Entertainment Book Sale – $5 + FREE Shipping!!

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Entertainment Book Sale

Entertainment Book Sale

If you have been thinking about getting the Entertainment book, this looks like this may be as low as they go as the last chance to buy these books at a discount – $5 / book + FREE shipping.   You can buy an Entertainment book for just $5 + FREE shipping ($4.99 shipping if going to Canada).  Plus, you’ll get a FREE year of digital access too, to use digital Entertainment coupons for other areas.  This is the Warehouse Clearance Sale and the last chance to buy these books at a significant discount. It’s  a great sale considering the books are good thru the end of next year.  This offer will be good through August 3rd, too!

Entertainment books are great ways to save locally on your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, movies and more. Plus, you can also get digital access with your purchase.   These books usually go for $35. This includes both online & mobile coupons! Great ways to save on a staycation or if you’re heading out on a vacation  – buy a book in advance for the vacation location!

In addition to saving locally, we have heard from many readers who love to buy them for any upcoming vacations they have planned to major cities (they purchase an Entertainment book for their travel destination to help save on attractions and restaurants while on vacations. This is one of our tips in our Disneyland savings series, and you will most certainly make your purchase price back in no time at all)!

And don’t forget, that Entertainment.com now has a Mobile App to get your coupons that way too, if you buy the book. I bought the Entertainment book with the last Tax Day sale & immediately I received an email with information about using the Mobile App right away to take advantage of discounts, which was great, so that I didn’t have to wait for the book to be shipped. (Just make sure you write down your confirmation code when you make your order or print it off as you will need that to set it up.)

We’ve bought Entertainment books for a number of years and even just using a few of the coupons, you’ll get back what you paid!

I bought one for this year (see my picture here on Instagram) & here are the coupons I’ve found in my South Sound book:

  • BOGO Point Defiance Zoo or Northwest Trek Admission (get youth admission free with adult admission)
  • BOGO Woodland Park Zoo Admission
  • 50% off Seattle Storm tickets
  • BOGO WA State Fair Tickets (Puyallup Fair)
  • BOGO Pump it Up (Tacoma)
  • BOGO Charlie’s Safari

You can check out their website to see the types of discounts you’ll find – just find the category on the side of the types of coupons you’re interested in (sporting events, zoos/aquariums, museums, etc) & you’ll see some examples of where they offer coupons. It’s a great way to save on places that rarely have discounts.


  1. Charming Cho says

    Do you know if this applies only to the Entertainment Book in your area? I’m from Utah and I went right through to the payment details after having enrolled in the auto-renewal program but my total is still coming out to be $30?

    • Sia says

      Hi Charming Cho – I just checked and it seems to only be taking $5 off for me at this time too for some reason – but they are still advertising the 75% off. Let me contact the company and see if I can find out why the 75% is not coming off. I will reply again as soon as I have an update for you.

  2. Angie says

    I just bought one for Pugent Sound in Washington State for $10.41. I first unknowingly added the book for Pnoenix and then added Pugent Sound and deleted the one for Phoenix and it didn’t change the price.

  3. jessica says

    I clicked on the ad above but when I get to the website the main page just lists a sale of $8.99ea plus free shipping. I know that’s a better price than one for $10, but I was hopping to take advantage of the 3 for $6ea. Do you know if the 3 for $6ea deal is regional? thanks!

    • Sia says

      Hi Jessica – That is so strange, its taking me to the page with the volume discount offer. Can you try opening the link in a new browser (or clearing your cache and then clicking on the link again) and see if you see the current offer that way? If not, let us know and we will contact the folks at Entertainment to see if they might be able to help you access the correct page.


  4. Tara says

    I just ordered two books. When I checked my bank account, they have already charged me 8 times. There is no contact number. I had to send an email, and now I wait. Be careful. I only submitted once! :-/

    • says

      Oh I’m sorry to hear that, Tara. Definitely let us know what happens & hope it gets resolved without any further issues. That’s the first time we’ve heard of problems with their site.

    • says

      Thanks A – there is a problem with the link currently, so we are working to get a link that will take us to that correct, hidden sale! WE’ll update as soon as we have that fixed. THanks for letting us know!

  5. Tanna says

    I just ordered one and it worked for me $8. Dont forget to go through your Ebates and get 17.5% cash back on it!

  6. Ed says

    trying to purchase the $5 Seattle & North Pugent Sound as shown in this webpage.. how? I click on link and it shows as $35 plus ship. Purchase over the phone?

    • Sia says

      Hi Ed, we shared that offer back in July and it looks like it is no longer available. We will look into upcoming offers and see if we can get you some information on when the next promotion will be available!