows…this one entry is closer then I was before to winning :)

  41. staci says

    My 2 year old would love to go! I always liked the shooting star and NOT the ring of fire. I’m a chicken!

  42. Tamara says

    My kids have never been to Wild Waves (they’re 7, 6, and 3 y/o) and we’d love to win so we can take them!

  43. Teresa says

    Love going to Wild Waves in the summer to keep cool and splash with my kids! My daughter #1 birthday wish is to go to Wild Waves!

  44. angel garvin says

    We can’t afford to do things like this, so I know my kids would be thrilled beyond belief to go!

  45. Emmy Goodwin says

    What is not to love? I went for my high school graduation party and had a fabulous time. It was just a couple years ago.. *wink* I would love to take my kids!!

  46. Lisa W says

    I have many fond memories of Wild Waves growing up and I would love to make some new memories now that I have kids.

  47. Jodi B says

    Went to wild waves years ago for my HS senior class trip. It was a blast! Loved the slides!! And the new zip line sounds fun! I would l love to go with my family. It’s funny this post came out cuz I was just thinkin about wild waves a couple days ago and what fun it would be to go… Crazy. :-)

  48. Kelly Branderhorst says

    We would love to go! In need of a little getaway with our kiddos – this would be perfect!

  49. Tammy Heimes says

    I have never been and would love to take my kids there to see what it is like.

  50. Terra O'Connor says

    I have 3 boys would have never been to Wild Waves before and I would love to be able to take them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. Barnetty says

    My family and I have yet to go to Wild Waves due to the cost! Sure would be nice to try it out :) My 3 1/2 year old would love it!

  52. sarah crimmins says

    I grew up going to wildwaves. I know am a mother and would LOVE to take my kids to wildwaves. We just unfortunately haven’t been able to afford it. This would be a very special gift to our family!!

  53. Laura says

    Love Wild Waves and how it’s continued our family tradition, I went when I was a kid, and now get to bring my kids!! Keep it going, great job!!

  54. Anna says

    Oooo – would love to win this! We haven’t ever been there but it looks like so much fun!

  55. melissa thomas says

    i love wild waves because its close to my house. i also love that it has a water park and rides.

  56. Tanisha L says

    My family and I would love to go. We have never been, but recently drove past it and my kids were so excited to see such a thing!

  57. Heather carrigg says

    We love Wild Waves! I like that there is sooooooo much to do for all ages. You can spend all day there and no one gets bored!

  58. Charity Murray says

    Never been, but hoping to take my boys this summer! They LOVE waterparks!!

  59. says

    I have not been in over 10yrs so I am not sure what I like best, but I am sure I will love my kids faces the best if I were to win!!!

  60. Donna says

    I would love to go to Wild Waves!! I haven’t been since I was a kid, before they switched over to a Six Flags! I would love to see how much it has changed and check out all the new attractions!

  61. Denise S says

    Wild Waves is a fun time for everyone we love it! Have not been able to go since we moved to Boise this would be a good reason to head west again!

  62. Jennifer says

    Every time we drive by my 3 kids beg to go…this would be a great way to do that!

  63. Alissa Mullen says

    My husband and I used to take our Jr. High church group there all the time when we were dating/engaged! It’s such a nostalgic place for us. Looking forward to taking our 3 kids there :)

  64. Adam says

    Wild waves would be a wonderful getaway for a day or two for our family and the kids are starting to enjoy bigger rides. We have never been but their new attractions look fun!

  65. Brandy says

    I love that there’s something for everyone.. Rides, water rides, games, and food. Not to mention it’s close to my house!

  66. says

    I have two little boys 7, & 3 and they hound me all the time about Wild Waves (We live in Fife so not too far)! I’d love to be able to take them!

  67. corinne says

    I love Wild Waves because of the crazy slides! I really want to take my kids there for the first time:)

  68. Courtney Holcomb says

    I’d really like to take my kids!!! We are looking for something to do and look forward to this summer. I went a couple times growing up, would like to take my kids to do it all :)

  69. Jennifer Kyser says

    My kids would flip with excitement. We love water parks and have wanted to visit this one particularly.

