Round 1 – A New Family Entertainment Spot in Tukwila (Westfield Southcenter Mall)!

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Round One Final

Looking for a fun way to get out for some family entertainment this weekend? Check out Round 1, the newest family entertainment center at the Westfield Southcenter Mall in Tukwila. There is lots to do with activities like bowling, karaoke and over 200 fun games for the kids to play. Plus they have the biggest prize room I have seen, if your kids like to play the games for tickets to redeem for prizes!

My family visiting this past weekend, and were there for around 4 hours, and everyone had a blast! There were 5 of us and we started with Karaoke, then moved to bowling, and games. We planned to play billiards too, but just ran out of time. My favorite things is that everyone in my family can have fun (from my elementary age kids, to the teen and even grandma came with us to have fun with the kids). The weekends can be very busy, so plan accordingly. Thurs. – Saturday nights are the busiest times.  If you visit during a busy time, you may have wait times for a bowling alley, or Karaoke room, or billiards table – so plan accordingly.

Here are some highlights from our visit to Round 1:

Round 1 Karaoke

Karaoke – My kids LOVED this! Its the first time we have taken the kids to Karaoke, and it was one of the highlights of the trip for them. What I liked is you get your own personal Karaoke room, so no need to be embarrassed! The Karaoke rooms are rented out on a per hour rate. Prices vary depending on group size, when you visit, and how long you want the room for. You can rent one for as low as $6 per hour for up to 4 people, with club membership. They also pro-rate your time in there. So if you only wanted to use it for a half hour, you would pay just half price of the hour rate (ie $3.50 for cheapest time slots). It can be a very affordable activity with the kids.

A couple of things to note about Karaoke at Round 1: 

  • You will need your ID to rent a room (and they will hold it until you return the equipment).20150725_164954
  • They have song books in English, Spanish, and Chinese
  • You can bring food and drink in the room. That means you can order from their cafe and eat it in the Karaoke room while you have fun (there are couches and tables). There are pros and cons to this. Eating takes away from the time you can sing, and you are paying for that time. We opted to order dinner from the cafe and eat in the Karaoke room. I figured since the cost of the room was fairly affordable, we wanted to also use that time to enjoy dinner. It would probably be smarter to eat outside though, and focus on Karaoke when paying for the room.
  • The rooms are not sound proof. You can hear the people next to you if the rooms are rented out. Once your machine is on, you can really only hear the singing in your room, but that is something to know ahead of time. They are working to regulate the volume across rooms better, so this would help with this, but for now if your neighbors have their volume up chances are you will hear them pretty well.
  • You only pay for the time you actually use in the room!


Bowling – We love to bowl together, but bowling can be pricey. I loved the option for unlimited bowling (around $12.49 per person for non-peak times, with a membership card). Considering what we have to pay at other bowling alleys per game, that seemed like a great deal to me! The Round 1 bowling alleys are brand new, and beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite things about bowling at Round 1:


  • If you are bowling with small kids, you can set things up so the bumpers come up on their turn (automatically) and then go down when they are finished. We had not had this option at other places we have bowled, so this was wonderful for us – as we have kids across multiple ages. Its a matter of setting it up with a button when you set the players up, and that is it. Everything else is automated.
  • They host special games from time to time. While we were bowling, they stopped everyone and dimmed the lights and ran a contest for the next person in line with your group. Everyone stepped up to bowl once, and if you got 9+ pins on that try you won special prizes. My kids loved this!
  • Shoes are dispensed out of a machine and come in mens sizes. That means if you wear womens sizes, they wil tell you to go down a size and a half (they will instruct you at counter). Kids shoes are kept behind counter.


Billiards – we planned to play some pool, but we just ran out of time and energy on our first visit. The cafe on site is fairly affordable, so you could turn this into a cheap date night too. Pick up some Nacho Supreme for $5.99 and an hour of pool for as low as $5 (with membership) and you have date night for under $15!

You do rent the tables by the hour, and like the Karaoke room they can be pro-rated too (so you pay for the time you use).



