Fred Meyer Sales!!

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I tell ya, I don’t usually shop at Fred Meyer, just because I’ve found some great deals at Safeway and Albertson’s lately…but this week, they have some great deals! I’ve actually gone twice this week–Tues evening and again yesterday. Thanks to my mentor from church, Katrina, she helped me out on Tues night and showed me all the deals so we could do it quickly! It definitely is a huge help to go with a friend to figure things out when couponing–it goes alot faster! And it’s fun, too! Thanks again, Katrina! :)

Since I know I have a lot of people who are totally new to couponing, I’m going to break it down as simply as possible for you with how it worked (sorry it’s now at the end of the week–these sales only go thru Saturday!!)::

Fred Meyer Deals

(Pictured Above)

-8 boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal (Limit of 8 per transaction)
-On sale for 2 for $5
-Use in-ad coupon for 2 for $3 (make sure you only get the types/sizes listed on the in- ad coupon)
-Used 8 Internet printable (IP) from or for $1 off $1(no longer available)
Final Price:: $.50 each (You could get these free if you use the $1.50 off 1 coupon from the 4/5 Red Plum newspaper insert)

4 Treetop Apple Juices – on sale for $1.50 with in-ad coupon (limit 8)
Used IP for $1 off 2
Final Price:: $1 each

2 Tillamook Butter (1 lb) – on sale for $1.50 with ad coupon (no limit)—this is cheaper than Kirkland’s Signature Butter at Costco—GREAT stockup price

2 Tillamook Cheese (2 lb blocks) – on sale for $3.99 with in-ad coupon (limit 2 per transaction)—normally $7.99—Awesome price to stock up!!

(You’ll also see my extra purchase of 6 2pks of Gerber Baby Food – this was supposed to be on sale but they charged me $.99 for 2pks {and I had no coupons}—so this killed my transaction right there {ugh!}—I had both kids with me and didn’t have time to go back after I realized the error)

Total without coupons:: 46.78

TOTAL with coupons::: $23.92

Tues night trip (no pictures, sorry–it was very late when I got home)::

8 Kellogg’s Cereal Boxes – 4 Raisin Bran & 4 Shredded Wheat (In-ad coupon for 2 for $3; 8 $1/1 Internet printable coupons)–$.50/each

4 Tillamook Butter (1 lb)$1.50/each

2 Tillamook Cheese Blocks (2 lb blocks) – $3.99 each

2 Tree-top Apple Juice Jugs$1/each (on sale for $1.50 w/in-ad coupon; Internet printable for $1 off 2)

2 Fresh Express Iceberg Salads – on sale for $.50 with in-ad coupon (limit 4)–if you got the coupon a week or so ago, it was $.50 off–making it FREE (I couldn’t find this coupon)–so I paid $.50/each

Total before coupons: $41.92

Total after coupons:: $21.98

Here are some deals that I didn’t have a chance to do, but am hopefully going to go back one more time and try::

**Kashi products are 40% off thru Saturday–There were a number of Kashi coupons at and Kashi. One of the best deals is to use this coupon for $1.50 off 1 to get a box of Kashi waffles for $.29 (make sure to print 2 by hitting the back arrow and refresh)

**Tillamook Ice Cream–on sale for $2.50 (how did I miss this one–their ice cream is the best!! Yum!!)

**Electrasol – on sale for $2.99/box–use the $2.50 off 1 coupon (from the 4/19 Smart Source coupon insert)–making it $.49/box

**Coppertone Sunblock Sticks– $3.99 – there is a tear-off Fred Meyer coupon for $4 off right at the sunscreen area (I found the special sunscreen area set off by itself in the main aisles)–which would make this FREE!!! Now whether your checker will let you use this or not will depend. When we tried this on Tues night, our checker said the coupon would beep (because it was $.01/overage and she said she could not manually change the coupon).

However, I’ve heard of a number of people being able to use this–if you have trouble, they say you can go to Customer Service and have them show the checker how to manually change the coupon so the price of the coupon is not higher than the price of the item. I checked at another Fred Meyer store on Wed but they were all out. So, let me know if you were able to get this deal to work!! It would be awesome if it works–FREE sunscreen!!

So, did any of you take advantage of the Fred Meyer Founders Day Sale this week?? How’d you do??


  1. Kris says

    I bought 4 boxes of the Electrasol for $.49 each (I love these things!) and also took advantage of the butter and cheese deals. I have successfully bought the Coppertone sunscreen stick twice, and both times the coupon beeped, but they just let it through, so technically I made a $.01 profit each time. The coupons are valid through the 26th and the kid stick is still on sale for $3.99, so I plan to take advantage of it a couple more times this week!