Amazon – Hot Deals On TVs For Black Friday ($79 32 In LED)! *Updated 12/2 With Current TV Deals*

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Amazon TV Deals
Amazon has announced that they will kick off Black Friday Deals  this year tomorrow, November 21, and will have Black Friday deals running every 10 minutes, all day, every day that week, including Black Friday, with those big after-Thanksgiving sales you’ve been waiting for. Here are some highlights for what we can expect to see for the Amazon TV Deals. We will do our best to update this post as we find the TV deals going live, so be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly for the best TV deals this season!

CURRENT TV Deals STILL Available (update 12/2)!

Value TVs Currently Available (updated 12/2):

Up to 45% off select Samsung TVs & more TV Deals Including:

Amazon Tv deals

Deals on affordable brands (LIVE Now):

(Note – all of these TVs were the lowest price that we were able to find online)

You can already PRE-Order some of the great Samsung TV Deals here.

Check out our Cyber Monday TV Deals round up here for the Best TV prices through Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday TV Deal s On Amazon:

  • Sony 40-inch 1080p LED TV, $298
  • LG 49-inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV, $999 plus 15% back in rewards (no signup required)
  • Samsung 40-inch 1080p LED TV, $298
  • 15% back in rewards on select LG Smart LED Premium TVs (no signup required)
  • Up to $50 credit with purchase of SONOS wireless speakers

Until then, they have already started rolling out the deals with the Amazon Countdown to Black Friday deals running now, as well as the Amazon TV Deals page here!  If you are looking for more great deals on TVs, be sure to check out our Black Friday Price Comparison spreadsheet to find who will have the best prices on the TV you are looking for this year!

samsung 55 inch led hdtv

Amazon does offer price matching on TV’s (but Black Firday Deals are excluded)!  Amazon price matching works a little different then other stores. The way this works is that you must first purchase the television sold and shipped by and find a lower price from, an eligible competitor’s online or offline store within 14 days after the ship date. The lower price must remain in effect at the time your Guarantee request is verified by Amazon. The price match does NOT include Black Friday Deals.

Although Amazon does not offer price matching on Black Friday deals, last year they matched the top TV Black Friday deals during their Black Friday sale, so chances are you may find the best TV deal from Amazon this year too!

You can also check out Amazons Best Sellers in TV’s Page here, or the Samsung Pre-Order deals, if you are looking for something before Black Friday deals start!


Here are some of the deals Amazon offered LAST YEAR (Last Black Friday season), if you want to get an idea of how prices have dropped in the past:


  1. Rehman says

    Hi so I’m trying to get the 40″ toshiba but when I click on the link it doesn’t give the $179 price.

    • Jen says

      Hi Rehman, This is scheduled to go on sale sometime this week for Black Friday, but it hasn’t gone on sale yet – we just wanted to let you all know about the upcoming deals so you can keep checking back to see when it will go live.

      • Rehman says

        Hi Jen. Thanks I appreciate it. I’ll try to keep checking your updates so that hopefully I can get it. If possible, could you post as a followup comment to this so it gets sent to my email? If not that is fine I just want to try and check it as fast as possible.

    • Jen says

      Andrew – Yes, Amazon deals do go very quickly, so it’s only while supplies last and if you make sure you have researched things ahead of time, that will help if a deal pops up, so you will be prepared to act on it knowing it’s the best option for you. But yes, everything is while supplies last with Amazon, we never know how many of an item they may have in stock.

  2. Farrin says


    I was looking for the Haier L32 tv price and the asterisks say the deal is live, but I haven’t been able to see it. Is the deal already over?

    • Sia says

      Hi Farrin –

      No, we have not seen that TV go on sale yet (unless we missed it too). The asterisks indicate that we think those are the best deals, sorry if that was confusing :)! Thanks!

  3. Andrew says

    Do you have any idea or prediction when any of the TVs that are not live will become live? And can a deal become live at any given time of the day(2:56, 7:21, etc.)?

    • Sia says

      Hi Andrew – we just got a list of some of the dates that the TV deals will go live. We will have that published on the blog shortly, and I will reply here with a link. Thanks!

  4. Orlando says

    Will the 40″ toshiba go on sale at 12PM Thursday night…at the same time as Best Buy’s sale? Or will it be sooner?

  5. Orlando says

    Will the 40″ Toshiba TV ($178) go on sale at 12 Midnight Thursday night…to match the time Best Buy’s sale begins?….Or will it be sooner?

    • Sia says

      Hi Orlando – we dont know what time it will go on sale unfortunately – just that this deal will be offered in the middle of their Black Friday sale week sometime. There were a few deals we have been able to track down the day it will go on sale, but again we dont know what time. Thanks!

  6. Erin says

    Where are you finding these deals or how do you know they are going to happen is what I mean? Is it published somewhere. I know the times and days are unknown, but I wanted to know where the info is coming from. Thanks.

    • Jen says

      Erin – We are affiliates with Amazon so they sent us a heads up email with these deals at the beginning of the week and then they sent us another email with some more info on the days that some of them might be available.