Arcade Games – Round 1 has over 200 arcade games onsite, and many are imported from Japan and Korea, so you will see games you will not see at other places. The games will cost $1-$2 (they run on a credit system). You pre-pay for a game card that you then swipe through the game to deduct the credits off of that card. Each credit equals $.25 cents, so if the game is 6 credits, that would be $1.50.


Most games will win you tickets, that you can redeem for prizes!

Round 1 Prize Room

They also have the largest prize room I have ever seen. Most places have a prize counter, but this was an actual room you walk into so the kids could look at all the prizes up close. There were also many options in various ranges, so something for everyone who plays to win! My kids spent way to long in here deciding. Again, they loved it!

A couple of recommendations about game cards: 

  • You will likely want to get a separate game card for everyone who will be playing. The reason for this is that most of the games will automatically load whatever tickets you win to your card (which I thought was so much more convenient then having to carry a bunch of tickets around). A few of the smaller games still spit out tickets, but most of it is all handled on your card here. We only got one card for our family, so the kids had to split the tickets evenly. This works if you want them to have to share their tickets – but if you want everyone to redeem the tickets they won then they will need their own card.
  • You can reload the card at kiosks out on the game floor. The game card line can get very busy on weekend nights, so this could save you lots of time.
  • They have photo machines from Japan that are fun for the kids. They are $6 ea, so not one of the cheaper things to do, but you take the picture and then the kids can modify, add stickers, etc. before printing them out as stickers or other items. My kids spent lots of time decorating their images, so if you have kids who like to scrap book etc, this is one that you might want to check out. It uses the game card to do it.
  • Make sure you leave enough time to visit the prize room. If you plan to visit often you can save your tickets on your card and let them build up too. There are so many prize options, kids can really spend some time looking through them, so I would not plan on running in and out of there.

Round 1 Snack Bar

Round 1 Cafe and Bar – 

They do have a cafe and separate bar area on site if you want to eat and drink while you are there. Prices are not outrageous (ie cheese burger for $4.99), but you are also at Westfield Mall, which has lots of eating options if you wanted to do that too.

Tips to save the most on your visit to Round 1:

Visit during the non-peak times (weekdays). Round 1 prices go up during peak times. So if you want to save the most, plan your trip around the lowest priced times (plus you will avoid some crazy crowds that show up Thurs – Sat)! Generally, the best rates you will find will be on visits from 10am to 4pm on M-F. You can find their full price list here to plan your visit.

Sign up for a club membership. Its only $5 per year, and you will likely make that back (and more) on one visit. You get $1 off bowling, $1 off per hour on Karaoke, $1 off per hour on billards, etc. The savings can add up. Here are the details on the Round 1 membership club.

Plan your itinerary ahead of time.  In addition to helping you enjoy your visit more, this will help you set a budget ahead of time and stick to it. Take a look at their price list before visiting, and decide what you want to do. then you can know what you will be spending, and set expectations with the kids on what they can do during the visit. This was a huge help for us, as it can be overwhelming once you get there and there is so much to do.

Leave the games until last. If your family loves to play the arcade games, leave those for the end of your visit. These will probably be the part of your visit that will add up the most.  The games themselves are only around $1-$2 per game, but they are played so quickly that the money will add up quickly. Things like the Karaoke room and Bowling can be more affordable activities that last for longer periods of time, so if you do those first, you can still add in a few games, and it will be hours worth of family fun. Another tip here – get a separate game card for each family member who wants to earn tickets (unless they want to share).

Here is a sample idea of how a family of 4 could have fun on a weekday from 10-4 for the whole afternoon!

a) You could enjoy unlimited bowling all afternoon for $12.49 per person with club membership (includes shoes), if your big bowling fans


b) Game of bowling – $7 pp with membership card (includes shoe rental) = $28 for family of 4
One hour of Karaoke Rental – $6 (can do it for $3.50 if you only want to do half hour)
One hour of Billiards (Pool) – $5 (can do it for $3 if you want to do half hour)
That is $39 for around 3 hours of family fun (less then $10 per person so far).  You could cut out the bowling, and save lots that way too!