  70. Sarah N. says

    I would love to go because we’ve never been and my 7- and 9-year-old boys love waterslides.

  71. Liliana L. says

    I would love to go to Wild Waves because I would love to see my 3 year old play! I have heard a lot about this place.

  72. Shelly says

    I would love to win for both my kids and me.! I love amusement parks.! But we have never been there and every time we drive past, they both yell “We want to go There.!”.. :) They would love it.!

  73. Kelly says

    Playing with my niece and nephews…and this time our own little one. How fun to hear the kids squeals of delight!

  74. Gina Corpening says

    My son went for his first roller coaster ride at wild waves. He was just barely tall enough to ride the Timberhawk. The look on his face and his enthusiastic “MOM CAN WE GO AGAIN?!?!” is one of my all time favorite memories.

  75. Cassie Jensen says

    Love Wild Waves! It’s the only place like it for miles around- here’s hoping the sun comes and stays for a while!

  76. Heidi Anderson says

    We have two birthdays in july! with six kids, we could really make it super special!

  77. Debbie F. says

    We have never been to Wild Waves, but have heard a lot about it! I think this would be a wonderful way for our family to enjoy the short time we have together for my husband’s R&R.

  78. Sheila Johnson says

    We love Wild Waves because there is something for everyone in our family. We have water babies plus land lubbers. There are also rides for the faint of heart and the extreme thrill seeker!

  79. Samantha says

    I loved going to wildwaves when I was a kid (back when it was wildwaves/enchanted village) and I want to share that experience with my daughter, every time we drive by it on the freeway she wants to know if she is old enough to go on the big water slides yet, and this summer she finally will be!

  80. Angela says

    I would love to take my 12 yr old daughter. Her 4 older siblings have all moved out, so she gets kind of bored. She would love it.

  81. Tracy Johnson says

    I would love to take my kids to wild waves but it has never been in the budget with me being a stay @ home mom of 4. This would be an amazing family adventure.

  82. Darlene says

    I love Wild Waves because it reminds me of when I worked there 12 years ago!

  83. Lisa M. says

    We went last year while visiting Seattle (we now live here) and my 7 year old son LOVED the scary roller-coasters! He could barely get us adults to go with him. We went on a semi-cold day too so we promised we’d go back when the sun was out so they wouldn’t freeze waiting for the water slides. Thanks!!

  84. Heather Sprague says

    What I love about Wild Waves is that there is so much to do! It keeps the entire family busy all day and there are always nothing but great memories to be made and cherished from a trip to Wild Waves. There is something for everyone!

  85. Renae Lusk says

    I love Wild Waves because its a ton of fun &the brings me bacck to my younger years :)

  86. Melanie says

    I think it would be a lot fun to take my son now that he is a little older and tall enough to go on all the rides.

  87. Carissa says

    Really want to go, because we haven’t been on a family vacation, and my husband and son really deserve it!

  88. Beverlee says

    I have never been but my kids would think it is the coolest thing ever. They always complain we never win. :-)

  89. coze rodriguez says

    We love taking our family to wild waves ! The last few years we have gone when our california family visits ! I normally purchase tickets from my works employee club, but the tickets cost more this year. Not sure it we can make it, WE would love to win !

  90. Amiee says

    We have never been to Wild Waves. Three of my five children have never been to a water park or an asumement park. It would be fun to share that experience with them.

  91. says

    Aww my husband would be sooo excited if I won these! Our favorite water ride is this one that you get a double man inner tube and you go down a mountain with a partner. You get stuck in these little pools and have to move to the next by a little water slide. There is about 7 of them. We also like the water roller coaster :)

  92. Lisa Frazier says

    Wild Waves has created such wonderful memories for my kids & myself after a horrible divorce. Every year the kids want to make the long 3 & half hour trip. There is so much for them to do. It makes for a memoriable family fun filled day!
    Thank you ~WILD WAVES~ !!!