  7. Marc says

    in the lightning deals and gold box thing it doesnt show that the toshiba 40 or the hiair 32 lcd are gonna be active today could they still be active today even though they are not listed? or their would be a listing that would say when the deal goes active before it goes active?

    • Sia says

      Hi Marc – we received the info in the post from an Amazon representative, so as far as we know all of those TVs will be available on the date listed. Wish we had more specifics, but alas we do not :)

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. trevee says

    At 6:10pm 11/22/2012 the Amazon deal on the 40in Toshiba went up on the website. At 6:14 it was taken down. So I guess the deal is going to be strictly available at 12am.

  9. Marc says

    it says that the 40 inch toshiba was sold out, but they never were for sale at the price whats up with that?

  10. trevee says

    Correction the Toshiba 40in Amazon deal went up at 6:10pm, lasted for 6 minutes and then was sold out. I find it sad that Amazon started the sale before Black Friday. I mean saying you are having a Black FRIDAY sale implies it will happen on that day or at 12am. Very displeased.

    • Jen says

      Marc – The Panasonic Viera was on sale at Amazon at 9:30 with a lightning deal. We posted on FB ahead of time to let people know but it was sold out very quickly unfortunately.

  11. Marc says

    im talking about the toshiba 40 inch because by the bold box it says the same thing it said before about it being sold out but their was a period it didnt say that

  12. Sue says

    When does the 40″ Toshiba for $179 go on sale
    I have been checking on Amazons site and it still shows $449
    Thank you

  13. Melissa Payne says

    Is there any news on the 32 inch for 97$? I’ve been awake all night refreshing the darn page waiting for this one.

    • Sia says

      Hi Melissa – it looks like it might go on sale at 4:59pm (pst) – they are advertising a 32 in LCD HDTV for $97 at that time so we cannot be sure, but sounds like it might be the one!

  14. james says

    Ok I got some info on the Haier L32A2120 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV $97 sale on amazon!

    The sale is suppose to start at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST.
    This is the sale Im waiting on!

  15. Andrew says

    Once again, any info on when or if the Toshiba 40 inch will go back on sale is greatly appreciated. I have been refreshing the amazon page every 10 minutes since 11 AM. Thanks.

    • Jen says

      Hi Andrew, Unfortunately we do not have any information from Amazon about whether they will offer this deal again (typically we don’t get a heads up like we did this time that those tv deals were going to be available). The Toshiba tv deal was offered on Thanksgiving evening but sold out quickly. I think your best bet at this time is to wait till Sunday evening or Monday when they will be having the Cyber Monday sales & they might be price matching other online store deals.

  16. james says

    All the Haier L32A2120 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV for $97 were claimed soon as the deal begin, but you still can buy it for $179
    Big joke and scam to get traffic to amazon

    • Sia says

      Hi Greg –

      No new updates on that TV yet. They dont tell us when they will go live, just the deals they will offer and the general timeframe – but we are watching. Last year Amazon has a $97 TV and it did sell out quickly – but we will be sure to put an update on the blog and Facebook page as soon as we learn of it. The TV post has been updated with some deals that were offered today too (one is a 32 in LED for $199)! Thanks.

  17. Roger says

    Do you have any idea when is the next amazon lightning deal for any of these TVs is scheduled? I see that there are no comments since Nov 24.

    • Sia says

      Hi Roger – we updated the post today with another deal for a Samsung 46 in LED HGTV for $447! That is the only big TV deal we have come across on Amazon so far today – let us know if you catch more!

    • Lacey says

      I’m also wondering this. Do you have any idea on this yet? I’m going crazy checking multiple times a day.

      • Sia says

        Yes, based on past years we will most likely see these deals go live sometime Thursday or Friday, but wont know for sure until we see it listed. We will be watching for it, and try to let you all know if we see it go live!!

    • Sia says

      Hi Mirchelle – My best guess is Thursday or Friday (based on past years), but we wont know until we see it available and we will update the post then. Thanks!

    • Sia says

      Hi Ana, My best guess is Thursday or Friday (based on past years), but we wont know until we see it available and we will update the post then. Thanks!

  18. Jamie says

    Where can I find the “40-inch 1080p LED TV, $119″ that’s listed at the top of the page stated to be on Amazon? When are the deals released/posted on amazon page? What is the exact page? I’m just lost.


    • Sia says

      Hi Jaime – We don’t know until the deals actually go live. The ones with the links are the deals that have gone live. We are keeping a close eye on the TV deals, and based on last year they may start to go live as soon as tomorrow (I am guessing that the $79 tv will be live on BF, and may go fast). We will be updating this post when we see the deals go live, and posting on our facebook page too ( Thanks!

      • DJ says

        Please do post on your Facebook page when the $79 TV goes on sale! I will be liking your page for notifications :)

  19. Chia says

    Does anyone have an update on when the 50 inch Toshiba TV should be posted on Amazon? I’ve been on Amazon all day and have not seen any TV deals advertised to be significantly cheap as lightening deals. Also, are the TVs posted under the “electronics” section of the Lightening deals?

  20. eric zimmerman says

    Hey good job of letting us know the 50 inch has been posted and sold and you did not even notify