My kids love the arcade games, and those will add up fast. Assume that $20 will get you around 10 – 15 games (depending on which ones they select).

Disclosure: Round 1 provided my family a voucher to come visit and provide a review for Thrifty NW Mom. All opinions are 100% my own. See our disclosure policy for more information.

Seattle Mariners Baseball Deal: One Ticket For $14 (Reg $23)

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Seattle Mariners Baseball Deal

Seattle Mariners Baseball Deal

Looking to catch a Seattle Mariners game? Be sure to check out this Seattle Mariners baseball deal! Groupon is offering one ticket for $14! These normally sell for $23. This game will be at the Safeco Field.

Product Details:

  • One ticket to see the Seattle Mariners take on the Arizona Diamondbacks
    Where: Safeco Field
    Gate time: Two hours before game time

Dates & Times:

  • Monday, July 27, at 7:10 p.m.: Suite, Club, Main, or View
    Tuesday, July 28, at 7:10 p.m.: Club, Main, or View
    Wednesday, July 29, at 12:40 p.m.: Club, Main, or View


  • Safeco Field
    1250 1st Ave. S
    Seattle, WA 98134

Fandango Movie Ticket Deal: $16 for Promotional Code Toward 2 Movie Tickets

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Fandango Movie Ticket Deal

Fandango Movie Ticket Deal

Head on over to Groupon and you can get a hot Fandango Movie Ticket Deal! You can pay $16 for promotional Code good toward two movie tickets from Fandango. These sold out super fast last time, so if you are wanting to get in on this deal, hurry over and take a look.

Product Details:

  • Your Promotional Code must be redeemed online at or via the Fandango app by December, 31 2015 to receive the promotional value.
    If the actual cost of the movie tickets plus Fandango’s convenience fee is more than the maximum value of Promotional Code, you’ll need to pay the remaining balance.
    If the actual cost of the movie tickets plus Fandango’s convenience fee is less than the maximum value of the Promotional Code, you will not be entitled to use the balance in a subsequent transaction, or to a refund of the difference.

Goldstar Discount Movie Tickets: Lowes or AMC $8.50!

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discount movie tickets

Goldstar Discount Movie Tickets

If you are someone that likes to go to the movies, you may want to take a look at this deal. Right now you can get Goldstar discount movie tickets for AMC Gold Experience for $8.50! That is down from the normal price of $13. The way this offer works is that you buy a 4 pack of AMC Gold Tickets for $34, which works out to $8.50 per ticket. Gold Experience tickets do not expire, so they are a great way to save on the movies! Looks like this offer is only good through tomorrow, 7/17.

You can grab all your movie tickets now for the whole summer. Then you will be ready for the movies at any time and it will be a much cheaper night out! These also make great gifts for teens (I put them in my teens stocking every year, or get him a new wallet and add these in for his birthday).


  • Any Date (Tickets Ship by July 17, 2015)


  • Your tickets will be mailed to you.

Advisories and Restrictions:

  • AMC Gold Experience™ Movie Tickets
    Valid at all Loews Cineplex and AMC Theatres®
  • AMC Gold tickets (unrestricted) are good at any AMC®, AMC Showplace, Loews®, Cineplex Odeon, Magic Johnson and Star theatres, excluding Canadian theatres.


  • Subject to a surcharge: 3D, IMAX and AMC ETX, alternate content, AMC Dine-In Theatres and premium services
    Locations surcharges may also be applied at select theatres. AMC reserves the right to change any surcharge fee without notice.

Fandango Movie Tickets – $10 OFF When You Pay With Visa Checkout for Weekend Purchases

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Fandango Movie Tickets - $10 OFF When You Pay With Visa Checkout

Fandango Movie Tickets – $10 OFF When You Pay With Visa Checkout

Headed to the movies this weekend? Be sure to check out this pretty hot Fandango movie tickets deal. Right now Fandango is offering $10 OFF when you pay using Visa Checkout and enter coupon code VISACHECKOUT10 before selecting the Visa Checkout option. You do have to buy the tickets on the weekend, so you will want to wait til Saturday or Sunday to do this deal.