  93. cindy says

    We watch the extreme water parks on the travel channel. Would love to win this for my family!!

  94. Jonna D says

    My husband and I have been there…..but haven’t taken the kids. Maybe this will motivate us to check that off our list of things to do!

  95. Danielle Matson says

    I have never been. My kiddos are at the age now where they would really love that! Can’t believe I have lived here for 20 years and have never gone.

  96. Denise says

    I love the early childhood memories I have of visiting Wild Waves that go back before there even was the water park, and it was just Enchanted Village.

  97. valarie says

    It is a great place to spend time with family and friends, something there for all ages!

  98. Tina P. says

    My kids are always begging us to go to Wild Waves, but we never have. They would be so thrilled to win these tickets!

  99. beth johnson says

    What I love most about Wild Waves is it’s close enough for a day trip but feels like a real vacation!

  100. Michele Almeida says

    I Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to go with my kids and hang out in the kid area with the slides and dumping water. I LOVE the wave pool too! Haven’t been there in forever, it’s simply too much for our family of 5. But THIS, would make it possible! Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. crista says

    My favorite thing about wild waves. Is the family time its hard to get all the family together but for wild waves all the family gets together.

  102. Rikkie S says

    My son would love to go to wild waves with all the slides. He says it looks like a lot of fun Mommie can we go there?

  103. Christy says

    Roller-coasters!! And riding all the rides while you’re still soaking wet! Hahaha!!

  104. crista says

    Lasagnas are a big hit at our home so I think we would want to try that type of meals.

  105. Angela Kruger says

    We are planning our first ever trip to Wildwaves with our kids, to celebrate my husband and my recent combined wt loss of 40lbs and counting! This would be awesome we could go a few times this summer what a motivator that would be!

  106. Lynette says

    My favorite thing about Wild Waves is spending quality time with the kids. The lazy river is always a good time.

  107. Julie S. says

    We have never been to Wild Waves, but it looks like tons of fun. Would love to go to Washington and take our two children for a fun summer trip. We have a 15 year old (almost 16) and a 3 year old; with all the exciting rides and things to do, there seems to be something to please all age groups. What a great giveaway.

  108. Katri H says

    I would love to take my kids for the first time. They are finally old enough to enjoy it and me not have to carry them everywhere!

  109. Malissa Thrall says

    We love the wave pool. After a long day spent walking around the whole park that is the place my husband and I can relax while the kiddos have their last little bit of fun for the day.

  110. Malissa Thrall says

    Don’t have twitter and don’t need twitter so I can’t tweet about the giveaway or follow wild waves on twitter.

  111. laura lucas says

    I haven’t been able to take my kids to wild waves and i know they would be so happy!

  112. Marie says

    I haven’t been to Wild Waves in 7 years. Would love to the opportunity to have some family time together.

  113. Danielle says

    I love the tide pool, and that once we have paid for admission, we can spend the whole day doing anything we want for no additional price (no rationing tickets like at the fair). If my daughter wants to ride the Kangabounce for the fifth time, she can!

  114. liz w says

    im following on wild waves on twitter but my correct user name is lizzybwthelizar not lizzybwthelizard sorry about that

  115. Jenn H says

    I have not been since I was in highschool. I would love to take my family! :)

  116. shauna says

    What an exciting possibility! My 14 year old would love to spend a day with her 7 year old cousin who is coming to visit this summer. What a fun possibility to take them and my husband to! The bouncing kangaroos would be a hit!

  117. amanda says

    I’d love to go, our family has never been there before. We are struggling financially right now and this is probably our only opportunity to go anywhere this year. Sure would be fun for our little girlies!

  118. Susie says

    I love that there is something at Wild Waves for every age group. Everybody is excited to go and nobody complains:)

  119. Sarah B says

    My son keeps asking where the spider is…you know, the one for halloween! He’d love to check out the pool.

  120. jill K says

    We drive past wild waves all the time and we’d love to go and spend the whole day with the kids – it would be a wonderful treat as they’ve never been and I haven’t been since college!!

  121. Molly S says

    We have never been to Wild Waves but this might be the summer … our youngest is 2 and we are ready for a “staycation” adventure.

  122. julie says

    Wild Waves reminds me of my youth, living in the northwest and begging for the sun to shine and the waters to warm up.

  123. amy d :-) says

    We just moved north of Seattle last year from Oregon. My kiddos are slowly adjusting to the change but I fear this summer is going to be hard with out their usual summer friends. It would be wonderful to surprise them with a fun vacation to some place new. What memories that would bring and help with the transition from the move.

  124. Katie says

    I would love to win because I haven’t been in over a decade. My son and husband have never been.

  125. Kat F says

    I’ve never been to Wild Waves but would love to try their rollercoaster. Great fun for everyone.
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  126. Jen says

    My girls have never been and I haven’t been since I was a kid. Love your blog.

  127. says

    I can’t believe I live right up the street from this place and I have yet to ever have gone there. Please pick me so I can get a chance to visit Wild Waves!

  128. Nikki says

    I love anything where my whole family can get out and have fun together! I would love to take my family there, I know they’d have a great time!

  129. Amanda says

    I love the kiddie water section! And my son LOVES to feed the fish in the pond!

  130. Ingrid says

    We love everything about wild waves, especially when we end the day with an elephant ear (fried dough bread)!

  131. Angela V says

    My favorite part of Wild Waves is the wave pool. Thnx for the giveaway!

  132. Angela Rajnus says

    I have never been to Wild Waves but both myself and my three year old LOVE waterslides.

  133. Carol says

    I can’t wait to go to wild waves, so I can take my son on the water slides! He saw an add and is so excited! I love the wave pool too!

  134. Teresa says

    With the everyday busy schedule in our family, there hasn’t been time to just relax and have fun together in awhile. We would love to take a family trip to Wild Waves!
    Nothings better then seeing smiles and laughter from your children! It would definitely
    be a great time the kids and us would remember for many years to come!

  135. says

    In my 26 years of existence, 24 living in the PNW — I’ve never been to Wild Waves. I apparently joined all the “wrong” clubs in high school as I never got to field trip there & my single-mom didn’t have enough money to send me to Grad Night there :(

    My husband has been a few times before we got together & says it’s pretty rockin’. Being that we have two water babies… I think they’d get a kick out of it. Those pools sure look a lot bigger than our bath tub ;)

  136. Bobbi says

    Wild Waves is the best place to go on a cool summer day, to get away from the hum drum life and do something different. Each of my kids would cite something different about wild waves, but my favorite all time ride is the lazy river. My hubby’s is the roller coaster. My daughter would say cotton candy AND miner car roller coaster ride. And my son would say the speed slides, definitely!

  137. says

    I haven’t been to wild waves in SO long and my kids have never been there. It would be awesome to be able to take them this year!

  138. Joan says

    Have lived here 10 years and I’ve never been to Wild Waves during the summer. We’ve done the Haunted House, but never the waterpark. Would love to take my kids!

  139. Jessica Phillips says

    I would love to win this wild waves giveaway because I love spending time with family there. It’s been years since we all have gone to wild waves but this would be an awesome oppurtunity to be able to spend quality time together again with our busy schedules.

  140. Jennifer Small says

    Our family has never been and it would be so fun to escape the heat there (if it ever comes this summer).

  141. Robyn Smith says

    I would love to take my kiddos there! They have never been and we used to drive past it every day on I-5 and they would ask every day when we were going. My favorite part from when I was younger was the wave pool! Its like going to the ocean without the unexpected underfoot!

  142. Natasha Yeager says

    My Girls ask every Summer if we could go…. Its breaks my heart when I have to disappoint them becasue its sooo expensive!! Please Please pick me!!

  143. Deanna Temple says

    We have never been but my kids beg me to go when ever we drive by and now that they are older this would be the time to go and try it out!!

  144. carol says

    my kids have been with school but i have never been, would love to make it a family outing.