This offer is valid through 9/6/15 or while supplies last. There is a limit of one offer per person.


Thanks, The Coupon Project!

RED WHITE AND BLUE SMORES – Patriotic Smores Buffet Spread for Your Party!

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If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may have heard me talk about my addiction to S’mores – it’s pretty much my favorite reason for camping! And last year we happened upon a sale at Target on fire pits, so we bought one as an anniversary gift to ourselves so we could eat S’mores all summer long outside around the fire! It’s one of our favorite family pastimes in the summer to sit around & chat while chowing down on delicious S’mores!

Here is an idea you can use for your 4th of July celebrations. Its a great way to entertain a crowd on a budget, as Smores can stretch. Make this fun RED, WHITE AND BLUE S’MORES theme buffet bar!


We were excited to have a fun gathering with friends to eat some S’mores & have an early 4th of July celebration. We had planned to do it on Father’s Day, but my husband came up with a great idea the day before to have a spur of the moment gathering that night with some neighbors we wanted to get to know better. Enjoying S’mores around the campfire seemed like a great way to mingle & enjoy each other’s company!

I ended up being gone all day & made a quick stop at Walmart on my way home & picked up all the ingredients for our S’mores get-together. We got it all set up in about 20 minutes, which is what I love about how you can keep it so simple with S’mores!  I’d been seeing lots of ideas on Pinterest of fun S’mores buffets. So, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out different variations of S’mores & we could find out what were everyone’s favorites! It made for very simple set-up too. {As you’ll see on the Pinterest board, you could really go all out with the S’mores buffet, using wooden skewers to display the marshmallows, fruit & more}

S’mores Buffet Combinations:

  • Marshmallows – Star-shaped marshmallows in red (okay, it was more like a pink but we pretended they were red), white & blue (perfect for 4th of July); Coconut covered marshmallows & regular marshmallows
  • Graham Crackers – I’ve even heard of offering pretzels as a variation of graham crackers too
  • Chocolate – Hershey’s Chocolate bars, Hershey’s Cookies & Creme bars, York Peppermint Patties, & Reese’s Peanut Butter cups
  • Sprinkles – Red, white & blue sprinkles (we knew the kids would have fun with these) – they were fun to roll the gooey marshmallows in sprinkles before eating
  • Nutella 
  • Peanut Butter
  • Strawberries and Blueberries – had to have something healthy with all that sugar! :)


For decor, we kept it very simple for the RED, WHITE & S’MORES theme using classic star patterned plates mixed with solid colored cups, napkins & serving platters. Everything was very portable so we could leave it indoors or when the weather was cooperating, bring our favorite combinations out closer to the campfire.

Marshmallow Flag

My husband also decided to get creative & he and our girls colored some marshmallows with food coloring to make the American Flag (these were just for display), so that added to our patriotic theme.

This can definitely be a pretty frugal way to host a gathering with a number of people. With the patriotic theme (which really works all summer long, not just on the 4th of July), you can pick up items on clearance after the 4th of July or just stick with the solid red, white & blue colors to keep it simple (you can even go to the dollar store to purchase the solid color supplies). Utilize the serving dishes you already have on hand for displaying your S’mores buffet, too. I really liked this idea of using buckets & tins with wooden skewers to create a fun S’mores bar.

Enjoying S’mores around the Campfire:

Now, this is the Pacific Northwest, so of course the weather was being tempermental. If you’re a Northwester, though, you learn to adapt quickly. We had some decent showers when everyone was arriving, but by the time we were ready to go eat some S’mores it dried up & we had a good time sitting around the campfire. We just brought out towels to sit on since our chairs got soaked before we noticed it during the quick rainstorm. We have a covered patio area, so we were able to keep the S’mores essentials under cover for those times when it did start sprinkling again.


My little gal & her neighbor buddy enjoying some S’mores! He roasted the star marshmallows & she tried out the coconut marshmallows.