  145. says

    I have never been to wild waves and now that I have kids it would be fun
    to experience. Thanks!

  146. Cathy says

    Have never been. Would be the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day !

  147. Belinda says

    I love this place. I would love to win and take our two grandkids. We haven’t been since our daughter was small. We are Papa and Nana. My husband is blind from a brain tumor. He would have a blast with the kiddo’s. PLEASE.. we would love to win this.

  148. Amber Johnson says

    I have never been to the water park but can’t wait to go! My daughter loves the train, kid rides, and Garfield/Odie walking around the park. We have only been 1x since it is so expensive, great prize!

  149. Marj says

    Never been to Wild Waves, hoping someday… I just tweeted this giveaway.. :)

  150. Scott McCausland says

    We have never been but what a great treat for the kids to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer. Thanks for the opportunity.

  151. Holly Loveland says

    I haven’t been to Wild Waves in years….but I bet it would be even better now since we have children! :)

  152. Liz I. says

    I mostly want to go because our family is in desparate need of a vacation! I know my husband and boys would have a blast at Wild Waves!!

  153. Amanda Sics says

    Love the wave pool on a warm day! Would love to take my boys, as they love the water.

  154. Linda lee says

    My son just old enough to know how fun the water park could be, and I heard a lot good reviews about Wild Waves. So I really wish I can bring my son to there this summer.

  155. Olivia Venable says

    I’ve never taken my kids there. I think they’re big enough now to love every bit of it!

  156. Rebecca says

    Loved Wild Waves as a kid (but not the sunburns). My girls have never been- how fun would this be?!

  157. Megan R says

    I love all the fun I have with my girls there! The raft ride that holds all of us is my favorite!

  158. Mish says

    Ive never been to wild waves and have lived in the NW for 10 plus years, this would make for a great adventure for my family!

  159. Amber Saxby says

    I love wild waves! I would want to do the tide pool since it’s been years! My kids have never been so they would go crazy!

  160. Serina says

    I have a 14-month old that would love to go for his first time this summer : )

  161. Kandice says

    I have not been to Wild Waves since high school… I think my kids would really like the kid’s area!

  162. carrie s says

    I would love to get these tickets so my hubby (who has never been there) and I can take our grandkids there before his cancer get to bad and he can’t go! I think he would love to see our grandkids have fun going on all the rides and going on the water slides! Thank you for the chance to win such a great price and good luck to all God bless

  163. Sam says

    I love wildwaves! My kids love the little waterpark area just perfect for their size!!

  164. Melissa Schindler says

    I’d love to take my kids, I went as a child and had a blast!!!

  165. Becky Burton says

    I’d love to take my niece and nephews! We’ve never been! Sounds awesome though!

  166. Cathy says

    I love that it has survived the test of time…I went when I was little, then my kids and now my grandson :-)

  167. Shila Conway says

    I like to go to Wild Waves with my kids because my parents took me when I was little, back when it was called Enchanted Village. I still call it that.

  168. Tahnee says

    I love Wild Waves and would love to be able to take my kids and play in the sunshine.

  169. connie says

    I went 20+ years ago, But now that I have grandchildren, I would love to revisit and discover it all over again with them!!! woop-woop!

  170. Janet says

    We use to take our kids there when they were young and now I have a 6 yr old grandchild that needs a day there!!!!!

  171. Bethany M says

    I want to go because we pass it all the time on the way to church. Looks like fun!

  172. christau says

    I would love to take my family for a little vacation and test out the slides!

  173. Sara H. says

    We have never been, but it looks like a ton of fun! I spent a lot of my childhood at Enchanted Village, but haven’t taken my kids there yet.

  174. Susan Williams says

    We love going to wild waves because with both of us working all the time it’s the one place where we can take our 3 little kids and spend quality time and feel like we r on a vacation at the same time,It makes our kids so happy!

  175. Cassie says

    I remember going to wild waves as a kid! I had so much fun, I look forward to taking my kids!