The kids all had a blast making up all sorts of unique creations from the S’mores buffet. I think the favorite of the kiddos were the Hershey’s Cookies & Creme bars & the York peppermint patties mixed in the S’mores. My husband is definitely a Reese’s Peanut Butter S’mores guy & I loved the Nutella with my S’mores. But honestly, my true favorite is still the classic S’mores – I roast my marshmallow & get it all good & brown, then let it catch on fire at the end (I know – I’m weird like that!) & then add it in with the Hershey’s chocolate bar & graham cracker – mmm, perfection!

Best buddies enjoying their S’mores creations together! 

Patriotic S’mores  – the kids loved dipping their gooey marshmallows in the sprinkles

Our neighbor gal with quite the S’mores combo – roasted strawberries & blueberries, coconut marshmallow, cookies & creme bar & chocolate bar! I think the kids were defintely more adventuresome than the adults with their S’mores combos!

We had such a great time connecting with our neighbors, trying out new varieties of S’mores &  enjoying them by the campfire, that we decided to do it again the next night with some friends. What a fun night it was sharing stories & laughter around the campfire. Everyone loved trying out all the fun combinations of S’mores – although hands down, the classic S’mores were still the favorite, but it was fun to add some variety to our campfire gathering!

Perfecting their roasted marshmallows  (and yes, there really is a fire there – my camera wasn’t on the right setting! Ha! )

You think he likes his Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup S’mores? 

Perfect way to end the weekend – S’mores with my sweetie! 

All in all, we had such a fun time hanging out with our neighbors and friends. I love the fact that you don’t have to put a lot of prep work into an evening gathering – just relax and enjoy the conversation that flows so easily around a campfire. Even better, have your guests bring their favorite S’mores toppings & you could experiment with all sorts of fun combinations.  I hope this inspired you with some ideas to create your own CAMP BONDFIRE experience this summer!

So, what’s your favorite S’mores combination? Let us know if you decide to host a S’mores buffet!

final 4

You might also be interested in No Churn 4th of July Ice Cream (only 5 ingredients needed!).

This post is part of my participation in the Hershey’s CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine.  Please see my disclosure statement for more details.

Wild Waves Coupon – Daddy & Me Ticket for $19.99 for Fathers Day

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Wild Waves Coupon

Wild Waves Coupon – Daddy & Me Ticket for $19.99

If you are a Wild Waves Fan, head to Wild Waves for Father’s Day to get a Daddy & Me ticket for just $19.99. You need to purchase this at the front gate ONLY (no online tickets) and you will receive 2 tickets for the price of 1 regular priced ticket (tickets at the gate are $19.99/ea). Or it’s like paying for $5 for a ticket for dad over the $14.99 online price. Just mention KUBE’s Daddy and Me Ticket at any Wild Waves Theme Park front gate ticket booth to purchase your tickets.

You can also get tickets for the rest of the family for $14.99 if you purchase your tickets online before you go; otherwise, they will be $19.99 at the gate for adults & kids over 48″. You can find out more information on the Wild Waves $14.99 tickets for June !

So, what you could do is purchase all but 2 tickets online before you go & then head to Wild Waves to purchase a Daddy & Me ticket for $19.99 (ticket for dad & 1 child) to get the best price!

Make sure to follow Wild Waves on Twitter and Facebook to get the most up-to-date info on Wild Waves & special promotion info.


You can also find Sia’s review of Wild Waves from last June, if you have not been before and are wondering what to expect.

We headed to Wild Waves yesterday & had a blast! You might be thinking Wild Waves is not the place to go on a cooler, cloudy day – but for us, it was perfect as we were able to ride tons of rides in the amusement park with little to no lines. We weren’t quite brave enough for the water park but there were a lot of people also enjoying the water park, too, but the lines were also shorter & moving quickly. So, it’s a great time of year to really be able to take full advantage of all Wild Waves has to offer without the busy summer crowds!  My girls can’t wait to go back and check out the water park, along with the amusement park since there was so much to do to keep them busy! And mom & dad can’t wait to ride more of the roller coasters. :)

Regal Summer Movie Express – $1 Kids Movies

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Regal Summer Movie Express – $1 Movies All Summer Long

Regal Entertainment Group is back with their  Summer Movie Express for participating Regal Cinemas, United Artists, & Edwards Theaters for this summer. It’s still a few months away, but they have released their schedule of movies, so we wanted to share that with you now.

They will feature 9 weeks of kids movies, rated G or PG, for just $1 on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at 10am. You can see the movies shown & the order on the Regal website.

The start times will vary with your location depending on when school gets out for the summer – I just looked up the start times for WA & OR locations & it looks like most of them start June 23rd, but for those in different parts of the country where your kids get out of school early, the start times may be quite a bit earlier.

Find a participating location near you, along with the start time.  It’s a great way to first expose your kids to the movies if you have little ones & don’t want to pay full price to see if they’ll last thru the movie!

Check out more ideas for Summer Fun around the country and in the Northwest to get a head start on preparing your summer plans now!

Here’s the list of movies available this summer:

Week #1: Nut Job & Annie

Week #2: Earth to Echo & The Boxtrolls

Week #3: Paddington & Turbo

Week #4: Rio 2 & How to Train Your Dragon 2

Week #5: Mr Peabody & Sherman & The Book of Life

Week #6: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb & Penguins of Madagascar

Week #7: The Lego Movie & Dolphin Tale 2

Week #8: Muppets Most Wanted & Alexander and the Very Bad Day

Week #9: Madaagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and The SpongeBob Movie


Mariners Tickets Discounts BECU Family Nights!

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mariners tickets

Mariners Tickets Discounts – BECU Family Nights 2015!

The Mariners offer a BECU Family Night discount ticket options for families, if you want to take the gang out to the ballpark.

Head to the Mariners deal page here to find discounts on Mariner Tickets for BECU Family Nights for select View Level seats. Select dates available. These tickets start at $14 depending on seats you choose.

You can also buy Safeco Insurance Grand Slam Family Night packages that include ticket, hot dog and Pepsi at a special package-value price. Available in Main, Terrace Club and View Levels. These tickets start at $12 per ticket (depending on the seats you choose). Purchase between 4 and 12 tickets to receive the discount.

Current Dates available for family nights are (the Safeco Insurance Grand Slam Family Nights vary some so check the full schedule here):

  • June 22nd against the Royals
  • July 6th against the Tigers
  • July 27th against the Dbacks
  • August 10th against the Orioles
  • August 24th
  • September 8th against the Rangers
  • September 14th against the Angels
  • September 28th against the Astros
There are also Safeco Family Night packages with tickets for $15 that include Hot Dog and Soda, Senior discounts, Military discounts, $10 College Nights and more.
Hey fans, what are your best money savings tips to share with other readers, for attending Mariners games?

FREE Tickets – Seattle Area Shows (Including Seattle Storm Tickets) (Just Pay Service Fees)!

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Free Tickets – Seattle

Goldstar is once again offering the popular Seattle Free tickets event called “Comp Train”! This is Goldstar’s popular two-day promotion that features complimentary tickets to tons of fun events throughout the country. For just 48 hours, Goldstar will be offering literally thousands of free tickets to live theater, concerts, dance, comedy and more. And since all you pay is a small service fee (the amount varies depending on the event, but it’s usually just a couple bucks), the Comp Train’s a great way to discover new events in your area and treat your plus one, your family or even just yourself to something totally great — and totally unexpected.

 Here are the available shows with comp tickets in the Seattle area::

  • Seattle Storm Tickets! These are selling out fast, so grab yours now if interested (for 100 level)
  • Comedy Sportz (interactive Comedy – so fun)! (service fees $4)

Find all of the Seattle Free tickets in the “Comp Train” here!

Here are the available shows with comp tickets in the Portland area::

  • The Pirates of Penzance Jr.
  • Great American Tall Tales

  • Twelfth Night

Find more great deals on discount tickets at Goldstar too!