  176. Lyndsay says

    I love the Cabana’s at Wild Waves most..i have a nice place to hang out while the children go wild!

  177. says

    What I love most about Wild Waves are the memories my two best friends and I have there. We went last summer for the first time and it was one of the best times of our lives! I would love to go again!

  178. Michelle says

    My older kids love the water sildes while my young one loves all the kiddie rides. Everyone in my family loves this park.

  179. Bahiya Smalls says

    I love the rides at Wild Waves, the Kangaroo ride is lots of hoppin fun.

  180. Jean-Paul Holcomb says

    Good memories with friends. (especially seeing my wife in a swimsuit back when we were dating)

  181. Janine says

    Never been but drive past it with my 3 kids four to six times a week so we would love to stop for a break (or many)!

  182. Prescilla says

    I love they have different areas for baby/little kids and also for older kids/teenagers/adults. Great fun on a hot summer day!

  183. Lisa Thomas says

    I have been and love waterslides but I would love to go to see my kids go for the first time.

  184. Roberta H says

    I have never been to Wild Waves but I love water slides and this sounds like FUN, FUN, FUN!

  185. Josh says

    I would love to bring my son, who has never been to Wild Waves, to experience the fun this summer! :)

  186. Diana Nichols says

    My older children have been and love it. I have never gone and would love to take my three youngest.

  187. Danyell says

    My family loves the kids area because there is something for all of them. We have never had a chance to go with my 2 youngest children and would love to go as a family!

  188. Rachelle Higgins says

    Wild waves is so fun. I have only been their once and I really liked the lazy river ride. I don’t know it’s name. I wish we had a water park close in the Portland area. It would make my summer awesome and fun if I won this prize. Thanks so much!!!

  189. Moragan K. says

    I have never been but drove past it this past weekend and we all really want to go check it out!!!

  190. Sheryl says

    I have never been to Wild Waves and would like to take my son…He loves the water!

  191. Tabitha says

    we want to take my son this summer for his first time…i love the water slides with the tubes

  192. says

    I would love to be able to take my 2 kiddos. Neither have been and I haven’t been since I was a teenager. I think it would be such a great surprise for them :)

  193. natasha says

    I want to go to wild waves because my kids love theme parks! Ok ok so do us parents!! :)

  194. Mary Wawrin says

    We went to Wild Waves a couple of years ago with our two children and still talk about how much fun we had! My kids are teenagers now and going to Wild Waves is something we would all enjoy together as a family!!

  195. Debra Evanson says

    I would love to take my grandaughter there, it would be a great way to spend a family day!

  196. Tina says

    Our parents used to take us once a year in the summer, it was the highlight of our summer. I would love to take my kids they have never been. :)

  197. Arianna says

    I would love the chance to take my daughter to a water park, now that she’s old enough to actually enjoy it. The last time she went, she was 4 months old. Besides, we are looking to stay as busy as we can, until my husband gets back from Afghanistan.

  198. Lisha says

    My babies have never been to Wild Waves! They would love it! My son has been practicing getting water on his face so that he can ride the slides :)

  199. Tiffany F. says

    I’ve never been to Wild Waves, but I’d love to take my son and a couple of his friends there. He’s never been to a water park before!

  200. Crystal Keefer says

    I have 4 sons who are now teenagers. Wildwaves was a family favorite mini vacation when my kids were little. We look forward to spending more quality family time there.

  201. Jessica says

    I have never been to Wild Waves. Every time we drive by it, my husband tells the story of the time he got a really bad sunburn there. He was probably 10 at the time. We need to go there as a family so we don’t have to hear that story again!!

  202. Nicole Berg says

    I have not been to Wild Waves since 1989. I rode up there with my best friend (it was hers and her brothers birthdays) and her family in “Big Red” their station wagon! We sat in the backwards seat in the back and waved to everyone including a bus full of baseball players! The ride alone to Wild Waves was a Blast! :) So anyhow I’m now 32 and have 3 kids of my own who have yet to enjoy the magic of Wild Waves! I would love, love, LOVE to bring them to Wild Waves, a memory of my past. :)

  203. shannon says

    My kids LOVE the water, I would love to take them and see what’s happened since I was a kid! :)

  204. tonya Mitchell says

    W have never been and my daughter will be 11 this summer. Perfect timing for a family event with a few friends!

  205. Virginia O says

    We have never been and I would LOVE to take my 3 kids there! Sounds like lots of fun:)

  206. shannon says

    Went in and liked them on facebook, if we don’t win maybe some good deals get posted ;)

  207. Michelle M says

    My family and I have never been to wild waves but would live to go. It would give our 11 year old some fun activity and our 2 1/2 year old something new to see! This is a great family event:)

  208. Christine says

    My children and I would love this trip. We have never been but we love being the water and being together!

  209. Stephanie S says

    I haven’t been to wild waves in atleast 12 years. Would love to go for all the new stuff they have now.

  210. Sarah s says

    I have never taken my daughters to wild waves and they are at the perfect age to enjoy it now ! That’s why I would love to win the wild waves passes !

  211. says

    I remember going as a teenager with my youth group and would love to now take my hubby and 3 kids there!

  212. Frances Wheeler says

    Never been to wildwaves, just moved to Washington and a co-worker told me about it. Would love to take my two teenage boys — and get them out in the NW sun and off those viedo games… Would be a great family vacation near our new home.

  213. Christy says

    I have not been to wild waves since i was in high school, some 15 years ago. My friends and i always had so much fun. I would love to go back with my kids and enjoy it even more!

  214. tami k. says

    We have never been to wildwaves. My boys would absolutely love to go when we come up this summer. It would be a nice break away from medical treatments at childrens hospital. Thanks

  215. Ronda Chin says

    We love the wave pool at Wild Waves and the fun kid rides. My son and daughter would love to go!

  216. Jennifer Ronco says

    The water rides were great fun when I was a kid! I’d love to show them to my kids!

  217. Holly says

    We love the wave pool – the big kids can go deep and the little ones can still have fun in the shallow end.

  218. Tracie says

    I would love the family four pack of tickets. I enjoyed my summer days at Wild Waves as a teenager and now that I am the mother of a 10 and 13 year old, I’d love to be able to re-create those memories with them!! There really is something for all ages there!

  219. Jessica Claypool says

    I would love to take my 5 year old son and a friend to Wild Waves. My husband and I have been before and it would be his first time :c)

  220. yvette says

    It’s great fun to go because of the dry rides mixed with the wet ones!! It makes our whole summer to get to go!

  221. Sandy Ferdig says

    I really love to take my kids to the water slides. We take our waterproof camera ans take crazy pictures while on the slides.

  222. Jen says

    Our family of 6 goes every year and do to budget we can’t afford to this year so winning tickets would be a blessing!!!!

  223. Char says

    I would love to take my grandchildren on vacation there. We live in Portland Oregon and it would be a nice get away. None of us have been there.

  224. Rebecca Denton says

    I need a vacation. I haven’t had a real one in too long, and this year doesn’t look promising on that front either. But maybe Wildwaves–via AWESOME NW Thrifty Mom–could at least provide me and mine with a lil’ staycation?

  225. Caralee says

    Last time I was there (15+ years ago) I sat on a rock and a yellow jacket stung me in the bum TWICE! I would love to be able to share the (good) experience with my kids!

  226. Jenna Gonzalez says

    We have never been to Wild Waves, but it looks like tons of fun. I have 4 daughters ranging in age from 3-16 and they all love water play. Pick me

  227. Aleena says

    Thank you! Our family would love to be able to go on a vacation!!! :) More fun since they are probably tall enough to do everything!

  228. Jeanene Hagen says

    Would love to go to Wild Waves because it’s been 15+ years since I have been, would live to take my children there for the first time, and I REALLY want to go on those slides that I see every time I’m on I-5!!!

  229. Christine Rozal says

    I have lived in Washington for over 26 years and have never gone, but now that I have elementary aged kids that can swim, I would love to take them this summer!!

  230. roberta says

    I would like to take my daughter back to find the flip flop she lost 10 years ago and is still as upset about it today as she was the day it happened :)

  231. Lisa says

    Love Wild Waves because we can pick up and go for an hour or the entire day and always have a blast…things for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve always bought season passes, but didn’t this year. Would love to win them!!!

  232. Christina Robertson says

    I haven’t been to Wild Waves since Jr High. Would LOVE to take my girls , I am sure it has change a lot since the 1980’s hahah.

  233. Amy says

    Nice way to cool off in Wa With of all ages fsa love being able to go into the wave pool with my younger ones, hearing laugh watching them jump up wavescame through good times

  234. Charla McCartney says

    The last time we were there was before kids. Would love to take them to the wave pool.

  235. Dellyn Smith says

    I love that even my toddlers would be entertained. The kiddos would have a blast there!

  236. Kim B says

    When I was a kid, all I ever did was the wave pool. Years later I went as a chaperone and did nothing. Seriously, I need a chance to slide!!!

  237. Theresa says

    i would love to take my kids to Wild Waves before we move back to Kansas in July

  238. Tabatha says

    My daughter is finally old enough to enjoy wild waves. I love the wave pool!! And just relaxing on their conga river. I haven’t gotten to see all the new stuff, but I would love to! I hope I win!

  239. Tabatha says

    I liked Wild waves on Facebook. So please allow a second entry for me :)

  240. Amanda M. says

    I went to Wild Waves for my bachelorette party years ago; it was a blast. I know that my kiddos and hubby would love to go too- they have never been.

  241. Stella says

    I would love to win! My son just turned 7 and has never been. He would LOVE it!

  242. Tara Brown says

    I haven’t been to Wild Waves in years! My daughter has never been there and I would love to be able to take her!

  243. Jennifer says

    I took my 2 teenagers to Wild Waves a few years ago. It made me feel so young again going down those slides with a permanent smile on my face!! My youngest girl was too little to go at that time. I would love to take all of them back now that my youngest old enough!! Girls trip!

  244. Melissa says

    We have only been one time and we loved it! We lived that there was so many things to do in one place. The kids had a blast!

  245. Megan Haley says

    I love the lazy river and wave pool! Look forward to both of those every time I go!

  246. Alicia says

    I havent been since i was a kid, and i would love to take my kids for their first trip there this summer.

  247. Crystal says

    I love that there is something for everyone. Would love to go. Haven’t been since I was a kid!

  248. Terra says

    Love wild waves because it makes super great family time and memories! Last time we went my youngest (now 7) was just a baby so he didn’t get to do much. We would love a free trip! Let the SUMMER begin! Woot!

  249. Maureen says

    I really don’t love Wild Waves but I LOVE that my kids enjoy it so much and that is what makes me happy! :)

  250. Amy Boond says

    Wild waves Is awesome! I went as a child but havnt been able to take my children yet. My favorite thing about wild waves Is the water slides! Soooooo fun! I think wild waves can bring out the kid In all of us. A day to have fun and relax and leave all the day to day stress behind! :)

  251. Trina Coleman says

    I have not been in about five years. I have an eight year old and i think he would have a blast at Wild Waves. It would be so much fun to take him this summer.

  252. Jessica says

    I would love to take my daughters. I haven’t been there in years. My daughters love the water and rides

  253. Debbie B says

    I tweeted! I only have two followers, but hey, I’m still getting the hang of twitter. :)

  254. KimD says

    A fun place with something for everyone! We love the wave pool, slides and roller coaster! Woooo hoooooo! :D

  255. f boyanton says

    Wild waves brings back great childhood memories that I would like to share with my kids too

  256. Susanne Donaldson says

    My kids had so much fun when we went in the summer of 2010…they would love to go back!!

    Susanne Donaldson

  257. says

    It would wonderful to visit Wild Waves with our foster children this summer. It has been more than 20 years since the last time we visited.